Matt Cassel: Kansas City is a great place to play


Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel got the go-ahead to start practicing for the Chiefs, which means they’ll use their bye week to figure out whether he or Brady Quinn starts at quarterback come Week Eight.

It’s Cassel’s first time back at practice since he suffered a concussion against the Ravens in Week Five, an injury that touched off a bigger story in Kansas City after tackle Eric Winston ripped fans at Arrowhead Stadium for cheering Cassel’s injury. Plenty of people weighed in, including a defense of the majority of the fan base from Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, but we never heard from Cassel.

Now that he’s back at work, Cassel is also talking to the media and he got the inevitable question about booing fans. Cassel evaded throwing any fuel on that fire while saying only positive things about playing in Kansas City.

“I’m not really going to speak to what happened last week. All I’ll say is, look, I live here year round. I’ve had nothing but support from the people in Kansas City, from the people we’ve met, my wife has met and my children go to school with,” Cassel said, via the Kansas City Star. “The fact of the matter is, Kansas City is a great place to play. We have a passionate fan base. I’m sure that they’re frustrated. We’re frustrated as well. But we’re working and doing everything in our power to get it corrected and moving in the right direction.”

How much longer the Cassel brood will be calling Kansas City home likely hinges on whether he can make the next 10 games a lot more successful for the Chiefs than the first six. If he can’t or if Quinn remains the quarterback, it’s a pretty safe bet that Cassel will be finding out about life in a different town.

12 responses to “Matt Cassel: Kansas City is a great place to play

  1. Matt may be the nicest guy in the world. It just so happens that he stinks as an NFL quarterback. As old Bill Parcells use to say: you are what the numbers say you are. And Matt your numbers stink.

  2. Goodbye Matt, it wasn’t all your fault but you were already on notice. Those turnovers will lead you out of KC if not now, then at the end of the season.

    Oh yeah, about that door behind you? Don’t worry about it, just go.

  3. There is no one I would rather see do well than Matt Cassel. Great human being.

    However, He just cant get it done.

    A “deep ball” for Cassel is 15 yds. His inability to stretch the field has crippled our offense.

  4. Thats taking it on the chin and handling the situation with class. Maybe that corner from the seahawks should take notes.

  5. Cassel is a good guy. But…unfortunately he hasn’t panned out as a high end QB in the NFL. And…it doesn’t matter how well he does to finish out the year. He has lost credibility with his fans. He’s gone. It’s just a matter of time now.

    Like a previous post said – all the turnovers aren’t his fault…but a lot of them were. His passing is horrible. His arm strength is weak. And it looks like he is just afraid to get hit.

    It’s just a matter of time.

  6. He said it’s a great place to play. Note that he didn’t say it’s a great place to play WELL, probably because he doesn’t know anything about that.

  7. Brian Daboll’s play caling is more of a reason for our offensive failing than people think. His play calling Sucks! Run, Run, Run. Run it on 2nd & 11, Run it on 3rd & 11. Pathetic. We should have hired Al Saunders. he is a proven Offensive Coordinator. Al would have the ship running right.

  8. I’ve never been a huge M. Cassel fan but all this BS of him getting the blame for all the Chiefs woes is just ignorant. I’ve been a fan since 1966 and have had more than my share of heartbreaks. But anybody with any knowledge of the game can look at the games and see without any doubt where the problem lies. After going back and looking at the tapes 70% of Cassels interceptions fall at the feet of his receivers. Balls tipped into the air because of poor technique, lack of focus and just pathetic play. Every one of those ints. should have been caught. But little is said of this. Bad coaching is the problem. A team will always shadow their coach. Romeo is a good man but he’s wimpy, has no fire, not a strong leader. This team DOES have enough talent to win. Really, the only game they should have lost was the Ravens. Cassel would be a lot better if he wasn’t hand-tied to one play when he got behind center. Wise up fans.

  9. In Matt’s time in KC he has always been positive on and off the field. He carries himself with class and has done everything the Chiefs have asked of him. I’m just sorry he doesn’t have to talent to start because if anyone deserves to be successful it is him.

  10. Anyone who picked this team as a preseason favorite to win the AFC West is a moron and needs to turn in their football fan card.

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