Brandon Lloyd says he’s “fine”


Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks included a troubling footnote for the Patriots.  Receiver Brandon Lloyd, who is second on the team with 34 catches, appeared to suffer an upper-body injury while diving for a catch, and all parties clammed up after the game regarding the question of whether Lloyd was or is injured.

Later today, the Pats will disclose all injured players on their first injury report of the week.  But Lloyd has offered a preview, telling reporters on Wednesday morning that he’s “fine.”

That’s the word from Jeff Howe of the Boston Globe, who surmises that Lloyd’s decision to hold court with the media indicates that he’s not seriously injured, if he’s even injured at all.

The Pats host the Jets on Sunday in a battle of first-place (and second-place . . . and third-place . . . and fourth-place) teams.

14 responses to “Brandon Lloyd says he’s “fine”

  1. I hope he is ok.

    He certainly didn’t look to good after making that out of bounds catch Sunday.

  2. I’m surprised Wes Welker isn’t on the injury report, considering the hit he took from Brandon Browner. There isn’t anyone tougher than Welker.

  3. Everyone who follows the Pats know that injured players are never in the locker room during open media session. If Brandon Lloyd is giving interviews,he’s not hurt.

  4. Not concerned about him (or Tom). 100% of the concern belongs with that porous secondary. It’s ridiculous.

  5. Wes has underrated toughness. Dont forget, he tore his ACL in the last game of the year in 09 and was back for the opener, same feat that Peterson is being praised for this year…

  6. That picture ought to be the headline image at the top of the Patriots injury report. It could only be better if he was wearing a fedora with a Pats logo on it.

    Remember, this was the same team that trotted Gronk out, with no cast, saying everything was “cool” on media day before the Super Bowl.

    Everything was NOT cool, and I don’t think it is with Lloyd, either.

  7. It looked to me like there were 4 or 5 players on the Pats who potentially suffered concussions or “concussion-like symptoms”, but I’m not surprised to hear them saying everyone is fine.

  8. Who isn’t banged up in some capacity at this point of the season? I’m sure Lloyd, Welker and a whole host of players will trot themselves on the field this week and play through pain.

    Wes Welker would have been out of the league years ago if he didn’t have Brady throwing to him the right way – so he doesn’t get lit up like that 10 times a game.

  9. Bruce Campbell also tried convincing himself that he was “fine” while looking in the mirror in Evil Dead 2. Things didn’t work out so well for ol’ Ash Williams following that failed self-affirmation.

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