Jairus Byrd is the AFC defensive player of the week


Bills safety Jairus Byrd had the team’s two biggest defensive plays in Sunday’s upset win over the Cardinals, and as a result he’s been named the AFC defensive player of the week.

With the Bills nursing a 16-13 lead in the fourth quarter, Byrd ended an Arizona possession with an interception of Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb. After Kolb got hurt and the Cardinals sent the game into overtime, Byrd sealed the Bills’ win by intercepting John Skelton and running it back to the 6-yard line to set up the game-winning field goal.

The game was the fourth multiple-interception game of Byrd’s four-year career.

This was Byrd’s first player of the week honor. He had previously been recognized as the NFL’s rookie of the month in October of 2009.

10 responses to “Jairus Byrd is the AFC defensive player of the week

  1. I would have thought that Tony Carter or Chris Harris from the Broncos would have gotten the nod. They both had a defensive touchdown. Carter had a fumble scoop for a TD and an INT, and Harris had a pick six, and a beautiful INT right behind Royal.

  2. Good for the Ball Hawk, well deserved. The D got called out (justifiably so) for being hideous the past 2 weeks and they responded by making big plays when it counted. #billsmafia

  3. This must be a joke. The NFL must not want two Broncos as the weekly award winners. Chris Harris had 2 INTs with a TD, Tony Carter had an INT and a fumble recovery for a TD, and Dumervil had 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles, one of which was returned by Carter for a TD. Any one of those 3 deserve the award more than Jarius Byrd.

  4. The boys from Denver also gave up 24 points in the first half: not exactly ‘play of the week’ stuff.

  5. The defense gave up the 24 points? Really? Did you watch the game? Special teams muffed a punt and gave the ball to the Cahrgers on the broncos 17. Reesulting in a FG. Not the D’s fault. Special teams fumbled the ball on a kicoff at the Broncos 19 yard line resulting in a TD on the 2nd play. Not the D’s fault. Manning throws a pick 6. That’s not the D’s fault. That’s 17 points that the defense eitehr wasn’t on the field or was put in a very bad situation. Chargers were already in FG range on both TO’s. So basically the D gave up 7 pts in the first half and pitched shutout in the 2nd half while forcing 5 turnovers and producing 2 TD’s? Yeah, one of the Broncos should have won the award.

  6. Byrd’s picks single-handidly bailed out the Bills and won them the game. His second one came at an absolutely crucial moment and effectively won the game.

    The bills D had t0 win this game for their offense, which is actually a worse unit than the D. Hard to believe, I know.

  7. when will people learn…. stop bitching about your broncos not winning player of the week. If you have ever ever ever watched sports and understood what sports was about, you would understand it is not about stats in so much as it is about timing of those stats. I HIGHLY doubt the Harris picks and td were at nearly the crucial time that Byrds was. COnsidering his 2nd int and return for a near td was in OT, i dont see how that is possible… Ever hear of garbage time stats? Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for a decent amount of yards and a few tds against the jets in week one… the fact that they were down by the 30 makes those stats meaning less.
    you guys signed Peyton Manning and from preseason chatter, i thought you had bigger fish to fry then a player of the week award,
    Wasnt it supposed to be you playing against Green Bay in the Super Bowl? reeeelax

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