Reggie Bush still has a goal of leading the league in rushing

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Dolphins running back Reggie Bush has been slowed by a knee injury and was held to just 17 yards on 12 carries on Sunday, but he’s not giving up on one of his goals for 2012.

Bush said during the preseason that he wants to lead the league in rushing, and he confirmed this week that he still believes he can do it.

Yeah, I think it’s still possible,” Bush told the Miami Herald. “It’s not my focus. It’s obviously a goal, but it’s not my focus while I’m out there.”

After a great start to the season, in which Bush carried 50 for 302 yards in the first three games, Bush has declined significantly, with 48 carries for 132 yards in the last three games. With 434 yards, Bush is currently 12th in the NFL, and he’ll be passed by a few more players this week while the Dolphins are on their bye.

If Bush comes back from the bye at 100 percent, perhaps it’s possible that he can return to his early-season form and win the rushing title. But at this point it doesn’t look likely.

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  1. For the first time in his career, Reggie actually looks like an NFL running back so it may be time to sell high. I say send him to Green Bay for James Jones or future picks.

    GB is built to win now and needs a back. Miami is looking to the future and needs to build around Tannehill. Going from Joe P’s offense to GB’s should be an easy transition.

  2. @cuda – you’d like that. Reggie does look pretty good, but right now he’s probably slightly better than Alex Green. And, have you seen James Jones lately? Dude is a beast.

  3. As a Saints fan, Reggie had the talant since he was drafted. We all know what he had before that at USC. Now I will say again, like i’ve said a hunfred times before, Reggie ”HAS” the talent to be the one of the greatest RB’s to take the field, BUTTTTTTT, he has to stay healthy. The only consistant trend with Reggie is that he gets hurt ”EVERY” year. Awesome athlete, but is softer. then the first fighter on Mike Tysons punch out!

  4. First off respect the guy for at least having goals. Reggie was playing great before the injury(those damn Jets). If he can finish out the season healthy easily top five. Leading the league is a bit of a reach at this point in the season.

  5. If you watched the games you can tell theres a HUGE difference in his running before and after he hurt his knee.

  6. He’s got two weeks to relax and get healthy. He’ll be back after the bye. I don’t know if he can still lead the league, but he doesn’t have to. If he gives us 80 a game on the ground and a few touches through the air, he gives us a big spark on offense.

    That’s something that I think gets lost in this “Reggie is a real running back” talk. He’s still an excellent weapon in the passing game even when he struggles on the ground. His versatility is his best asset, and he forces defenses to account for him every time he’s on the field. That’s worth more than the league rushing title.

  7. The offensive line in Miami has as much if not more to do with Reggie’s delining production the past few weeks as his knee. Defensive fronts have been getting penetration and outright pushing the line back on running plays.

    It appears that teams are stacking the line, daring Tannehill to beat them. It’s a catch-22 for Miami, though, because even as the running game is getting stoned, the efficient, low-turnover performances by Tannehill have helped Miami win with conservative game plans.

    The bye week comes at a perfect time- Miami’s coaches have shown an ability to adjust (who knew!) this season, so I’ll be they’ll get their blocking schemes right and have Tanny ready with a few over-the-top pass plays. Not to mention Bush can rest and rehab for a week.

  8. As much of a passing league as this has become, there are only a handful of backs that you would consider to be locks for a 1000 if healthy anyways. A healthy Bush could be what Tannehill needs more than anything to keep their surprising start going. Why couldn’t he lead the league in this wacky season?

  9. I’ve watched Reggie at Saints practices, he is a talented athlete in the passing game and shows flashes of how dominant he can be as a weapon, but he is built like a hybrid receiver/back he has upper body of a strong back, but has tiny legs and lower body…just injury prone every year with his tiny lower stature…wish him the best in his goals with miami.

  10. I don’t see how this is negative. All teams should hope their RB’s strive to lead the league in rushing. Why would/should any player aim for something other than that?

    As a Fins fan, I hope he does lead the league; however, realistically, he has his work cut out for him. Here’s to hoping he’s able to rest a bit on the bye week and come back close to 100%.

  11. Well he may just be using the media for the Dolphins advantage. Teams are playing the Dolphins to run so Bush saying he will lead the league plays into the Dolphins throwing when the defense is expecting run. Sparano is gone and the Dolphins are no longer predictable.

  12. ” His versatility is his best asset, and he forces defenses to account for him every time he’s on the field. That’s worth more than the league rushing title.”

    Truth! Ask Chris Johnson and MJD how much their rushing titles have helped them win games when it matters.

    Pretty sure I have watched the Packers and the Saints with SB’s with no rushing attack at all. The Pack may very well do it again this year.

  13. iowamiah:

    You’re right about the Packers in 2010, but the Saints were 6th in the NFL in rushing during the 2009 season. They had a much more balanced attack than the past couple of seasons.

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