Steelers suspend Ta’amu two weeks, Polamalu out this week

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The Steelers have suspended rookie defensive lineman Alameda Ta’amu for two weeks, coach Mike Tomlin announced Tuesday, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Ta’amu was arrested Sunday morning on drunk driving charges, which were actually among 15 charges including some felony charges of fleeing police and aggravated assault.

Tomlin said Ta’amu would be suspended without pay, and would not be permitted in team facilities for the next two weeks.

The suspension comes at a time when teammates vowed to support Ta’amu, who was also charged with DUI while a student at the University of Washington.

Tomlin also said that safety Troy Polamalu and tackle Marcus Gilbert would not play this week in Cincinnati, though Gilbert’s ankle injury would not require surgery.

17 responses to “Steelers suspend Ta’amu two weeks, Polamalu out this week

  1. Jerome Simpson was suspended for 3 games for a felony as well but at least his was victimless. (Marijuana and was suspended by the league not the Vikings)
    Make a statement and suspend the kid 8 games. Has he even played this year yet?

  2. Yet they didn’t suspend Hines Ward when he got his DUI. Granted, there were drastically different circumstances. It’s just funny how hypocritical teams can be.

    Don’t suspend the contributors; make examples of the underlings.

  3. Not even close to good enough. The team needs to get this guy out of pittsburgh. The community shouldn’t be in danger because of its football roster. As a long time Steeler fan, I’ve accepted that our defense is going to look like crap on the field this year; don’t let it look like crap off the field, too.

  4. His arraignment is in two weeks. That’s why the suspension is short. Coming out of that he’ll get more from the team or league.

    Everyone flipping out about this being too short can calm down it’ll end up being longer. Innocent until proven guilty and whatnot.

  5. Ravenator, don’t forget your team also has a way: ray lewis, dante stallworth, derrick Martin, Chris mcalister, and corey fuller, just to name a few. And don’t forget you recently honored jamal lewis after he just filed bankruptcy and couldn’t feed his kids or properly secure them in a carseat. Guess the steelers way, as you so eloquently put it, is also the ravens way.

  6. Definitely the right move for the Steelers, but I thought the team didn’t have the power to suspend players for off field conduct? I thought they could only cut a player and that all discipline related to a players availability for games was up to the Commissioners Office? Did something change in the new CBA?

  7. The Steelers have evolved into this era’s scummy, lowlife team over the last few years with all of their arrests off the field, and fines from dirty and cheap plays on the field.

  8. This happened outside of my house in the Southside of Pittsburgh. He was driving dangerously around the 17th to 14th blocks of Carson and Sarah Street. He not only ran but easily knocked out a Pittsburgh officer, and resisted the arrest in an obscene manner. Die hard Steeler fan here, but this guy needs to be out of the league.

  9. Doesn’t matter this weekend, the Bungles will still feel the wrath of the almighty Steelers.

  10. napoleonblownapart6887 says:
    Oct 16, 2012 12:45 PM
    His arraignment is in two weeks. That’s why the suspension is short. Coming out of that he’ll get more from the team or league.


    He will most likely not play a down for Pittsburgh after the whole process sorts itself out, but in the meantime it’s an opportunity for the trolls to sing their song.

  11. So, it only takes 15 criminal charges in one evening to get a team to exercise their right to suspend a player. . . .

    That’s a very bad example, but at least they did something. Most teams wouldn’t have done anything at all except leave it up to the League to punish and then pretend to accept it graciously.

  12. I decided to look at the police blotter and see how many players that have been arrested are still with the team. Maybe all the rest of the Steeler haters need to do the same. Its a pretty damn long list of starters that are on it, and none of them play for Pittsburgh. Maybe we all should look a little bit harder at out teams of choice before bashing anyone.

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