Jerome Simpson not happy with sitting

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The Vikings lack weapons on the outside other than Percy Harvin.

So the decision to sit one of them didn’t help on the field, and didn’t sit well with Jerome Simpson.

The Vikings wide receiver wasn’t active for last week’s loss to the Redskins, after missing some practice time with weakness in his lower leg because of a back issue.

And he clearly thought he could have gone.

Asked about his status, Simpson replied in a series of curt answers, via Judd Zulgad of

Asked how he was feeling, Simpson replied: “Great.”

Asked if he’d be ready to play against the Cardinals this week: “Yes.”

Asked if he was back to full speed: “Yes.”

Asked how tough it was to sit out: “Terrible.”

It got better from there, barely.

“I can do everything,” Simpson said. “I feel good. I feel like Jerome Simpson.”

Simpson said Frazier told him he’d be a game-time decision, but Frazier said he discussed it with the receiver Saturday.

“He kind of had an idea of where I was headed, but in his heart he wants to play,” Frazier said. “He’s a competitor, which is what you appreciate about him. He wanted to be out there. But we’ll see how it goes this week. . . .

“He wants to play. He wants to help our team win and we’ll evaluate it this week.”

Of course, Simpson has other reasons for wanting to play.

He missed three game checks from his suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, and has $950,000 worth of roster bonuses that are payable per week on the 46-man game-day roster. So in addition to being unable to help the Vikings keep the Redskins from loading up the box, he also lost $59,375 in the deal.

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  1. I don’t know if Leslie Fraizer was trying to make a point by sitting Simoson and not activating Wright but his decisions are questionable sometimes. Just like Musgrave’s play calling. 9 red zone plays in the first quarter and not targeting Harvin once, don’t get it. Why not put Gerhart and AP in the backfield at the same time. Where is the sets with two TE’s? Ponder needed that loss to come back to reality but still call plays that got you to the red zone instead of 3 & 4 handoffs up the middle to Toby when you have AP and Harvin and Rudolph to utilize. Coaching brings wins as much as players and so far the coaching is suspect.

  2. I hope he’s 100% and we can finally see the real Juice on the field on Sunday. The Vikings offense really, really needs him to be productive.

  3. He knows and management knows that he was ready to play. Management is doing business in the manner most businesses operate…saving money whenever possible. They saved $60,000.00 on one day by not playing this guy. That wasn’t by accident, and that is why Simpson is pissed off. It gives a whole new meaning to “nickel and dime packages.”

  4. I’d say the fact that he said he could play and then couldn’t at kickoff the week before had a lot more to with Fraziers decision than $60k. Wilf and company will have invested almost a billion dollars into the franchise by the time the new stadium is built, but people think $60k affects the 53 man roster each week? Ridiculous. Btw: since many predicted the Vikings would win 4 games this entire year, I’m guessing the coaches are doing an ok job so far.

  5. Everyone in Cincinnati can see what is going to happen here. Jerome Simpson does not practice well and he doesn’t pick up play books well. He’s likely not showing much in practice, so being slightly injured is a good reason to sit him down. He didn’t make the active roster for a long time in Cincy, then the guy gets on the field and everyone’s wondering what the heck Marvin Lewis was thinking holding the guy out for so long.

    Simpson will be fine once he sees the field, just hope Frazier isn’t using his poor practice and route running to keep him off the field for a long time.

  6. There’s more to this than meets the eye, and it’s likely a physical thing not some sort of double secret probation type of deal. At 4-2, having already reached the win total that many expected for the year, I think the coaching staff deserves a little slack here — unless of course you’re one of the cheeser trolls that surprisingly haven’t sauntered in yet with their two cents worth.

  7. as bengals fan that has watched Simpson play for awhile you guys really shouldn’t be expecting much from Simpson. its amazing how so many people can be fooled by a flip

  8. Take off the tinfoil hats. Wilf could drop $60,000 a day for the rest of his life and still be fat on cash. Sometimes a coaches decision is for the best. What is the point of playing a field stretching reciever if he can’t run 100%? All you do is risk injury without getting his best asset in return.

  9. conormacleod has it right. Last week Simpson said he was fine, he played, and he couldn’t do it. Frazier saw something in the way he was running that made him think it was going to happen again. The coaching has been fantastic so far this season, just as I expected it would be when Frazier was hired.

  10. Not a Vikings fan but hats off to the Vikings coaching staff to not let him play. It is a long season in the NFL and it would better serve the Vikings to have this player for the remainder of the season and the playoffs. I have watched a couple of the Vikings games this year and with a few minor improvments they are a team that can go quite far.

  11. Somebody should do him a favor and advise Jerome Simpson that referring to himself in third person as in “I feel like Jerome Simpson” makes him sound like a bigger idiot than he already is.

    I realize its not a crime to be an idiot, especially on the Vikings who seem to have their fair share of them, but he shouldn’t go out of his way to make himself look like a loser. His team will do that for him in the next 10 games.

  12. titogetmesometissue says:Oct 17, 2012 4:08 PM

    My sources are telling me that he’s not working hard enough in practice and until he shows more of a work ethic, he won’t be seeing the field on game day.

    Oh, is that what your sources are telling you? Make sure you send that scoop to PFT so they can run with it.

  13. While the Vikings have won and they have done a good job I still have to agree with those that say the coaching has been suspect. I am right on the play calls abot 85% of the time and there is never a twist never a hurry up offense never a hard count offside package never a strange formation to make the defense burn a timeout. Frazier is sitting Simpson on principal and growing the culture for the young guys. Well done.

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