Brandon Lloyd escapes the injury report


As it turns out, Pats receiver Brandon Lloyd is fine.  The same can’t be said for the rest of the team’s pass-catchers.

Lloyd didn’t appear anywhere on the team’s injury report, which means he’s not injured at all.  Four other guys who get paid to catch footballs are injured — and all four practiced Wednesday on a limited basis.

All have lingering injuries.  Tight end Aaron Hernandez with an ankle, tight end Rob Gronkowski with a hip, receiver Julian Edelman with a hand, and receiver Wes Welker with an ankle.

Also limited were safety Patrick Chung (shoulder), safety Steve Gregory (hip), linebacker Dont’a Hightower (hamstring), guard Logan Mankins (calf, hip), center Nick McDonald (shoulder), cornerback Sterling Moore (knee), and tackle Sebastian Vollmer (back, knee).

Running back Brandon Bolden (knee) didn’t practice.  Neither did linebacker Tracy White (foot).  Defensive tackle Kyle Love (foot) was able to fully participate in practice.

8 responses to “Brandon Lloyd escapes the injury report

  1. no team embraces next man up like pats… the jets are equally banged up BTW… and they have sanchez…

  2. Sounds like the Hawks beat the crap out of them.

    Kudos to Lloyd though. I thought he separated a shoulder or busted a collarbone on that catch.

    And Welker’s a tough little smurf too. Lesser guys would have died on that hit by Chancellor.

    Love watching the Pats play though, I must say. You were the better team Sunday. You just didn’t win.


  3. Actually, folks are gonna have to begin to get used to the idea that the Pats are in a state of decline.

    To the contrary, the Seahawks were the better team last week, and are in fact a good team. Their D kept them in the game and Wilson came thru with critical, clutch plays when the pressure was on.

    The team which makes the plays when they need to be made…. and isn’t stupid with the football, stupid in their on-field decisions, and stupid in their sideline decisions….is the better team. That wasn’t NE. It was SEA.

    VERY glad to hear Lloyd is OK….it indeed looked like a season-ender to me…and had that happened, the Pats would have been seriously impacted the rest of the way.

    As it is, things will be hard for them even if they begin to play smart. If they continue making bad decisions at critical moments….the skids will be greased much more easily.

  4. of course the hawks were the better team – just like the cardinals were and the ravens were…..

    front running pats fans can never, ever, ever admit when they’ve been beaten fair and square

    just ask anyone of them what happened two years ago in the playoffs against the jets

    good job seattle

  5. worth noting when looking at the participation report fromm today’s practice that it was a walk through, no pads.

    I wouldn’t read too much into full participation in a walk through.

  6. This report means almost nothing. Welker got his clock run, and until I see Lloyd extend his arms to catch a pass… I’m going to believe he’s injured.

    In other news… I’m sick of seeing Chung on these reports. It’s getting close to the time where we admit the Chung experiment is not working out.

  7. Hawks, Cards, Ravens were the better team as the Pats were always “the better team” back in the early Brady days when they were beating teams by a field goal in close games, including the SB….

    And maybe we’re seeing the start of a new Hawks dynasty with Wilson a la early 2000s Pats and Brady….. A strong defensive team with a young, underrated QB who just manages to get things done, more often than not at the end of close games….

    Ever think of that?

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