Report: Dwayne Bowe wants out of Kansas City “very badly”

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The Chiefs and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe weren’t able to come to agreement on a long-term deal this offseason, leaving Bowe to play out the year under the franchise tag before taking another whack at an extension.

Or not. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that Bowe wants out of Kansas City “very badly.” With the Chiefs sputtering and headed toward an offseason of changes if that doesn’t change, that could make him a trade target before the trade deadline. When coming up with teams that might be interested, the Dolphins would be near the top of the list.

We already know that they are targeting a No. 1 receiver in the offseason and they have a slew of early draft picks thanks to the Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis trades, so someone connected the dots enough for Cole to get asked during a radio interview about the potential of a deal. There were some reports that Cole said the two sides are talking, something he clarified via tweet. Cole said he had no information about talks as yet between the two sides, but called Bowe a “logical target” for Miami.

Whether in the next few weeks or come the offseason, there figures to be a fair amount of talk about Bowe and the Dolphins.

79 responses to “Report: Dwayne Bowe wants out of Kansas City “very badly”

  1. Yes please! Bowe is good enough to get a very high draft pick for. Especially from Miami. Ireland is desperate for a WR. The only thing I see being an issue in this deal would be the fact the Bowe is in a contract year and may not re sign.

    By the way, if a Franchise Player gets traded mid season does that mean he still can’t sign a new deal until the offseason like he would if he remained on his current team?

  2. If Miami is interested they should push forward with getting a deal done being that it is their bye week.

    The one thing that could kill this deal is his contract. Long, Bush, Starks and Hartline all have contracts that will expire after the season. They are already in contract talk with Hartline and Long is expected to be franchised. Bush might be the type of player to take less money to stay with the team but we can’t bank on that and Starks is having a monster season . With the depth of the D-line Starks may be they guy they let walk. But still adding Bowe to the mix could cause the team problems with the salary cap next year.

  3. I don’t know about this guy’s character, and I mean that literally. Is he a good guy? High character?

    If so, I would, as a Dolphins fan, gladly give a 2nd or 3rd for him.

    I would be much more skeptical if he has character issues / isn’t a good locker-room presence.

    Assuming he’s a good guy (he’s clearly a good player), the Dolphins would do well to get this guy ASAP ! He would be a huge for the Dolphins in the second half and if they sneak into the playoffs.

    Ben, @BenMarkus1985

  4. There were some reports that Cole said the two sides are talking, something he clarified via tweet. Cole said he had no information about talks as yet between the two sides, but called Bowe a “logical target” for Miami.

    Oh, so he made it up.

  5. y wouldn’t he wanna come to the sunshine state, great qb good recievers great running back solid defence no yeah we in first place in the afc east

  6. Man as a dolphins fan this sucks for kc but honestly if they can’t sign him to a new contract they shouldn’t trade for him until the off season, too risky. Also is it better for the fins to draft a wideout perhaps moving up in the draft to take a gut they like if they end up with 8 or more wins, plenty if picks to do so, young wideout growing with tannehill like Cincy.

  7. kc won’t get pretty much anything but a reAlly low pick for bowe bc he is franchised and has a monster contract and will be a fa after the season!! I wouldn’t mind the redskins sending Morgan or garcon for him.

  8. Though the Dolphins would probably be a better fit, at this time, I would really like to see him in Dallas. Trade Olgetree and a 2nd or 3rd rounder for him.

  9. Do you blame him. That franchise just needs to clean house.
    Crennel has been lousy since leaving the Pats, plus
    those QB’s just don’t have it.
    Great steaks and Barbecue. Lousy NFL

  10. He wants to play in Miami. He’s from Nw Miami Dade. Fooled around with Vontae about a possibility during off season. I believe you do the deal. Pay him. Hartline loses leverage , although he seems like an individual that would sign for less to help team get players to win. Sean Smith and Starks should get paid. Long should give Fins a discount. He has health issues and his play has dropped off. I’m still into winning this season. But this off season is crucial for Dolphins. Kind of like this election is crucial for country.

  11. Hey onebuc, Tampa seems like a great place to play. You don’t have to worry about crowd noise distracting you. How many in the stand last Sunday? 500?

  12. One thing that hasnt been mentioned when connecting the dots to Miami is that Miami is were he was raised all the way through high school before heading off to LSU. I believe even if he gets traded to a team other than Miami he wont sign a contract unless he gets an offer he cant refuse so he can try to work something out with Miami.

  13. I’m saying this now. Dolphins have as good a shot as anyone. Can’t have injuries. But of they get to playoffs. You never know.
    I’m as pessimistic about the Dolphins as they come. But this QB is the real thing. Defense is real good. OLine is a strength. Running game is good. Catch a break or two. Or five. Weirder things have happened

  14. I would love to see him in st louis, sam needs a true #1 and they have the draft picks and cap space to sign him long term, go get him Snead!

  15. I hear that the chiefs will hold him hostage and franchise him again next year even at the higher cost.they want a high draft pick. if he wants out bad enough he will take what money he can get in a new deal from the new team. I see trade happening. I predict the Texans cuz they need wr he
    lp across from Andre and they are. contender. they would give high pick if interested

  16. “Skins would love to have him. Too bad the league screwed us out of 36 mil. over two years.”

    Pretty sure Skins made their own salary cap decisions, not the nfl. Be happy you got RG3

  17. He drops half of every thing thrown to him anyway!! If he wants out send him packing. He is a douche anyway.

  18. Well seeing how KC has an issue at the QB position I think the Phins would be able to work Matt Moore into the deal especially with the emergence of Pat Devlin.

    Anyone would have to admit that Matt Moore is an upgrade over both Matt Cassell and Brady Quinn. Moore is only 28 years old and could stabilize that offense.

    An above post named off the Dolphins big free agents in Jake Long, Randy Starks, Reggie Bush, and Brian Hartline. Of those four with Miami scheduled to be 50 million under the salary cap for next season I think they should be able to sign three of the four and offer Bowe the type of contract he wants. Even though Starks is playing like a monster he would be the most expandable IMO.

    With the emergence of Vernon they could kick Jarred Oddrick inside who played DT at Penn State and is built to be a DT over a DE anyway.

    So back to Moore and Bowe I think a fair trade would be Moore and either a 3rd or 4th for Bowe. Piolili and Ireland have a good relationship so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to work out a fair deal.

    With Bowe, Hartline, and Bess as the Dolphins receivers and Bush coming out of the backfield I think it would be interesting to see how Tannehill would “grow” having a go to receiver.

  19. ppc50 says:
    Oct 17, 2012 8:25 PM
    I would really like to see him in Dallas. Trade Olgetree and a 2nd or 3rd rounder for him.

    Please put down the Madden Football game & controller. The Cowboys have greater needs than trying to make Austin or Dez a backup WR.

  20. Barry Jackson ‏@SportsBuzzMiami
    Report: The Miami Dolphins have a tentative trade agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs for Receiver Dwayne Bowe for a 3rd & 7th round pick

  21. No way the Bears go after him unless the chiefs are dumb enough to take Hester who’s in the last year of his contract. Plus they have bigger needs like hmmmm an linemen. Plus next year Knox is back which gives them #15 AJ in his second year, Bennett.

  22. I know the Browns owner said he wldnt make any decisions until after the season but this wld be a great start to make a statement for the future trade McCoy an some draft picks for this dude. I know Bowe prolly wldnt want to come to Cleveland but you never know.

  23. Tigerphins, my statement was not Madden related, believe me. I’m thinking of next year(s) as well. Dez may be gone and Austin is injury prone and hasn’t been effective. Bowe is better than both of them as well. They need a new coach and an offensive lineman, their defense is better and may need to pickup a safety, if Church isn’t re-signed. I would be very happy to have Bowe as a Cowboy for the next few years.

  24. Yes!! Finally,Bowe is a great reciever and deserves to be on a team that can use his talents. Its gotta be frustrating for him getting like less than 30 yards receiving last week against the team with the worst pass defense in the can you really blame him for wanting more out of his career

  25. Way to go Pioli , the 2 or 3 good players that are on the roster want to roll out of town . How did you become harder to deal with than Carl Peterson ?

  26. 305phinphan – Excellent analysis! I like your thought of including Moore in a deal to a team that can really use a QB. Moore could have an immediate positive impact on the Chief’s offense and Bowe would get out of town like he wants.

    Great thought process….

  27. Weapon X RG3 needs a number 1 weapon and the Redskins need secondary help bad and the cheifs need a young rookie they can develop! I would love to see the Redskins send kirk cousins, josh Morgan, banks, lo Alexander and a low draft choice to kc for Bowe and Berry! It would work well for both teams and maybe even give the cheifs a kick to turn the season around and save both crennel and poloi jobs!! HTTR

  28. Just wait one more year because matt barkley will be available… Patience is a virtue…. Don’t just leave because its to early and there is plenty of football left

  29. Carolina is a great place for him to land. giving Steve smith a quality WR in his twilight years would be paramount for Cam Newton’s development.

  30. If you want out of KC because it’s a mess, why in the world would you go to Miami? I realize he could be traded to any team without his consent, but that’s not going to happen without a new contract.

  31. There is no way the Chiefs trade Bowe for a 3rd and 7th round picks. He is far more valuable than that. Just getting a few teams involved would drive the price up. You don’t think the Jets could use Bowe? There are a number of teams he could play for that he would make them a Super Bowl contender. If Chicago gave up two 3rd round picks last year for a troubled receiver, than Bowe should get more.

  32. “igotgamenj says: Oct 17, 2012 9:03 PM

    Barry Jackson ‏@SportsBuzzMiami
    Report: The Miami Dolphins have a tentative trade agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs for Receiver Dwayne Bowe for a 3rd & 7th round pick”

    Really? Because there is absolutely nothing about it mention in Jackson’s blog at SportsBuzzMiami. Trying to start a riot among the Dolphin faithful? I had my bottle of champagne ready to go! As a long suffering Miami fan I would celebrate that move, if it were true.

    But, thanks for the heart palpitations!

  33. Baldwin had more upside. Bowe drops balls that are in his chest but catches the crazy ones. He lacks concentration which makes him an above average wideout. Get a # 1 or 2 for him.

  34. Come back to where u played ur college ball and help Drew get this offense back rolling! With Bowe and Colston on the outside and Graham attacking the middle, ha I can only wish the Saints don’t have the cap space to pull that off.

  35. I spent 6 months in Kansas City. Other than great BBQ, there’s nothing there and the weather is awful in the winter. Combine a truly crappy city in an obvious flyover state with their QB situation, I’d want out too.

  36. I have seen one report saying Miami is in serious negations for a big name player. My question is what if it was not Bowe they are trading for? It could very well be Flowers or Berry. Miami needs secondary help as much as they need WR help.

  37. Fire sale in KC, what a mess.

    Has anybody seen “slickster” lately, I’m wondering if he jumped off a cliff.

  38. squared80 says:
    Oct 17, 2012 7:49 PM
    Minnesota would a good fit for his talent, but they are really avoiding taking on problem children as much as possible these days.


    Jerome Simpson?

  39. With his talent why would KC want him to stay in the AFC? If this report have any truth to it, Hartline have to be saying “I get no respect” Dangerfield voice..Barkley available..Haha , If teams haven’t learned from drafting USC QB’s they’ll never learn.

  40. He’s a great talent stuck behind a horrible team. Bring him to the Giants as a 3rd wr, and we’d be unstoppable. Won’t happen cause the Giants already have great talent in that position, but can’t a guy dream

  41. We could have Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson and we wouldnt score a TD.

    Romeo Crennel is lost. Totally 100% lost.

    I dont blame Bowe for wanting out.

    The idea that we would trade flowers or berry is ridiculous.

    “Romeo, why did the titanic sink?” -Reporter

    “I don’t know, something about an ice berg”-Romeo Crennel

  42. Be careful what you wish for with Bowe. He has the makings of the next Larry Johnson/Albert Haynesworth.
    Flashes of brilliance followed by a complete lack of effort .
    Once he gets a big contract good luck getting him to earn it.

  43. I hope to the heavens we get rid of him. I was wishing we would have gotten rid of him before the season so we wouldnt have to franchise him! Great move Pioli… Get rid of Brandon Carr because you got to pay him 5 mil. year and keep butter hands for 1 year for 9 million. AWESOME! Dwayne Bowe isnt bad he’s just not that great and drops some stupid passes!

  44. Vikes jumped at the chance to take Jared off KC’s hands. 62 sacks later, its all good. Reunite that KC-MN pipeline. Dwayne in Purple!

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