Ayanbadejo tweets, deletes that 10 Ravens in club near shooting

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Ravens linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo hasn’t backed down from controversial stances, but apparently deleted a Twitter message that called Baltimore a “violent city” and referred to a shooting “at a club last weekend with 10 Ravens in the building. Scary.”

According to the Baltimore Sun’s Justin Fenton, the message referred to a shooting outside Club Mirage, where two people were shot around 1 a.m. Monday, one of whom was critically injured.

Ayanbadejo’s timeline is still full of references to the need for stricter gun laws, but the tweet in question was deleted after about 16 hours.

He made news recently with his outspoken support of gay marriage, when a Maryland politician tried to silence him.

12 responses to “Ayanbadejo tweets, deletes that 10 Ravens in club near shooting

  1. Oh my! This is so bad and definitely newsworthy! He deleted a tweet that said 10 Ravens were in a club! I can’t believe he deleted a tweet, even worse, that he was in a club, even worse, with a bunch of Ravens. How dare he delete a tweet?!?! How dare members of the Ravens go to a Club?!?! When are NFL players going to understand that they cannot just delete tweets whenever they feel like? When are NFL players going to understand that they cannot go to clubs? When are they going to understand that we will police their twitters and tell the world when they delete a tweet, because, god-willing, one day the deletion of a tweet will be illegal. Maybe one day, going to clubs will also be illegal (at least for NFL players).

    In all seriousness, though, why is this on here? If it’s the fact that they were in a club, why wasn’t this reported earlier when the tweet was out there? If it is because he deleted the tweet, that is just ridiculous. If the tweet was up for 16 hours, then obviously what is being publicized as newsworthy is the fact that he deleted the tweet if during that whole 16 hours it wasn’t deemed newsworthy that Ravens were at a club. But really, this is just silly that it’s news. The Ravens players weren’t doing anything morally wrong or illegal. These guys are free to do as they please within reason and the law. If they want to go out and celebrate a win since they have the next day off (even if they don’t have the next day off), then what’s the big deal? These guys have a pretty busy, physically demanding, stressful job – if they can’t go out and let off steam or celebrate an accomplishment, then who can?

    As to the deleting a tweet, who cares?

  2. Yes, that will solve it. Make it harder for the law/rule abiding citizen to own a gun. That will really affect the criminals ability to purchase them (especially the illegal firearms). *sigh* There is no magic “make the the guns go away from stupid people” wand that the legislators can waive. Dumb people will always find a way to have weapons in a public area. If you eliminate all hand guns for legal purchase, who still has them? Oh ya, the criminals.

  3. Criminals do not care about gun laws…that’s why they are considered criminals. Gun laws win do anything to change what is happening, people need to do that themselves.

  4. Nobody ever said bmore was nice. I visited a friend up there last year and went and saw ravens stadium and that city is trash. Hood rats walking around every where. I watched these scumbags at a red light do a deal. At a redlight? What a scummy city.

  5. What is wrong with the country today when I read Brendan Ayanbadejo’s comments and find them moderate compared to the Democratic Party’s views?

    The 2nd Amendment is the 2nd Amendment because the founders thought it was important. The people should have access to weapons to protect themselves from criminals and the government. That is what it is all about. It doesnt say “Right to go hunting”.

    When we vote, we should ask ourselves one question. Which brand of politics attacks the Constitution and our rights as Americans? Then, cast your vote for the other brand. It is the easiest way to keep our government from becoming tyrannical.

  6. Baltimore is trash?? Yea if you go to the bad part’s of Baltimore you will see stuff like drug deals at red lights, you find stuff likr that going on all around the world! Not just in Baltimore! I’m sure there is a neighbor hood in you’re area where you can walk to the corner and find drugs, guns,gangsters! I was born and raised in Baltimore County and love it!!

  7. Every city has its hell hole(s) and i live in Baltimore. And as to the Club this is not the first time its attracted attention. Usually what happens is a call for more or improved security, a probable suspension of its liquor license yada yada. If the club is still problematic, they shut it down and a couple of months re-appears under a different name.

  8. It is way to easy to guess that Ray Ray was one of the 10 in attendance when the shots rang out. Get Tom Fontana (Homicide Life on the Street) or David Simon (the Wire) to check him for GSR.

  9. People are stupid.everyone has a twitter account nowadays and if any normal person would say that nobody would care but since he’s famous they took a harmless tweet and made it offensive to idiots who find that stuff offensive.open your eyes people this countries in the toilet andnothing is gonna change so get used to shootings.

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