Bernard Pollard: Things are going to change on defense

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The big news around the Ravens defense this week has been about injuries.

Cornerback Lardarius Webb and linebacker Ray Lewis are gone for all or most of the season because of them, linebacker Terrell Suggs is trying to make it back from one and safety Ed Reed has one that didn’t make it onto the injury report. That’s a lot for any one week, but it isn’t the only story about the Ravens defense.

The other one is about a performance that’s not quite up to the standards of past seasons. They’ve given up more than 200 rushing yards in each of their last two games and rank near the bottom of the league in yards allowed. Safety Bernard Pollard vowed that things are going to change on defense and that it is up to the players to put that change into action.

“Don’t blame the coach. Don’t blame the coach because the coach doesn’t play. Dean has made great calls. It’s about us going out there and executing. We have not been executing,” Pollard said, via Josh Land of “We are tough and physical. Nobody can question the abilities that we have. We get pressure in the backfield. We had guys in the backfield numerous times, we just did not tackle, we did not execute. I think for us, like I said, we take that personally. ”

The good news, in addition to their 5-1 record, for the Ravens is that they are still allowing under 20 points per game so all those yards haven’t resulted in many points. You can thank the Chiefs for that, but the Ravens should still be concerned about the breakdowns over the last two weeks.

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  1. You know what’s funny, compare the Ravens’ situation on defense this year to where it was two years ago under Greg Mattison. How many fans were calling for Mattison’s head on a plate during that time? So many comments about how vanilla the defense looked and a lack of blitz packages. The Ravens’ D is now weaker than it was two years ago, and Dean Pees is still seen as likable and trusted compared to Mattison.

    Not saying I’m calling for Pees’ head or anything. Just making an observation.

  2. Ravens are VERY lucky to be 5-1 because Romo/Garrett were absolute pinheads last wk, & both the Browns & Pats coulda beat them. W/ the Lewis & Webb injuries – and you know a forthcoming Reed malady at some pt – they will lose their share of gms. Fortunately for them, even 6-4 the rest of the way will win the division.

  3. sorry ravens fans, but yr time has PAST!!!

    Steeley McBeam October 18, 2012, 3:18 PM EDT

    Old, slow, injured. It’s over.

    thanks for informing us about the Steelers D.

  4. Other then Ray and Ed Reed who is sooo old on the Ravens D? Because everyone seems to use that so often as a diss to them…and Reed still plays at a very high level…

    Bottom line they need pass rush and some one to set the edge…55 is coming.

  5. ravenator says:
    Unlike your team, Ravens win games


    Unlike your team, my team plays defense.

  6. vincentbojackson says:Oct 18, 2012 8:42 PM

    ravenator says:
    Unlike your team, Ravens win games


    Unlike your team, my team plays defense.


    Once again the Ravens have given up 118 points this season. The steelers have given up 115.

    But heres the kicker. Baltimore has played 6 games. pittsburgh has played 5. We still have the better defense.

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