Pioli accepts responsibility, but sidesteps contract talk


Lightning-rod Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli accepted responsibility for the team’s 1-5 record, but side-stepped talk about his contract situation, in a get-right conversation with the local media.

Pioli has been pilloried locally, largely because his hand-picked quarterback Matt Cassel has underperformed.

But Pioli jumped on the grenade, saying it all comes back to him, when asked the most disappointing part of the situation.

“The record, the overall performance, the performance by everybody,” Pioli said, via Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star. “We all have a hand in this thing, starting with me. Ultimately I’m responsible for the football operation, and we’re 1-5.

We all need to do our jobs better, starting with me.”

He was also asked about the conflicting reports about his contract status, but fell back on owner Clark Hunt’s statement to the Star that they weren’t going to discuss contracts.

“Clark spoke to The Star last week, and that’s our organizational philosophy,” Pioli said. “We don’t talk about players’ contracts, we don’t talk about coaches’ contracts, anybody who has a contract, we don’t talk about those things. It’s an organizational philosophy that I believe in as well. That’s where it’s at.”

Asked where the extension report originated, if no one talked about such things, Pioli said it wasn’t important.

“I don’t waste energy on that stuff,” he said. “You know what I’ve got to do? I’ve got to get this thing fixed. That’s where I need to spend my time, energy and emotion on is getting this football team fixed. Not chasing rumors because those are the things that are offshoots of what the real problem is. It becomes a rumor, it becomes a story because we’re not winning.

“This isn’t about me and my contractual situation. This is about getting the team right.”

Pioli’s contract runs through the 2013 season, which means if nothing changes, he’ll have a chance to fix things this offseason.

The first step needs to be at quarterback, though Pioli pointed that away from Cassel when asked if an elite quarterback was a necessity.

“You need a good football team to win in this league,” he said. “You need a good football team that is going to do all the things the right way. Heck yes, you need a quarterback to play well, and you need a team to play well.”

At the moment, he has neither.

16 responses to “Pioli accepts responsibility, but sidesteps contract talk

  1. “We need to do a better job.” This is a reoccuring line these guys who are on thier way out the door keep using. Reid, Turner, n now Paoili. Its getting old amd do they thing that line helps with anything? Is that supposed to make the fans feel better? These men get paid a lot of money to do a job, and its extermely frustrating hearing it week after week, year after year. As an Eagles fan, thats all you ever hear Andy Reid say. We have to do a better job, I have to do a better job. Then DO IT!!! Haven’t you learned anything in the 14yrs you have been doing this? How can you possibly still be using that stupid line!? Uuugh please fire Andy and let him move onto the Browns to rejoin all his buddies.

  2. I still believe in Brady Quinn.

    Keep in mind he hadn’t started a game in nearly three years, got very few reps prior to the one week before the game, and he’s only started THIRTEEN games in his entire career.

    The Chiefs would be wise to stick with him.

  3. I wonder if Chiefs fans will allow this BS for as long as they did when King Carl was there….I doubt it.

  4. Come to think of it, I kind of miss Marty Ball…..at least the Chiefs were somewhat competitive then.

  5. I have never seen a man as secretive, coy, arrogant, and so full of himself as Pioli. What is Jon Grudens phone number???? Bill Cowher???? Got to be somebody out there better than this schmuck.

  6. Pioli said he was responsible and then he said he had “as much confidence in Romeo as the day he was hired”.

    Chiefs are doomed until Pioli is gone.

  7. I like Mr.Pioli, the Chiefs might not be doing well but he has the right idea to get it turned around. Unfortunately he made a bad decision with Matt Cassel, Cassel does not posses Franchise quarterback qualities. Ted Thompson picked Aaron Rodgers with his first pick, the difference between a great GM and a good GM can sometimes be just one pick. I hope the Chiefs give him another chance because with a solid quarterback the Chiefs are a force to be reckoned with. and this is coming from…

    A die Hard Raider fan

  8. Say what you want about Marty’s playoff record, but the Chiefs had a winning attitude in the 90’s. They went into every Sunday expecting to win, and into every season expecting to make the playoffs. Arrowhead never sold out before Marty arrived. His success on the field made Arrowhead the most feared stadium in the NFL.

    Look at the crowds at Chiefs home games now. That’s what it was like in the 80’s. Just sad.

  9. It’s Thursday…the Chiefs lost on Sunday…why hasn’t Clark announced that Pioli has been fired?

  10. Noticed that the Pnathers just fired their GM because of their 1-5 record. Are you paying attention Clark??

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