Polamalu wouldn’t shave his head for a Super Bowl win


Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, who is recovering from a calf injury, spent the traditional day off for players visiting with Erik Kuselias on Pro Football Talk.  Among other things, Kuselias asked whether Polamalu would shave his head and sport that hairstyle for a decade if it meant that the Steelers would win the Super Bowl this year.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Polamalu said.  “And that’s not a lack of confidence that I have in our team.  It’s more or less from appreciation that I have for football in general.  You never know what can happen in this sport.  Who knows what a 2-3 team can be, who knows what the NY Giants did last year?  It comes more for my appreciation for the preparation of athletes and teams.  That’s why I could never be a newscaster.  You know, I couldn’t be like all right, you know, the so-and-so are going to beat the so-and-so 17-13 for this reason.  It’s just, I have too much respect for people that prepare and for the sport in general.”

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48 responses to “Polamalu wouldn’t shave his head for a Super Bowl win

  1. I am a Steelers fan and this is the dumbest most selfish answer I can think of. It’s this attitude that is a microcosm of the team’s play over the last couple of years…and his as well. I mean, he must really like cashing in on those Head and Shoulder’s commercials more than he likes SB championships. Truly unbelievable that a Steeler would say that. Ask Ray Lewis, Brady, Peyton the same question and no doubt they would. I am in shock and this is pretty much a nail in his career coffin. He’s lost the fire and he needs to just retire already. Can’t get on the field anyway and he is busy getting burnt when he does. Go away and do commercials you fraud!

  2. Did he think Kuselias was making a deal? “If you shave your head, I’ll make sure you win the Super Bowl”

  3. That’s about the stupidest thing I ever heard from a football player. If he’s not willing to shave his head, why would that be from “not” having confidence in his team. This guy should cut off his entire head for the team since his brain is completely worthless. I was actually about to respect his comments for suggesting he wouldn’t want a title by not earning it and on account of just simply cutting his hair to win it.

    I mean I don’t play pro football but I wouldn’t want a SB because I give myself a haircut, I want a SB if I can win it and be better than everybody else. I don’t want it because of a bad referee mistake (ironically the only reason that PIT won 2 SBs recently) but he didn’t even comprehend the question. How ANNOYING!

  4. Ok maybe I’m stupid for suggesting that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard from a football player, i have to be honest and admit I was quick to say that, especially since I’ve remembered a lot of stupid things players have said. I think he should just have to donate a million dollars publicly and announce his dimwittedness for all the millions of people out there that just wasted 30 seconds of their lives, and the promise never to be that dumb or he’ll donate another million dollars.

    Is that a fair rule for sports stars from now on? If so click a vote, I need it, I’m like dead last on popularity here and this is a great idea for great charities, LOL

  5. He was thinking too much about his Head & Shoulders commercial to listen to the question, plus he and Brett Keisel had a few too many Iron City’s while watching NFL Network at the bar.

  6. I think many commenters here are misinterpreting his answer. I think based on his response, as poorly worded as it was, he does not value his hair more than football. In fact, I think he’s arguing that the question itself is disrespectful, to hypothesize that a SB ring could be acquired in anyway but nonstop hard work. I think that’s why he goes on to comparing it to “football analysts” who believe they can predetermine the results of games, which he finds to also be disrespectful to the people playing the game.

    Is he inarticulate? Sure. Does he put greater value on his hair than football? That’s pretty ridiculous.

  7. Who thinks either the steelers or ravens draft a stud safety?

    I do. I don’t follow either team too much, but I think a first rounder would be an upgrade on whoever is behind both Troy and Ed

  8. Its easy to bash Polamalu after the man has already gotten you guys to 3 Super Bowls in an 8 year career. I hate to clue you, but as much as one player can mean in pro football (Brady to the Pats, Manning to the Colts/Broncos, Rodgers to the Pack, Ed Reed to the Ravens), it is Polamalu to the Steelers. This defense is a joke when he is out of the lineup. Look at the Titans, and the Raiders 2012 losses for starters. Two of the worst teams in football scoring approximately 30 points on the Steelers. Sorry that doesnt happen with Troy in the lineup. Plain and simple.

  9. The question was poorly worded, but I think he was trying to ask Troy what meant more to him: another SB ring or his hair.

    Troy obviously didn’t get it.

    In general, I’m not a big fan of the trend of players with long hair letting it hang out the back of their helmets. It’s gonna take someone getting a neck injury from getting their hair yanked before the league makes them tie it up, which will happen eventually. They already hand out all kinds of other uniform violations.

  10. When asked what one item he would rescue from his home in the event of a fire, Troy responded by saying that he has too much respect for his home’s fire-prevention plan and smoke alarm system to ever worry about it and that’s why he could never be a fire-fighter.

  11. All the people going off on the Head & Shoulders thing need to chill, jeeze, and the guy especially saying “HE’S SELFISH AND STUPID” etc… This isn’t that serious! Getting mad at Polamalu for saying he wouldn’t shave his head for a superbowl win is like punching your best friend in the face because he thinks spiderman would beat batman in a fight. it’s just a hypothetical. And that answer? I mean, it makes so little sense it’s almost like he just went to google and snagged some phrases to give as a canned response. It’s…. Bellichikian ; IE its just the same “love of the game i respect my oponents i work hard im accountable we just need to EXECUTE and MAKE PLAYS…” etc that everyone spews when doing press.

  12. His answer makes no sense…..but I’d bet his shampoo commercial contract would be finished if he cut his hair (it probably forbids him from cutting his hair until a certain date if he signed on for multiple commercials)

  13. sactogary says:
    Oct 16, 2012 10:59 PM
    I think this is stupidest question I’ve ever heard anyone ask a pro football player.

    Really. The question was so stupid it didn’t deserve an intelligent answer.

  14. What an Amature question. Hopefully polamalu’s response made that reporter feel as dumb as his question was

  15. He probably felt it was a stupid question, since let’s face it, shaving your head is not going to win super bowls. Hard work and preparation along with talent win them. When I did interviews I couldn’t simply say, dumb question or you already asked me that 7 different ways, move on. I could, but its rude and you do have to maintain a relationship with the press.

  16. WAIT! He’s saying he’s not going to make the bet that if the Steelers win the Super Bowl that he’ll shave his head. You know how those bets are made, he just got it backwards. I think…..

  17. I feel like maybe the person asking the question asked two in a row and Troy answered the first one and we are only aware of the second question…regardless, stop trying to be tmz.

  18. From his play this past Monday it looks like Peyton was willing to give his neck up to win a Super Bowl, why wouldn’t Troy be willing to shave his head if it guaranteed him a title?

  19. this is completely the dumbest thing I ever heard of… first of all for the so called steeler fans saying that he is selfish, really… did you even think about how stupid this question was.. I wouldn’t answer it with a straight answer.. what’s next:

    Tom Brady would you allow the team to have their way with your wife if it meant you would win the superbowl..

    Peyton Manning would you have both of your testicles removed if it meant you would win the superbowl…

    come on…

  20. Another informative, hard-hitting question from Kuselias.

    Although as a Steeler fan myself it’s obvious that the whole team could shave their heads, their families’ heads and their dogs’ heads and they wouldn’t get near the SB this year with the defense they have been playing lately.

  21. What kind of a stupid question was that to ask? Why would him shaving his head have any impact at all on how a game (or games) were decided? He should have just laughed, called the questioner a moron, and walked off the set.

  22. Another stupid question from that hard hitting journalist Erik Kuselias . ” Would you shave your head if……..” lol.

  23. That’s the dumbest question I’ve ever seen asked a NFL great! Why would he cut his hair…if they make it to the SB and win, it’s sure not because of Polamalu’s length or shortness of his hair! Good grief!

  24. The great news is troy will not have to make this choice because the steelers are not going anywhere near the superbowl anytime soon. This is a aging team thats on the decline and its going to be years (when troy’s career is done) before they will be a serious contender again.

  25. He has stated in the past he doesn’t cut it because of religious reasons. Not sure why that wasn’t reiterated here.
    Ryan Clark recently stated how Troy being out affects himself and his mental preparation and disposition for games. The chemistry is overwhelming.

  26. This site is turning into TMZ!! Thats the kind of question I expect from one of those hard hitting sideline reporters during the game. The man doesnt cut his hair for religious reasons, and yet you ask him that question? Its no different than if someone said abortion was against their religion and you ask the question, would you abort your child if it meant you could win the SB?

    I understood Troys answer. He is saying I dont believe in superstion or luck. I believe in myself, my team, and the hard work that players put into winning a SB. Just because we are 2-3 now, doesnt mean we cant still make the SB, just look at NY last year. I could never be a sports caster, becacuse there job involves guessing, and basically minimalizing the effort that players and organizations put into winning. Their job is to trivialize one team, and say, “Team A will beat Team B by 2 touchdowns. Troy respects that players dont play the game on paper, they play it on the field. Its so called analysts and sportscasters who try to get their 5 minutes of fame by making paper predictions about games that ‘real men put their blood sweat and tears into.

  27. Sounds a lot like the DC media asking Mormon Bryce Harper about drinking beer.
    That’s a clown question, bro.

  28. I’m a diehard fan and I wouldn’t shave my head for a Super Bowl win, either. What an idiotic question!

  29. I’ve never heard Polamalu say that his religious beliefs prevent him from getting a haircut.
    What he has said — as recently as Oct. 16 on KDKA-TV — is that he keeps his hair long because as a college student, he was rather untidy. The long hair became sort of his trademark…
    I cannot believe that we are even having this discussion.

  30. It’s in his contract with that shampoo commercial company that he can’t cut off the hair.

  31. Contract or not, Religious beliefs or not, it’s a stupid question to ask him. I totally agree with ya bobzilla1001. Can’t believe we’re even having this stupid discussion.

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