Vick’s status becomes the focal point of this week’s Rapid Reaction


As Eagles coach Andy Reid contemplates his next move in Philly, there are plenty of reasons to think that the next move could entail quarterback Mike Vick moving to the bench.

And so now it’s your chance to chime in, via the weekly Rapid Reaction, sponsored by our friends at Wendy’s.

The question is whether the Eagles need Reid or Vick more, go to the Sunday Night Football page on Facebook and make your views known.

We’ll share the best during Wednesday’s PFT Live.  Which if you don’t know by now airs at 12:00 p.m. right here, by clicking the box in the right rail.  Until then, here’s a slice of Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk regarding the possibilty that, with defensive coordinator Juan Castillo out, Vick is likely next.

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42 responses to “Vick’s status becomes the focal point of this week’s Rapid Reaction

  1. Vick has not played well, I’ve never been a huge fan of his. He may have been a coach killer before, but as an Eagles fan I can attest that Vick is not killing Andy Reid- only person doing that is Andy Reid.

    I would rather see Nick Foles come in and turn the ball over twice a game, and hopefully LEARN from his mistakes rather than watch a qb in his 10th year play like a rookie.

  2. robrocker1959 says: Oct 16, 2012 10:26 PM

    So Coach Mora was right, Mike Vick is a coach killer.

    Yeah and the Eagles o-line is a QB killer, so it doesn’t matter who the QB is right now.

  3. Michael Pick should be gone, but since the problems are far beyond the QB Marty should start packing

  4. I dont think it matters what QB you play in that offense. with that line the guy dont stand a chance, Vick is your best bet. He’s running for his life and id say 70+% of the time hes throwing as hes being hit(his picks are a result of that).

  5. Mike Florio, any time I click on a article and I see that you wrote it I immediately turn back. You reek of sarcasm and you your biased tone and your obvious dislike for certain players is so obvious that it makes even Skip Bayless laugh. I know this will soon be deleted so that people reading this will not be enlightened to your ways of journalism but I am fine with that, at least I know your aware of it. (I think this is called venting)

  6. What about the other qbs with 3-3 or worse records?

    What is Brady status?

    How about P Manning?

    Phillip Rivers?

    Aaron Rodgers?

    Tony Romo?

    What’s up with those articles?

  7. Reids job isn on the line. You honestly think they are going to bench Vick for a slow, unproven rookie QB to play behind that OL? They are one game behind 1st place in the division. Reid pushed the panic button too soon. Someone is trying to save their job.

  8. You guys are really trying your hardest to get Vick on the bench. I will be absolutely shocked if that happens because i think there is no way in hell he does that. That would mean Reid is putting his job in the hands of an unproven rookie who can not run the way Vick can (he’s goin to need to be able to run pretty damn good with that o-line.) So there is no way he is benching Vick. I think he is going to and very well should fire Marty Mornhinweg. This guy is awful at play calling. One of the main reasons the eagles can’t move the ball. He does not play to the strengths of his players. Might see Washburn get the axe too.

  9. The o-line has been awful, I agree with that sentiment. However, the o-line looked awful in the preseason every snap Vick was in the game and when Foles came in, they suddenly improved. Hmmm….why is that? Maybe it’s because Foles has the ability to read a defense, see an obvious blitz, find an open receiver and get the ball out in the timing of the offense?

    The line is terrible, but Vick is doing them no favors with his inability to see what is right in front of his face….or see over what is right in front of his face.

  10. The team is 3-3 and what will it be if Foles becomes the starter, Reid seals his fate. The OL is beyond horrendous and no QB in this league could do any better. As to the turnovers, yeah Mike has to take better care of the football, but he also has to be able to complete his drop before he gets hit. I do believe he is the most sacked QB in the league presently? The play calling is also bad, whether that is MM or Reid or a combination, that needs to be addressed as well. Look Vick did not forget how to play this game, so it is the coaches responsibility to maximize his and the entire offenses potential. With all those weapons (Shady, Maclin, DJ, Celek) you can’t lay all that on Mike. Address the real issue the OL and play calling.

  11. Really a shame for Castillo. There were late game meltdowns produced by continual turnovers at inopportune times. Philly is -9 in turnover differential. You could argue that the defense should be getting the ball back more, but 3-3 with a -9 only six games in is remarkable. Atlanta’s lines were not great for Vick either, but young legs made up the difference. He’s a runner 10 years in the league with trouble reading progressions. Tough to make the two headed QB work, but it may make sense to spell Vick at times. Run more boots like shanny is doing with RGIII.

  12. I see all you experts with the bench Vick comments, answer this one lil question for me. How many other active QB’s in the league are 4X Pro-Bowlers? BTW, Both Reid and Vick would have another job so fast it would make your head spin!!!!

  13. Vick is not the problem. Peters a top 3 OT has been out all year add to that their center Kelce who has become a really good center is out.

    Add that with an unbalanced play call week in and week out means that Marty is too blame. You cannot call the same plays with your top 2 OL out. So a balanced attack is the answer. Each game the Eagles had a balanced attack they won and that includes wins over Giants and Ravens.

    If the Eagles were the team getting 3-5 turnovers a game then the games would be blowouts. That just goes to show that even with turning the ball over like the Ravens game they still won……..

    With a balanced play call and limiting the turnovers the Eagles should win 90% of their games.

    Vick fumbled on the 1 foot yard line against steelers along with a few other turnovers and still should of won the game…..what if the steelers turned the ball over????? it would of been a blowout!!!! that just goes to show you how goodn this team can be….they are there own worst enemy.

  14. Vick’s turnover problem is partly related to his weakness of holding the ball too long but the O-line is just terrible. Even when Vick makes a quick read and throw, he’s getting pummeled to say the least. He’s getting body slammed 15-20 times a game. Play calling needs to be adjusted as well to short/intermediate throws because they don’t have the line to cater to plays with long routes. It’s not entirely his fault for the turnovers but still has his fair share of bad moments.

  15. It always always driven me crazy when someone would say Vick was one of the best quarterbacks in the league. In what fantasy world is this? In Atlanta, his receivers died of loneliness. He nevdr threw over 3,000 yrads and I believe the most tds he ever threw for was 20. All of this while only completing roughly 56% of his passes. The Falcons were always a top rushing team with Vicks rushing yards, but teams have, for the most part, figured out how to contain him. So that, along with his age have minimized that part of his game. He now has to rely on his sub par passing skills. Time to pull the plug on Vick.

  16. Like on any team the QB gets too much blame and credit. Vick actually deserves it here. His turnover numbers are comical. Firing Castillo should help him out though. Sad.

  17. If they go with Foles, you give Vick the option to play receiver if he wants to actually contribute to the team, otherwise he’s done. Maybe use him as a kick returner once in a while too, might as well get what you can out of him before dumping him in the off season.

  18. 6’0″ 215 lbs 32 y/o, or 6’6″ 243 lbs 23 y/o

    Vick holds it too long because he is waiting for passing lanes to open up to see through, but by that time he is being sacked, or getting “lucky” avoiding a sack but chucking the ball to a defender.

    I am ready for Foles. Call it a wake-up call for Vick, and if Foles does good, sorry Vick, the future arrived a little sooner than expected. Part ways at end of season.

    Foles does poorly, Vick goes back in with a fire in him maybe for his wake-up benching.

  19. I think we all have seen over these years that:

    1: Andy/Marty can’t get themselves away from the pass happy 70/30 or 80/20 pass/run play calling

    2: Vick was never, and will never be a legitimate pocket passer

    3: Vick as a pocket passer just doesn’t have a full grasp on making the right decisions

    4: Vick is no longer as fast and elusive as he used to be, which is causing more of the sacks for big losses and the dumb turnovers

    5: Castillo as a D coordinator was a complete bonehead move

    6: This team under Andy has NEVER learned the concept of clock management

    Looking quite obvious that this team needs a change.. are they out of it at 3 – 3 no, not at all… but the way this team is made up do they really have a real shot at getting to and winning the SB, I doubt it. If Foles is going to be the future, lets find out now.. give him 10 games to see what he does.. if it doesn’t work then your know what your biggest offseason move has to be. Well, second biggest.. The biggest move will be dumping Andy on the street corner..

  20. Seriously!? Yes, their O-Line sucks, not debating the facts here, but REALLY? How many excuses can we come up with for the turnovers? If that ball was a bar of soap during shower time on Mike’s government sponsored vacation, you KNOW he would have found a way to hold on.

  21. Im all but 100% sure that Andy Reid’s next move isn’t going to be benching Vick. Now I’m not saying he won’t bench Vick ( even though I highly doubt that it will happen without Vick getting at least 1 more game to turn his season/career as an Eagle around).

    The next move for Big Red has got to be at center. I cant see him continuing to allow Dallas Reynolds to go unchallenged after the horrendous job he has done so far in replacing the injured Jason Kelce . No he definitively is going to take this extra week to do some scouting and find someone competent to replace or at the very least compete with Reynolds . Either by signing a veteran free agent , combing through other team’s practice squads, or by making a trade. I personally think hes going to trade for someone. Either for a backup from a team with a quality starter or for an aging vet from a team who already has his replacement and was going to make the switch anyway.

    The hard part wont be finding a significant upgrade at center. It will be finding a team willing to part with a player at such an important position., because most GM’s are scared to death of trading away their depth and being 1 injury or suspension away from finding themselves in the same position the Eagles are in now.

    Or maybe they’ll get lucky and Jamal Jackson will call and tell Andy that his knee magically healed and he’ll end up back under center in midnight green.

  22. Ride it out with Vick. Who knows what can happen if they make it to the playoffs. The Eagles remain one of the leagues more talented teams and if they can eliminate mistakes could make a run.

    Just run the ball more, Andy. It really isnt that hard.

  23. In Atlanta, his receivers died of loneliness.

    Good line. Your entire post is very accurate. He was never any good. Just rode on his college rep and for some reason everyone thought he would get it. Did not earn the probowl votes.
    Simply a good scrambler and that never cuts it against the better coached teams.

  24. Florio stop it!!!! How come I don’t see y’all calling for Sanchez or Blaine Gabbbert to get benched?? After this season we can evaluate Vick and decide if he’s no longer needed by the eagles based on how far they make it in the playoffs…it’s not Vick’s fault that the o-line is down to team c personnel or vick has 2 inconsistent midget wr’s.The eagles would have fared better with a Randy Moss signing in the off season

  25. unemploymennt line for reid and vicky at season’s end. no way the eagles pay that turnover machine $$15 mil next year.reid has jhitched his wagon to “i still can’t read a defence qb” and thus must go down with the ship.

  26. It starts with play calling. Yes the players have to execute but first lets make a effort into getting the ball out of Vick’s hands. We can’t have Vick running the ball with an army flak jacket on when he’s not use to running like a running back. And Andy would have to reign Vick in on the deep balls when there isn’t a clear advantage in the WR’s favor. There should be some kind of West Coast offense implemented from check downs, crossing routes, quick outs, etc. You have the personnel for it.

  27. Most of the hits Vick takes are of his own doing. Blitz coming?? Get rid of the ball. This brain dead moron holds it for 5 seconds then get sacked. How much worse could Foles be??

  28. I don’t understand why there is recent contempt for Mike Vick’s on-field performance.

    He is EXACTLY the same mediocre, underwhelming, ill-prepared, lazy, and stupid player he was at Atlanta. The Eagles have the same exact player that Atlanta had only this time he brings with him a resume of felony convictions for killing innocent dogs and likely a few rounds of jail house loving.

    The Eagles have meddled with Vick making him try to be a pocket passer when even Ray Charles can see Vick is a running back turned into a quarterback. Bottle up a butterfly and you’ll kill it. Vick is only effective when he gets to run around. Make him into a quarterback and he fails miserably.

    It would seem to me that if you really wanted to maximize the effectiveness of the dog killer that you’d install a traditional quarterback with Vick put into a wide receiver slot where he could come in for mis-direction plays and be used to throw the ball when he has time – that would take pressure off the REAL quarterback. With Vick still being somewhat elusive, this would present an interesting twist of an offense.

    Nothing that the Eagles can do can solve the problem of Vick fumbling. Perhaps if they named the footballs after some of Vick’s dogs, Vick would hold on to them long enough before throwing them?

  29. It is amazing that a LOT of bad qb’s get passes from Florio so that he can concentrate on bashing Mike Vick.

    I mean the guy has only led 2 4th quarter game winning drives this year (one against the Giants), and held a 1o point lead deep into the 4th last week before the defense faltered.

    Yet Peyton Manning is the benefit of a complete Charger melt down and has lost to all playoff teams that he’s faced this year, but he’s proclaimed to be one of the all time greats.


  30. Every ignorant comment I read about Vicks Falcons tenure makes me laugh!!! I was a season ticket holder of the Falcons for 3 seasons! I say that to say this, if your best/most reliable WR target is a TE named Alge Crumpler youve got problems!! The pre-Dimitroff idea of personnel upgrades were abysmal at best!!! Do the names Ashley Lelie or Peerless Price ring a bell? Plus that O-line couldnt pass protect to save its life!!! Lol That was also at the beginning of Roddy Whites career, when those of us in A.T.L. lovingly referred to Roddy as Roberto Durans illegitimate son you know “MANOS DE PIEDRAS 2.0″(hands of stone) When Roddy was leading the league in dropped passes!! Anywho Im sure Im completely wrong, have no idea of what is real and relevant and its all Vicks fault!!!! (ROLLS EYES AND HITS SUBMIT)

  31. Vick’s game is what has always been, it isn’t going to change now. The only difference is he is getting slower. We know what Vick is, a mediocre QB who can once in a while show signs of brilliance, but he is a guy that does hold on to the ball too long, does take too many risks with the ball, and does not know how to read blitzes and defenses. He is been in the league long enough to know this is what he is.
    I don’t know if Nick Foles is the answer, I don’t know if he can be a viable NFL starting QB. I know they won’t win the big game with Vick, I am ready to move on and give the rookie a shot. He may fail, but if he less than 3 turnovers per game, it would be better than Vick.

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