Norv Turner: It starts with the coaching


Chargers coach Norv Turner met with the media Tuesday after watching film of the team’s total collapse in the second half of a 35-24 loss to the Broncos on Monday night.

The Chargers led 24-0 at halftime and then watched the Broncos score all their points in the second half with a lot of help from five turnovers by Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. Turner said Tuesday that he needs to “do a better job” if the Chargers are going to eliminate the turnovers that derailed them on Monday.

“It starts with the coaching,” Turner said, via the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The first change Turner plans to implement is reining in the offense when the team returns from its bye on Oct. 28 against the Browns. Less risk, less reward and, Turner hopes, fewer turnovers.

“Yes, we are going to limit some things we’re doing, and I’ve got to do a better job and make sure we put things in there, and then we’re calling things that have less risk,” said Turner. “They may not have as big of a reward. We may not be quite the same big-play team, but we’re not going to turn the ball over.”

It might start with the coaching (and wind up ending Turner’s tenure in San Diego), but the step offered by Turner on Tuesday says that the quarterback isn’t far behind. You could say that he should have run Ryan Mathews more, not that there was all that much doing there, but Rivers still made terrible decisions and other players still executed badly.

Turning down the volume on the offense is about limiting Rivers’ chance to hurt the team with a turnover. After watching him do it 37 times in the last 22 games, there’s only question left to ask?

What took them so long to come to this conclusion?

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  1. His best player is Ryan Mathews, and he replaces him with a 30 year old washed up Ronnie Brown in 3rd downs and in the 2 minute drill!

    Why is his best player sitting on the sidelines next to him on the most crucial plays of the game? This is just one of dozens of things that baffles me about Norv. He is clueless. He benches Mathews for the majority of 2 games because of ONE fumble, but Rivers can trot out there game after game tossing INT’s and fumbling all over the place with no reprecusions. The guy has been a good OC in the past, but has poor leadership skills and totally lacks the “It” factor needed by an NFL coach.

  2. I wish someone would put that quote up in Browns Stadium.

    Dropped passes, missed tackles and stupid penalties….all signs of bad coaching!!!

  3. The Turd-ner and Rivers show is just about over in that smelly place, I mean San Diego. Rivers is rapidly becoming a clip board holder. He can take the spot Billy Volek held for so many years. Turd-ner? Well, what can you say. He never should have been hired in the first place.

    The franchise will soon return to its rightful place as the laughingstock of the NFL.

  4. at least norv was truthful, unlike andy reid, fire everybody n point fingers , and not one at himself

  5. Yup. You got a 24 point lead and you let Rivers throw more than you let your backs run. I’m sure 6 year old’s throw bricks in a similar fashion to Rivers with a football.

  6. Dean simply delayed the inevitable last year when he decided to “stay the course” with AJ and Norv … and here are the results of that decision, thanks Dean !

    The organization is rotten at the top, Dean and even Alex only drink the GM’s koolaid. Alex did it with Bobby the brain and now Dean has his head up AJ’s arse.

    It’s unfortunately everyone in the league knows our ownership is bush league and having fired a 14-2 coach soured the well for a number of other coaches.

    We need a Jim Harbaugh type of coach to kick some arse and set the tone, and it goes without saying we need to fire AJ and his ego.

  7. Schottenheimer was 15-1 when AJ Smith fired him for Norv Turner. Norv, you’re a great OC but a very bad HC. Take Smith with you when you get canned.

  8. The Chargers can & have played at a high level at times this year, that is the difference. As much as it hurts, all you have to do is get back up cuz you only need to get to the top once. The Chargers are still tied for 1st in AFC West:)

  9. You’ve got a 24-0 lead. If you just run it three times and punt every time you get the ball in the second half, and you walk away a winner. Without the 2 defensive TD’s, Manning’s comeback effort would have fallen short.

  10. The only thing left now is for humb0lt to post his annual open love letter to Rivers. “I believe in you, Philip.” We didn’t get it until November last year, but it could be coming early this season, along with his, “Norv doesn’t care what you losers say, he’s getting his Lombardi this season” aside. Choo choo.

  11. Gee ya think Norv??

    This freak has more lives than a cat. He’s like Brad Childress, just somehow knows how to fool people into continually giving him a head coaching job.

    I actually feel bad for Chargers fans.

  12. I still can’t believe SD ever hired him in the first place.

    How could they have ignored the consistent mediocrity that his teams were mired in when he was in charge at Washington and Oakland?

    Whatever “it” is that makes a head coach successful in the NFL, Norv Turner does NOT possess it!

  13. Wow, he’s actually Captain Norv Obvious! Yeah Norv, it starts with the coaching. And the coach may end because of it.

  14. Or not…I think the SD brass are just happy to be there, not realizing the franchise has been a bottom feeder for several years. Norv is to offense as Dave Wandstedt is to defense, that was not Jimmy Johnson Tree, more like bad kudzu.

  15. That press confrence was classic!! He was quick to throw Rivers under the bus, blaming his turnovers as the whole reason for the loss.
    Yeah rivers looked horrible and missed routes, under threw reviewers, but most of those errors were because he was forced to try and pull something out of the air on 3rd and long or execute low percentage down field pass plays.

    Yeah it atarts with the coaching Norm ..because the truth is that he is a horrible head coach, his play calling is atrocious ..he gets lucky sometimes and they win against sub par teams, but everyone else in the league whipes their ass with them.

    He never would have lasted this long anywhere else, he should have been gone long ago..Hell even Al Davis had the sense to whack him.

  16. Yeah. We have a horrible oline, new receivers for rivers to get used to, and a struggling rivers. Yeah let’s do 7 step drops and chuck em deep! Sounds logical right? Hopefully a more conservative approach will change the momentum of this team. Hopefully at the end of the year we look back at that collapse as the turning point of the season. Eh, probably not though. I hate defending my team when they pull this crap

  17. I hope it does start with the coaching…pink slips, that is. norv will never be a good HC and rivers looks pretty mediocre now that he doesnt have WR making him look elite

  18. And one more thing: if you own a football team, say the Chargers, and you decide to bring-back an ineffective coach & GM, say Norv & A.J., and fans on message boards like this one write things like: “Dear Chargers, good move bringing-back Norv & A.J., signed Broncos, Chiefs, & Raiders,” then you have to know that you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing and that this was a very bad move. Get a clue Chargers brass!

  19. Ummmm…….Norv? A second of your time, please, kind sir?

    Last night’s stellar example of absolutely giving a game away is what we call “a blinding flash of the obvious” in regards to the apparent coaching issues with Sandy Eggo, but many thanks for clearing that up for us uninformed types.

    And tell AJ “Whaddup dog?” for me, please.
    Have a nice day.

  20. Rivers played a poor game but it did not stop with him. Two of his INTs was the receivers fault. Norv is right, when you have guys committing penalty after penalty, fumbling, dropping passes and going away from the basics of football it becomes the reflection of the coach. Where he is wrong though is that he needs to take a more conservative approach. That is sending a message to his players that he does not have confidence in them. That is poor leadership. The team is losing because they are not staying with the fundamentals.

  21. Norvocain can’t take the full blame for this, although he’s a huge part of that loss. Why doesn’t Rivers catch the same flack that Romo does?

  22. Was it me or Jon Gruden had a hard on in the first half for the Bolts. He was smiling in the second half cause he knew he might have a new job coaching on the west coast somewhere in CA and it’s not his old job either at Oak.

  23. I remember watching the first Mission Valley Meltdown (Chargers vs Pats, playoffs 2006) and thinking this team will never live this failure down. Last night, my team proved me wrong. Marty gets canned for going 14-2 and losing in the play offs and yet Norv Turnover still has a job? Someone explain that to me. Rivers is making how much to play like that? I thought maybe Pagano’s defense would step up and preserve the win, but what happened there?
    So much talent on this team and yet, they play like this?
    Not sure Gruden is the answer, but a new coaching staff and maybe even new QB are in order. Is there another Harbaugh brother out there looking for work?

  24. Alex Spanos will NOT fire someone under contract, he’s just too cheap.

    That’s not hating, that’s the truth.

    You Charger fans that want AJ Smith and Norval gone will have to wait until their contracts are up.

  25. Gene Klein gutted the Chargers in preparation for sale to Dean Spanos. The Spanos team, with a Jr. High coach in the front office, have made a big mess. Reaching the SB was a testimony to talent on the field, not management. Back in the day, I used to say “What’s wrong with the Chargers is they lost three of their best men: Joe Gibbs, Sid Gilman and Tommy Prothro”. Still true. The only way to fix this team is to fire Smith, Turner and Rivers.

  26. big changes i think coming in sd. coach and gmwill surely be gassed. and what of rivers with his shotputt like throwing motion? great touch passer, but no zip whatsoever on his balls.

  27. Mart Schottenheimer had this team rolling. He NEVER should have been let go. What a dumb decision because 2 boys couldnt play in the sand box together..

  28. Norv’s never been a good head coach, a good OC but never a head coach. What he excels at is being a YES man and not making waves. When AJ tells him to jump he asks how high. That’s his most endearing quality to Chargers brass.

  29. Rivers is garbage and always getting a pass. He had over 20 INTs last year he is a turnover machine. 6 turnover by one person a least Vick give his team a chance to win. But you will not here anyone say make a change at qB cause rivers is elite lol

  30. funny thing someone posted that Norv was quoting his eventual replacement Andy Reid. I would go so far as to say Jason Garret was quoting his eventual replacement Norv Turner

  31. The charger fired their best coach, Marty after a 14-2 season for a former raider coach, Norv who was bad then and worse now. Norv hasn’t even came close to the success Marty had and if they’d kept him, chargers would probably have 2 or 3 rings now. As a bronco fan, I not a shame to say they were that good with MS and they were moving in the right direction and they were only gonna get better. Now, rivers is out of his prime when he should’ve been elite at this point in his career. The owener is stubborn and hasn’t done anything to turn things around, no wonder they can’t sell out, I don’t blame the fans for not going to the games and this Monday night lost just may have put the nail in the coffin for the fans

  32. Food For Thought:
    At the beginning of last season many of us thought (and saw) a problem with Rivers arm……a possible injury. Philip claimed no injury, so we let it go. However, there has been, in that same time line, no zip on his throws, and maybe the problem with Philip is he was injured, never returned to his old form, and he still thinks he can get balls into holes that he once did….but the reality is he cant, therefore he is throwing interceptions with a rubberband arm.

    Just a thought……

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