Jerry Jones thinks Cowboys capable of winning title — this year


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the one that started talking about windows.

And from his comments Tuesday, he clearly still thinks about them, even if that particular metaphor has gone by the wayside.

Jones emphasized during a radio interview on KRLD-FM (via that he thought the 2-3 Cowboys could compete for a championship.

This year.

“We’ve got to have some wins to make sure we’re in the hunt, but I keep pointing out we’re fresh off a world champion [Giants] that won nine of 16 ballgames last year,” Jones said. “We know you want your team as healthy and as in sync as it can be as we get on into the end of the season. We know we’ve played one division game and won it. We got those guys [the Giants] coming back in here. We know that’s going to be a big game for us.

“All of those things give us a chance to take a team that is, if you look at the pluses [Sunday], evolving into a team that can compete for the championship. Not next year. This year.”

The hosts, justifiably perplexed, asked if he meant to say they could win a title this year.

“Correct,” Jones said. “Let me emphasize that. I’m not into everybody getting better or learning for years to come. It’s this year.”

The Cowboys are more style than substance in recent years, with two playoff wins since their last Super Bowl in 1995, and a 122-123 record since 1997.

They’re also coming off a loss to the Ravens that saw them run well, but featured ridiculous clock management by coach Jason Garrett, and plenty of mistakes by his players. But he was hesitant to feel too good about it.

“I’m not either and I would agree, and I don’t want you to have to feel good about a moral victory,” Jones said. “We went up there, and everyone, before that ballgame on our team, thought we would win and we could win that ballgame, and we recognize that Baltimore has a good team and we recognize we were playing them away. But everybody thought we could win that ballgame.

“It’s terribly disappointing, but we played physically, we did things we can win with in the future. I think we are preparing ourselves, now let me say this, we’re 2-3, and so that’s five games into a 16-game season. We don’t have time to have a bad time here.”

Sounds like he’s saying, . . . oh, never mind.

31 responses to “Jerry Jones thinks Cowboys capable of winning title — this year

  1. Except Jerry,

    Garrett game manages like Andy Reid, Miles Austin is going to pull his hammy eventually this year, And without Demarco Murray – there is NO RUNNING GAME. This team is built to look great in September. And that didn’t even happen. Season is done.

    One of millions of frustrated Cowboys fans.

  2. The things that the cowboys are certainly capable of.. are having a meddling owner who picks his nose on national TV…. and a over-hyped QB who poops his shorts in every big spot….??

  3. The Cowboys are capable of winning a title this year. All this site does is try to make fun of the most valuable franchise in sports.

  4. I don’t know if America is big enough for Jerry’s ego. Maybe the Cowboys should crown themselves the World’s Team.

  5. What are you on? Hey Jonsey? Does the banned substance rule apply to owners? Clearly this fool is floating around on something.

  6. There is enough talent on that roster to make that prediction happen…. Give me a Belichick, Coughlin, Cowher type coach and an offseason to prepare and there would be damage done and playoff games won….HOWEVER the atmosphere in Dallas now is such that all that talent is pampered and wasted.

  7. it’s very frustrating being a cowboys fan and knowing that nothing is going to change because jerry jones is the owner…and now he thinks that 9-7 is a winning formula that will bring a lombardi trophy back to dallas…he is truly clueless

  8. As a Cowboys fan, the next time a Dallas fan gets stabbed by a 9ers fan, can it please be Jerry Jones?

    In all seriousness, Jerry Jones is crushing my football soul. The fact that he says things like this shows he just doesn’t get it, and the team certainly has no hope of being successful until he finally does get it.

    Its getting difficult to even want to watch the Dallas games, because there just isnt anything there.

  9. 122-123 record since 1997 (WOW). One thing is puzzling me, why is Mr Wrinkles keep talking about the Giants? The GMen have a better HC and Owner and better players. Sorry Cowgirl fans no championship this year so get over it Mr Wrinkles. Nothing wrong with hope though.

  10. Jerrah is all about one thing…keeping the money rolling in….getting buts to come in and fill his stadium is the only reason he keeps talking this pipe dream of winning a superbowl with his dimwit coach and mistake prone quarterback who screws up every time the going gets tough.

    Jerrah needs Garrett and Romo up in his luxury box cleaning his glasses and not on the field.

  11. Jerry’s taken decades… ‘to have a bad time here’

    Jerry’s decisions have perpetuated the Cowboys demise and decline…. and perennial continuation of both.

    Denial is a painful disease.

  12. stevebozeman says:

    The Cowboys are capable of winning a title this year. All this site does is try to make fun of the most valuable franchise in sports.
    At this point, EVERY team is capable of winning a title this year–mathematically, at least. The question is twofold–One, which title? (if it’s “all hat and no cattle”, Big D would win every year); and Two, if the answer to that question is “The Lombardi Trophy”, how do you propose that your team win enough games to do that, given the incompetence of your hand-picked coach, the ineptitude of your hand-picked QB, and the less-than-dominating play of your hand-picked defense?

    As for this site making fun of your team, all the site does is report the doings in Jerryworld, the ridicule largely comes from US. I also dispute your contention of “the most valuable franchise in sports”; that title goes to the Yankees IMO, who may also be underperforming but who at least make the post-season with regularity and who have won a championship this century.

  13. Why would he say something that stupid. It’s fine if he believes that but it puts unnecessary pressure on sub-par QB and sub-par coach.

  14. burnz1379 says:

    You’ll never win a Super Bowl with Romo… He just doesn’t have it.

    “It” being the ability make Dez Bryant catch balls that hit him in the hands. (Like the 2-pt conversion last game.)

    I’m not a Romo or a Cowboy fan, but he got them where they needed to be down the stretch. It would have went to OT if Bryant catches the perfectly thrown pass on the conversion. Or they win outright if Garrett doesn’t screw up clock management and cost them the chance to gain a few more yards prior to the last fg attempt. The constant focus on Romo has always befuddled me given how many other problems that team has.

  15. If Romo ever wins a Super Bowl on a team that Jerry Jones built, it’ll mean that Romo is the greatest quarterback that ever lived.

    Their offensive line sucks. Their defensive line sucks. They have no safeties. Their receivers are mediocre, at best.

    They’re all puffed up because they ran the ball on the Ravens. The Ravens rush defense is horrible. The Chiefs ran all over them too, then got stuffed by Tampa Bay the next week.

    There isn’t a quarterback in the league that could take that team to the Super Bowl.

    They have Romo, Witten, Ware, Sean Lee, and a big bag of nothing. Demarco Murray is injury prone, which is why he fell in the draft. Dez Bryant is an idiot. Miles Austin is an overpaid #2 receiver.

    I’m a Cowboy fan, but they have become the Paris Hilton of the NFL. They’re famous for being famous.

  16. Dallas will never be more than what they are now with this coaching staff and management. There is sufficient talent on this team to win it all but Jones has become a victim of his own vanity. Everything that is the Cowboys bears the seal of his ring and to make adjustments is an admission of error on his part. Jones is a great businessman but his history confirms that he is a lousy football manager. I’d bet Jerry’s favorite song is the old Mac Davis hit ~ “Or Lord, its hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way.” The only consistent thing with Dallas since 1996 has been Jerry Jones. Does that offer a clue?

  17. Technically, he’s right in one way. You need to be peaking late to do well in the playoffs.

    Teams like the Giants peak late, so just because Dallas is struggling in October doesn’t mean they should pack in the season.

    That year the Cowboys were 13-3, they peaked early, not late.

    The SB is not won in October.

  18. I like Jason Garrett but he isn’t head coach material, at least not yet. He doesn’t manage the clock well. The offensive line finally did better on Sunday which has improved the situation for Romo and the running backs. Now it is apparent that Garrett is the weak link.
    And Jerry needs to hire a general manager and just be an owner.
    Sadly the Cowboys will continue to sputter and play erratically. They will have flashes of brilliance and stunning moments of stupidity.
    Most of the pieces on the field are in place but coaching needs to improve.
    Can we clone Landry and Johnson into one new head coach?

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