Mario Williams says Bills’ fate is still in their hands


The Bills, despite their struggles, find themselves locked in a four-way tie for first (and fourth) place in the AFC East.  And defensive end Mario Williams realizes that, with 10 games left, anything can happen.

“The season’s not over with yet,” Williams told Erik Kuselias on Wednesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.  “You’ve got people saying that so and so is going to win the Super Bowl.  They’re going to do this and do that, so and so is not gonna get to the playoffs.  I think that the biggest thing I look at it being able to change that around.  This is just the 7th game coming up, there is a lot of football left.  We haven’t even hit midseason yet, anything can happen.  So at the end of the year, that’s when you can make whatever assumptions and judgments you want.”

Until then, Williams will tune it all out.

“It’s up for grabs and everybody overreacts,” Williams said.  “It’s crazy for me to think that so little can cause such a reaction at the end of the day when we’re only six games in and . . . most of the league is 3-3. There’s only a couple of teams, a few teams with winning records.  So at the end of the day, to overreact and to count yourself out – that’s not football.  That’s not the mentality that you want around you.  So everybody needs to think that way and think that we’re definitely still in it and our fate is still in our hands.”

Williams explained that the past is the past, and that the Bills can’t worry about the rough games and focus on turning things around.

For more, check out the full interview with Williams.  Who is so large that it’s hard to tell whether he had shoulder pads on under his jersey.

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11 responses to “Mario Williams says Bills’ fate is still in their hands

  1. This team is trying to win the super bowl every week and just exhausting themselves with that train of thought. The huge losses they suffered cut them deep. They’re waking up to the idea that they’re still alive and control their own destiny. Young team maturing before your eyes.

  2. The NFC West would like to thank the Bills for Sunday’s win!!!

    NFC West Opponents of the Cardinals

  3. I actually find myself rooting for the Bills. Underdog appeal I suppose.

    If they start winning, please don’t let them be like the Lions….

  4. He’s right, the Bills are still in the thick of it. The only thing to do is win games. Go do it.

    Get mean out there Mario, earn that money, and some respect.

  5. Thats right Mario, keep up the good work, the Bills defense will continue to get better. The past is the past. Some people spend there whole day looking for something negative to say. Stay focus in Buffalo. And those negative people will find something else to comment on, because they are negative themselves, don’t believe me? Just watch the commits to this comment, lol

  6. We don’t miss you in Houston!

    When it’s all said and done, he will go down as one of the worst free agent signings in history! Injury prone and passive against the run. Money well spent Buffalo!

  7. Love reading Houston’s fans respond to every Mario post. Well shucks, with all the success they have had the belong in buffal bill chat rooms. Seems how the past 15 years both teams have been irrelevant.
    It’s hard playing a good team isn’t it ?

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