Juan Castillo: I love Andy Reid, I’d take a bullet for him


Juan Castillo remains loyal to Andy Reid, even after Reid fired Castillo as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator.

In an interview with CSNPhilly.com, Castillo teared up as he described just how much he cares for Reid personally, and how disappointed he was that he wouldn’t continue to work with Reid professionally.

“I love Coach,” Castillo said. “I said it before, I’d take a bullet for Coach. Coach gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, man. And I didn’t get it done. And that’s hard. But as my players know, keep working hard and if you outwork people, maybe somebody will give me a second chance. And then I can get it done.”

Some would say Castillo just did take a bullet for Reid. With Reid’s job on the line, Castillo was made the scapegoat for the team’s 3-3 start, even though the reality is the defense has actually played reasonably well this year considering the way the offense’s turnovers and the bad kick coverage on defense have constantly put the defense in bad field position.

Castillo, however, says he’s looking in the mirror and not blaming anyone else.

“Last year, Coach hired me to do a job. The job was to help him win a championship. And I didn’t get that accomplished,” Castillo said. “I know the guys are looking out there, we always talk about being a warrior. A warrior means that you get the job done no matter what. And the bottom line is we should be 5-1. The hard part for me was that I let down Coach Reid, I let down the organization and I let down the city.”

Say what you will about the way Castillo coached, but he sure is handling his firing with class.

63 responses to “Juan Castillo: I love Andy Reid, I’d take a bullet for him

  1. That soft mentality also led to soft D when it mattered most however it’s not his fault this team is 3-3…The guy that’s calling the O plays (Marty) and the guy running them (Vick) are the reasons why

  2. You gotta respect a guy that handles being fired like a man. He was put in a bad situation. An OL coach should never be made a DC. His failure is Andy Reid’s fault. I like Andy Reid, but it’s probable time for him to move on.

  3. Juan Castillo is not the only problem with this team. The Offensive line is just flat out terrible, Marty Mornheinweig’s playcalling is terrible and Vick has turned into a Turnover Machine. Andy Reid is just as big apart of it because he hired Juan Castillo who was not qualified for the Job. Castillo had no experience calling defenses since high school but something had to be done. 7 blown 4th quarter leads in 2011 and already with 2 in 2012. It really is pathetic and this defense is very soft. If things don’t turn around quickly, Reid will make the change to Foles when the Eagles play the Saints in Week 9 and Andy Reid will get Fired (as well as his coaching staff) and Vick will be gone at the End of the year as well if both of them do not get to 10-6 or better and get to the playoffs and win.

  4. torturedraiderfan says: Oct 17, 2012 6:45 AM

    You gotta respect a guy that handles being fired like a man. He was put in a bad situation. An OL coach should never be made a DC. His failure is Andy Reid’s fault. I like Andy Reid, but it’s probable time for him to move on.
    ^This. Too bad Castillo has to pay the price for Andy’s poor decision.

  5. Just another casualty in the Andy Ried suck factory. I cant believe he still coaches that team. How many times can he blow it and still come out with a job? Without Ried the the eagles would have a lombardi by now. This man consistently makes bad calls when they matter most.

  6. Seems to be a great guy. Wish him all the best in his future coaching effort. He was put in a situation to fail and I am sure he did his best.

  7. He’s taken a few bullets for Andy already. Everyone knew that Castillo was not qualified, including Castillo but Castillo wasn’t going to voluntarily give up the DC position and the money.

    The thing I don’t undersntad is that with McDermott at DC Andy stood pat. When he moved Castillo over he brought in Nnamdi, Rodgers-Cromartie, etc, etc. I assume with all the defensive talent he brought on board that the Defense could be on autopilot and still be great plus he could reward a loyal soldier.

  8. Juans a good guy and never should have been named DC. Vick is the problem. Every week.

  9. Where did this myth come from that Castillo “knew he wasn’t qualified” to be a DC and that Reid put him there “on a whim?”

    The fact is that Castillo himself lobbied hard for the job and convinced Reid he was ready for it.

    Reid made a terrible decision in listening to Juan, but let’s not pretend Juan was an innocent bystander just bc we feel sorry for him after reading this.

  10. Vick is just part of the problem, the O line is the biggest problem. Vick is constantly running for his life, they give him no time to make decisions. Believe me im no Vick fan but no protection will kill ya.

  11. I think he meant he’d take a ‘Bullet’s cheeseburger TO him’ and has done so many times.

  12. I guess getting shot is better then being run over by the bus.

    This guy should be happy he was fired by Jabba better then what will happen to the fat man in December.

  13. I think we are now seeing the value of Jason Peters. With Peters we score at the goal line by running McCoy. With Peters Vick gets better protection. With Peters we score a lot more and are 5 – 1. I hope the man gets well. Jason you are sorely missed.

  14. I don’t think Cas did a bad job at all considering everything. Look back to before he was even hired as the D Coordinator, they hired the D-line coach (Jim Washburn) before he was ever even named the D Coordinator. Washburn likes to run the wide 9 technique, which is a d-line alignment that most of the NFL has never played in before. All of his players, especially the linebackers had to adjust to playing with that type of D-line in front of them (didn’t help the eagles had mediocre linebackers at best last season). Castillo had to make “his defense” work with a scheme I’m sure was completely foreign to him, so there was an adjustment period for him as well. At the end of last season it seemed like he finally was working out the kinks and making it work, with a linebacking core that lacked serious playmakers.

    Considering all the turnovers from the offense this season, Cas actually was doing his job. He’s taking the fault for something he didn’t have any control over. We’re still ranked in the top half of the league in total defense yet he gets canned.

    Not saying changes shouldn’t have been made, just pointing out that when you are hired to do a job and you can’t do your job the way you actually want to run it (running this over-rated wide 9) you’re going to go through ups and downs. Personal opinion, Castillo was never given a fair shake to run the defense the way he wanted.

  15. Juan lobbied for this job for 3 years. He knew what the expectations were going to be in Philly. The 4th Qr results led to this inevitable change. Take the paycheck, enjoy the sabbatical and we’ll see you Juan back in the NFL soon.

  16. This was the easy move. Reid better do more than just this.

    Best wishes to you Mr. Castillo, you are a class act. Another team will give you a job sooner than later.

    If I owned that team, Reid wouldn’t have fired Castillo yesterday. I would have fired Reid. This whole mess is all on him!!! No excuses cover it anymore.

  17. I’m glad he’s willing to take a bullet for him considering he just did take a bullet for him…and Andy’s the one holding the gun.

  18. You actually DID take a bullet for Reid, Juan. He’s the one that should be unemployed, not you.

    Best of luck Mr Castillo.

  19. I am sure that Juan Castillo is a really good person, because he showed a lot of class in those remarks. But he was set up to fail, Reid put him in that position, and Reid deserves 100% of the blame for this debacle. If I were Jeffrey Lurie, when Reid told me that he was firing Castillo, I’d have told him to prepare his resignation too.

  20. A defense loaded with talent has no sacks in 3 games. He’s made poor defensive calls late in games. They have above average talent and he doesn’t seem to be able to ultilize it.

  21. It looks like somebody was promised a job when the Walrus gets his new gig next year…. In Cleveland! Pack yer bags Juany. We goin to the factory of Sadness!

  22. Reid didn’t just hire Castillo on a whim. Castillo campaigned hard to Reid for the DC job. He wanted it bad and said he would not let Reid down. I don’t have a hair of a notion why Reid ever thought he could hire someone who coach offense for the last 10 years and it would work.

  23. Good luck Juan!! You did what you could. It’s all dumb andy’s fault, as others have posted before, you were put in a place that was destined to fail!

    You suck andy reid!!!!!!

  24. Blame Vick? For anyone that would blame the player(s) solely for the ineptness of a team bares a striking resemblance to a dumbass.

    “Better job” Andy has been there for more than a decade. The vast majority of the teams decisions were his. When do you “oh idiot of the internet” hold Andy most accountable?

    For instance if you play Madden do you blame the controller when you lose? Do you blame mom? Do you blame puberty? Is there a glitch? Did you forget to change the difficulty level to p*ssy?


    No matter the person that has the final say needs to “apply for a better job.”

  25. When asked what his next career move might be, Mr. Castillo said that managing the NY Yankees, Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers or perhaps Exec. Dir. of NASA are possibilities if any of those positions become available.

    Mr. Castillo said that he feels his recent experience in having a leadership role in areas that he has no previous experience should make him an extremely attractive candidate.

  26. Andy Reid knows in his heart he should have never placed Coach Castillo in that position. Defense win games. If no one mentored you on that side of the ball, what makes you think you can mastered that responsibility w/o failure.
    Thanks but no thanks Andy, I will continue to coach the OL. But we all know someone is going to make a few calls and get this Coach a job. Good Luck Coach Castillo with your future.

  27. Weeks ago Vick was challenged about all the fumbles and the way he carries the ball – he said he wasn’t going to change the way he plays – period.
    Well, if he’s NOT going to change – then I guess the DC must. So must the HC, the LBs, the WRs, the C, the LG and RG, the LT and RT, the punter, and the fans. When will the madness end!!??

  28. Juan Castillo is a stand up guy. The shame of it is, he never should have been put in this position in the first place and this goes back to Reid’s poor decision making.

    Why did he have to jump immediately from offensive line coach to D-Coordinator? When Harbaugh was Special Teams coach and wanted to learn other facets of the game, he wasn’t immediately moved to Defensive Coordinator, he was moved to D-Backs coach. Reid made the right call there in having him work his way up through the ranks regardless of the fact that he led Special Teams. Harbaugh was hired as the Ravens head coach before he could progress further, but you get my point.

    Why not give him a D-backs or Linebacker coaching position first and let him learn each role before having the entire defense thrust upon him? It’s not like they had good linebackers coaches at the time, and they have already been through 2 d-backs coaches in the same timespan.

    I respect Reid as a person, and I think he is a good coach. Problem is, he makes significant poor decisions, and lets his pride get in his way. I hate to say it, but this is Reid’s last year with the Birds and he has noone to blame but himself.

  29. Time to finally start holding the fat man accountable for his terrible decisions. Wake up Lurie. Reid has turned this franchise into a circus filled with a roster of garbage O-lineman and a QB who averages 20 turnovers a game. But it’s ok everyone. The Eagles future is resting on a mediocre Pac-10 QB. Pffffffffffffft. If they get drilled by Atlanta after the bye week it’s time to blow this up and start over. Maybe the Eagles will have a shot at another SB run by 2020

  30. If anything, they should have made him a defensive position coach and had him work from there.

  31. “I’d take a bullet for him.”

    If you dive in front of the fat man, the assailant’s still got like two thirds of Reid to hit.

  32. Please don’t fire Andy Reid. Please keep him around as long as I’m alive. I dont think I could take losing him, plus the cowgirls firing Wade Phillips, in the same lifetime. Please Jerry Jones, don’t die until after I’m toes-up. Pleas Daniel Snyder, dont die until I take my dirt nap.

  33. It was just a ridiculous situation from the start. Andy fell in love with the wide-9. He needed a DC that would work with the Wide-9 since he hired the D-line coach before the DC. When every seasoned DC available declined, Juan became the perfect straw man DC. The fact that Mudd was available to coach the O-line made it a perfect fit in Andy’s mind.

  34. Actually I think Juan will be Andy Reid’s O-line coach in 2013 – in Cleveland. Once Andy is fired at the end of the year, Tom Heckart & Joe Banner will probably make a play for him to get the old band back together.

  35. Middle of the road defense=fire coordinator

    31st ranked offense=status quo.

    Juan should have never been hired but people like Morninwheg Are allowed to skate with ridiculous play calling week after week, year after year. Andy times up for you

  36. Gotta love the Philly fans. They’ve ripped Castillo since the day he was hired and now that he’s gone they start to alibi for him. At least Castillo himself sees things rationally: “I didn’t get the job done.”

    And I don’t get your scapegoat comment, Mike. You’re usually more thoughtful than that. Sal Pal on ESPN used the word, too, untill his own network started showing how deceptive the Eagles’ “reasonably good” defensive stats are this year.

  37. Why does Andy Reid try to hold on to his job with the Eagles like it’s the last liferaft off of the Titanic? He’s a good coach but the city’s tired of him and he’s probably tired of his current gig. He needs to take a breath and start over somewhere else. He’ll definitely get a job somewhere else and will do well in his next coaching stint. At some point, you have to conclude that keeping a job isn’t worth your sanity or your dignity. This show’s been on the air for a long time and it’s time to wrap it up.

    P.S. – Dear Philly fans. Be careful what you ask for. Back in 2001, all of us in D.C. were itching to get rid of Marty Schottenheimer. To this very day, all of us miss that dude and realize that he was a good coach and as much as we complained about him, we were lucky to have him.

  38. Vick has been way too careless with the ball as everyone knows. Against the Steelers, the defense could not get a stop to protect a one point lead. Against the Lions, the defense could not protect a 10 point lead with less than 4 minutes left in the game. How is Vicks turnovers the problem in those two games when his team had late 4th quarter leads in spite of his turnovers? By the way, I am a Falcons fan and hope Vick has a record day against us but Matt Ryan pulls out a one point win.

  39. Juan Castillo’s humility is very, very, very attractive. He’d be the kind of man I’d like to be friends with whether he coached football or ran an accounting deparment or taught social studies.

    That humility and intellectual honesty and sincere loyalty to the person who just terminated his employment shall be remembered about Mr. Castillo long after memories fade on the specific scores of several Eagles’ games.

    Well done. Excellent example on how to be a human being.

    Que Dios te bendiga !!

  40. Juan Castillo: “I love Andy Reid, I’d take a bullet for him.”

    Uhhh…I think you just did, dude….

  41. therealtrenches says:
    Oct 17, 2012 7:30 AM
    Where did this myth come from that Castillo “knew he wasn’t qualified” to be a DC and that Reid put him there “on a whim?”

    The fact is that Castillo himself lobbied hard for the job and convinced Reid he was ready for it.

    Reid made a terrible decision in listening to Juan, but let’s not pretend Juan was an innocent bystander just bc we feel sorry for him after reading this.

    So Reid isn’t smart enough to say no, regardless of the lobbying?

    If that’s the case, I think I’ll head to Philadelphia and really lobby for a position. After all, If Andy couldn’t say no because of extensive lobbying, he can’t say no to me….

  42. While I don’t know how Reid has continued to dodge the Turk, I do hope the Eagles keep him and Michael Vick around for a long long time.

  43. Well Juan,

    Taking a bullet for Andy all works out in the end for you since Andy, more or less, pushed you right in the bullet’s line of fire.

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