NFL puts lipstick on pig, adopts window for legal tampering

In addition to unanimously approving Jimmy Haslam as the new owner of the Cleveland Browns, NFL owners also approved a measure to create a three-day window prior to free agency to legally tamper with pending free agents.

As they say where I’m from, bless their hearts.

The league has always turned a mostly blind eye toward the reality of the situation, in which agents for free agents are talking to other teams as soon as the season ends — if not earlier.

The scouting combine is a de facto swap meet, with agents taking the temperature of general managers and vice versa. In fact, many personnel men regard the exchange of information in hotel lobbies and Indianapolis bars as important as the 40 times and heights and weights of prospects that are harvested there.

All the league is doing with this measure is legislating to a small degree what’s been going on to a large degree since the day free agency was born.

If it makes them feel better, then that’s just swell.

Because all their three-day window is really doing is creating the impression that the three-minute deals that are struck as soon as the free agent season opens are above board.

8 responses to “NFL puts lipstick on pig, adopts window for legal tampering

  1. Please stop caring about this.

    If everyone is doing it, no one is gaining an advantage and no one gets hurt.

    The only people who should care are people who root for teams that don’t do it.

  2. I once applied lipstick and a bit of rouge to a rather dubious-looking swine outside of a truck stop in northwest Alabama.

    To cut to the chase, turned out the swine was actually one of the local Billy Bobs down on his luck after spending his meager inheritance on a Checkers franchise formerly owned by the misbegotten scion of a distinguished English family that made its mark in marshmallow production.

  3. Na, it will just create a non-legal ‘tampering’ time before the meetings as teams and agents try to get a jump on the competition. Followed to its logical conclusion this means that, in approximately 25 years, teams will begin negotiating the 2nd deal with other teams projected 1st rd draft picks before the draft

  4. It will only matter if the NFL actually penalizes (wink wink) transgressions outside the approved window. If not, then this is largely pointless.

  5. I could be wrong, but I’m thinking this is a first step towards some actual enforcement of the tampering rules outside of the 3-day window. Goodell is kind of a control freak so it just makes sense to me that he wants to start enforcing more rules – but in a way that he hopes can be accepted.

  6. Nice picture…..looks like most officiating crews at lambeau when they should be overturning a call.

  7. Well, I have personally been around a lot of NFL players, “tampering with” “fiddling with” “interfering with” most of them will get you a punch in the face, at the very least.

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