Schiano says Dallas Clark is frustrated


The Buccaneers have won two games and played well in others but one new arrival isn’t having a great time, yet.

Veteran tight end Dallas Clark is frustrated, and coach Greg Schiano knows it.

“I want to get Dallas [Clark] more involved, myself. But you know what, when things are there you take them,” Schiano told WDAE radio in Tampa on Monday, via  “And I think what’s going to happen here soon, there’s going to be a lot more over-the-top coverage, which is what’s natural to happen when guys are making plays down the field.   That opens up the middle of the defense.”

Clark has only nine catches in five games, for only 81 yards.  It’s a far cry from the kind of numbers that Clark generated during his time with the Colts.

“I know he’s frustrated,” Schiano said regarding Clark.  “Heck, he’s been such a productive player for so long.  But you wouldn’t be able to tell it by the way he’s acting on the sideline, and in the practice and in the meeting rooms. Certainly, I’m hoping we can get him the ball and he can feel personal satisfaction as well as team satisfaction. But he knows how much he means to this team and how he’s playing a big, big part. It’ll happen.  It always does. It goes in cycles.”

The cycle has yet to swing in Clark’s favor.  And it’s hard not to wonder whether he finds it hard not to wonder whether things would have been different if he’d followed Peyton Manning to Denver.

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  1. Too bad but maybe it’s not the Bucs; maybe it’s DC himself. He was solid for so long with my beloved Colts but he was pretty beat up at the end. Hope I’m wrong. Wish him nothing but the best.

  2. Clark was a pro bowler in Indy, why not get him the ball. A good TE can be a QB’s best friend. And with the weapons on that team, Freeman could light it up. Sidenote, Bucs are kind of under anchieving with 2 wins.

  3. why all the peyton manning bandwagoning love fest all of a sudden? phillip rivers GAVE that game to denver, peyton didnt win it. that was the biggest fluke game I have seen. it’s not like peyton manning is the reason denver came all the way back, but everybody sure thinks he did it all. rivers should get the game ball for denver

  4. Dallas was the man here in Indy. Clark Jerseys would rival Mannings any day. I didn’t think his numbers would be this bad in TB but can’t say i’m surprised either. Wish he had rolled with Peyton. He can’t play to his potential with Freeman, not at his age, needs a Manning to take him there. But he did only play in 11 games last year and 6 in 2010… 2009 was by far his best year. Played all 16 games, 100 catches, 1100 yards. ’08-’07 good too. At 6’3-250lbs, 33 years old he can still get it done. I mean Tony is 36 and still productive, about the same size, 6’5. Tony’s numbers are ridiculous though…Missed 2 games in 16 years. Beast.

  5. monty9999 says:
    Oct 16, 2012 7:44 PM
    …. Sidenote, Bucs are kind of under anchieving with 2 wins.


    Did you see how bad they were last year? New coach, new schemes/systems. They have been “in” every game and could easily be 5-1.

  6. W/e happened to press coverage strong blitz’s and the barely bend never break Tampa 2 D? I guess it will take the rooks some time but could I please see a little aggression! Stop playing off good receivers and start hitting them in the mouth it frustrates them and makes them think not react (head games). Anyway go bucs you have a fan in Ohio who never gets to watch you play and is DYING to see his beloved bucs defence do some damage. That goes for the buckeyes too! The D needs to step it up even tho we have our FB at LB due to injury its still no excuse. Isn’t it a great week for football !!!

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