Stabbing outside 49ers game started with taunting a Cowboys fan


Police say they have arrested two people in connection with the stabbing on Sunday outside Candlestick Park before the Giants-49ers game, and they say it began with taunting a fan who was wearing a Cowboys jersey.

San Francisco Police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said a verbal altercation between a man in a Cowboys jersey and two 49ers fans turned physical, and that one of the 49ers fans, Kristopher Viana stabbed the fan in the Cowboys jersey and tried to stab two of his friends. Also arrested was Viana’s friend Alexandro Arguelles, who punched at least one person as the two of them ran off.

Both men are charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The stabbing victim’s injuries are not life-threatening.

The NFL’s security department has said that its increased safety measures — including metal detectors at every stadium — have made fans safer. In this case, the violence was outside the stadium, committed by fans who were apparently more interested in picking a fight with someone in another team’s jersey than they were in going inside to watch their team play.

64 responses to “Stabbing outside 49ers game started with taunting a Cowboys fan

  1. Isn’t it odd we make more out of the Steeler or any person caught with a DUI than a stabbing. I hate to say it but no wonder other countries look at us and shake their heads.

  2. There goes some jack fan making the rest of us Niner fans look like Cartel jockies. To people like this, their teams win/loss record is an extension of their junk. God forbid someone enjoy rooting for another football team…

  3. Wearing a Cowboys jersey? To a 49ers-Giants game? It doesn’t justify violence, and I hope the victim makes a full recovery, but I have to ask–WTH was the guy thinking?

  4. There are certain stadiums that I will NOT go to: Raiders, Philly, 49r’s…idiots.

    Is it any wonder fans are staying home rather than go to the games with this nonsense happening?

  5. In parts of CA, Cowboys stood for Crips on Westside Blasting On Young Slobs. Growing up, we’d steer clear of wearing any team affiliated gear. It’d get you in some sticky spots where I’m from.

    Its a shame this still goes on. I’m a Fresno State guy all the way and theres a stupid gang that stole our mascot and colors. Shameful indeed. I see no changes on the horizon.

  6. Fan on fan violence have no place at the games, but I have a hard time believing a fan wearing a Cowboys jersey at a Niners vs Giants game was not looking for attention

  7. I used to live out in the Bay area and would go to 49er games and Dodger/Giants games. Most of the fans are not very intelligent about their sport or team, they are front runners and do not handle loosing well.

  8. At one time The Niners drew a better crowd than their counterparts in Oakland whose crowd appears to get free tickets at the city food line.

    Now, really can’t differentiate between the two.

    Can’t wait for the new stadium and hopefully the riff raff will be priced out.

  9. This is a very sad story that I have seen play out on a lesser scale repeatedly. A lesson to visiting fans: Be humble, keep your mouth shut. A lesson to home team fans: Be humble, keep your mouth shut. Cheer for your team and leave the rest of it for Raider fans.

  10. Seriously, Its a game. Talking trash is one thing, but resorting to stabbing an opposing fan is a bit much. I’ve personally felt like smacking the dumb look off of a few Jets and Patriot fans, but I’m not going to do it without a damn good reason. Like somebody threatening my child, or hurting my family, not because of another persons interest in a football team or trash talk. Get a grip people! Not only are you ruining good fun like going to watch a pro game, you’re keeping parents from sharing their love for their team with the next generation of NFL fans, their kids. Nothing is worse than having to keep your kid away from something because it is unsafe.

  11. NO Saints fans hate the cowboys more than just about anyone (except the falcons of course).

    I cant imagine anything like this ever happening at the Superdome, in fact, we would probably thank him for coming

  12. This happens in Oakland and SF consistently, but us Philly fans threw snowballs at Santa 50 years ago and we are THE WORST. Seems fair.

  13. melikefootball says:
    Oct 16, 2012 11:26 AM
    Isn’t it odd we make more out of the Steeler or any person caught with a DUI than a stabbing. I hate to say it but no wonder other countries look at us and shake their heads.

    Seriously? Do you see what goes on in other countries? Car Bombs a few times a day. Fighting over religion. I’m sure they aren’t shaking their heads over this one.

  14. This is outrageous. Next time you feel the need to stab somebody because of what they are wearing just do us all a favor and turn the knife inward. This is exactly why I cannot take my kids to an NFL stadium. These guys make us smart, educated and respectful fans look like schmucks!…all for some BS gang affiliations in most cases. Pure garbage. Thanks for tarnishing not only the image of 49er fans, but football fans in general. Dummies.

  15. Read the names again and all surprise this happened should go away. Only been to 1 game at the stick and even as a niner fan it was tense. Idk if its all the alcohol that’s to blame I think it’s more just a example of the wide range of people thrown together. Is wearing a cowboys jersey at a 49er vs giants a douche bag idea? Yeah. But is it something he should be stabbed for? Obviously not. Wouldn’t be surprised to find that the suspects are gang members and picked the victim over his having a blue jersey it’s not out of the question when it comes to wastes of air like that.

  16. Pretty sure the Cowboys fan was rooting for the 49ers to beat the Giants. An enemy of an enemy is apparently a friend you stab.

  17. why wear a cowboys jersey to a 49ers-giants game? because you can. like most of us, this guy is probably a fan of pro football in general not just of the 49ers or giants. you put on your favorite jersey and go to a game. whats wrong with that? you shouldnt be (almost) killed over it. plus did you think, gints are in same division as cowboys. maybe the cowboys fan was there to root for the 49ers to beat the giants.

  18. It’s sad that some people here are questioning why he was wearing a Cowboys jersey. Why should anyone in a civilized society fear wearing clothing representing his or her favorite team? I guess these people are saying that he DESERVED to be stabbed. And if they are implying that, they are just as detestable as those two cartel members who did the stabbing.

  19. Having not been to Candlestick for much of my life I always wondered how could the violence really be that bad in San Francisco. Then I made my first visit to Candlestick and got a grasp of the area it was in and it all made sense.

  20. For those wondering why he was wearing a Cowboys jersey to a 49ers game: It shouldn’t matter what the guy was wearing. No reason for assaulting anyone.

  21. melikefootball says:
    Oct 16, 2012 11:26 AM
    Isn’t it odd we make more out of the Steeler or any person caught with a DUI than a stabbing. I hate to say it but no wonder other countries look at us and shake their heads.
    Who is “we”? I would assume you mean PFT, and the answer is because PFT stands for Pro Football Talk. If you don’t like what they cover, you’re more than welcome to go read Bay Area Crime Report Talk.

    Your comment was stupid enough without having to drag America into it, so I’m not going to even address that. If you don’t want football, don’t read about football, just go vote for your president who refused repeated requests to upgrade security at the American compound in Benghazi compound because he didn’t want too look like he had made a mistake during election season. That’s what people should be shaking their heads about.

  22. Does this mean Merrill Hoge will be on ESPN calling all 49er fans “sickening whether they were involved in this or not” like he did to Chiefs fans?

  23. @nowillrepeat

    You are correct, I attended the Saints/Lions playoff game last year and people thanked me for coming to the city and asked if I was enjoying myself.

    I am a life long Lion fan but I found myself wanting to go back and visit the city and the Superdome.

  24. There are a lot of fan bases that need to chill out a little bit. It’s just a game, guys.

    I wore my Texans jersey into Indianapolis a couple of years ago and was threatened a couple of times on the way out of the stadium.

  25. Candlestick is in one of the most dangerous and gang infested areas of NorCal. This is gang related no doubt.

  26. To all the people saying “typical 49er fan”…I’ve been a 49er fan all of my life, and can proudly say that in 38 years, I have never, to my knowledge, stabbed anybody. I am particularly proud of this achievement because everything I read says that as a 49er fan, I should be going strapped to games and exhibiting loud and classless behavior.
    Am I lacking in some way??? When I go to a game, I sit in my seat or stand up, cheer in a respectable fashion, and leave when the game is over without altercation. What am I doing wrong?

  27. New Orleans is a beautiful city and the people are awesome, still doesn’t change the fact that Morelli and his fellow officiating crew threw the game for the Saints. High/low hit right in front of him while he’s looking right at it not called even though there was special 2 week training at the beginning of the season to inforce the Brady rule any hit to the QB below the knees. Beyond suspect, the NFL needs to investigate his finances but they won’t because it will open a can of worms that will make bounty gate and the Patriots taping look small in comparison.

  28. I don’t know whats worse, American football fans or Soccer Hooligans in Europe. People take these games way to seriously, like the have something to gain if their team wins or not. IT”S A GAME PEOPLE!

  29. I’m a Titans fan, and I ALWAYS invite opposing fans over to have a beer at our tailgate. Some seem really surprised.

    I can also say I’ve only attended one away game and it was in Atlanta last season. The Falcons beat us but I have to say all the Falcons fans I encountered were very cool.

  30. “Why would anyone turn up to a Niners – Giants game wearing a Cowboys jersey???”

    To hide his Romney For President t-shirt.

  31. The guy wear his teams colors to a game his team isn’t playing. He should expect some ribbing not a knife in them. Maybe he was visiting a friend. This is totally on those two pillars of society who couldn’t differentiate between a sporting event and a gang initiation. I hope their cell doesn’t get the playoffs!

  32. Unfortunately, wearing an opponent’s jersey to either Candlestick Park or the Oakland Coliseum is hardly the healthy thing to do. I would suggest that opposing fans not make a fashion statement by adorning themselves with colors of the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, or any other foe that the Niners or Raiders happen to be hosting to their beloved venues. I’ve seen it firsthand . . . drunk, belligerent idiots at the Stick urinating down from the upper deck onto fans of the Cowboys down below. I’m not a Dallas fan, but c’mon man. This crap happened back in the 80’s, so hopefully security has stepped up in recent years to stop it from happening today.

  33. One thing is certain. I think people will pause before taunting ANY fans of other teams, and frankly , there should be respect between fans.

    People teasing and insulting should be restricted to the anonymous cowards that insult teams on this site regularly. They know what the alternative is if the ever did it in real life UNFORTUNATELY.

    In all sports there is a little bit of teasing and rivalry, but know where to draw the line, make sure people have your back or find some security.

  34. sbc85 says:
    Oct 16, 2012 11:42 AMWhy was someone wearing a Cowboys jersey to a 49ers/Giants game? Lame.

    You may want to ask that question to packer fans too. They also show up at games when their team is not playing with packer jerseys on.

  35. So why were the police so quick to come out on Sunday and say it was not fan on fan and not related to team loyalties?

    I mean at BEST they had no idea what happened in which case they were lying by saying it definitely wasn’t, and at WORST they knew that it was in fact fan on fan and lied about it.

    Either way, they were lying. Why?

  36. I wore my Panther Jersey to the Bears vs 49ers thursday night game a few years back, only two people said something to me. The Packer fan that was wearing his Packers jersey who was rooting for the 49ers to beat the Bears, and a drunk 49er fan, who didnt really say much after I told him “dont bite off more than you can chew”, Im 6-3 280 pounds, not the biggest, but big enough to stomp a mud hole in someones head if they want to start something.

    Fans that drink that liquid courage are the ones who are ruining the NLF experience at the stadiums.

  37. No justification for stabbing anybody, but there are some areas you probably shouldn’t go and wear another teams jersey. I lived in L.A. a few years back but I never wore my Cowboys stuff out to games. There is a gang element in California that doesn’t exist everywhere. Fans have to be smarter.

  38. I have a feeling the new stadium will weed out a lot of the type of people that bring weapons to the 49ers games. Personally I don’t wear my gear to visiting stadiums and ballparks because there are usually a lot of losers like Viana and Arguelles hanging out looking for trouble.

  39. COwboy fans are always looking for trouble. These idiots show up to Redskins games all the time when the cowgirls aren’t playing wearing their crappy star. They should learn not to wear that god awful looking jersey in another team’s stadium when they aren’t even playing there. Cowgirl fans are only looking for trouble. IDIOTS!

  40. Seriously, do any of you people who are making this about the Cowboys fan’s decision to wear his team’s colors actually go to football games?

    Every game I’ve ever been to in several stadiums around the country, there have been fans from non-competing teams in their own colors.

    I used to have a guy in a Packers shirt sit close by me every game at Texas Stadium.

    Banter yes. Bloodshed no.

  41. @hendeeze

    Making the statement that there is no place for fan on fan violence but the person that got stabbed must have been looking for attention wearing their Cowboys jersey to a 49er game.

    It sounds a lot like when a woman wearing a short dress is assaulted by a man and people blaming her saying she was looking for attention. Blaming the victim is not the answer in either incident.

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