Chargers tell critics to “take a chill pill”

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Fans and the media in San Diego are getting fed up with the Chargers after Monday night’s second-half meltdown against the Broncos. But the Chargers are telling their critics to stop griping and start supporting the team.

The top headline at on Thursday evening reads, “Take a Chill Pill,” and the story it links to, written by Chargers Director of Public Relations Bill Johnston, takes San Diego to task for being full of negativity this week.

Although Johnston acknowledges that the loss to the Broncos was “bad,” “horrible” and “embarrassing,” he then goes on to say that everyone needs to calm down.

“Time to take a chill pill,” Johnston writes. “No one knows what will happen this season, yet alone the next game. That’s the beauty of the National Football League. I don’t know, you don’t know, no one knows what’s going to happen. If you want these players and coaches to succeed, then support them. Don’t tear them down. What you want and what we all want, including your team, is to know people believe in them.”

Johnston also points out that the Chargers have overcome bad starts to get to the playoffs before, and they can do it again.

“Your team is 3-3, tied at the top of the division, and has 10 games to play,” Johnston writes. “If the Chargers are your team, get behind them and stay behind them. We’re all at our best when we know others believe in us.”

Johnston is right, of course, that a 3-3 team in a tie for first place in its division shouldn’t be written off for dead. But when even the team’s general manager is decrying “the mess this team is in,” it’s not surprising that plenty of people in San Diego have given up on the Chargers. And telling them to take a chill pill is unlikely to get them back.

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  1. ha chargers need to take a reality pill, us chargers fans have been dealing with this mediocre team for the past 6 years. its TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!

  2. Hey Johnston,

    We DO know what happens.

    Norv Turner fails to prepare the team, Rivers throws multiple INTs while constantly under ridiculous amounts of pressure, and AJ Smith makes excuses.

    Then, at the end of the year, their record is worse than it was the year previous.

    Then, miraculously, everyone gets their jobs back and there is a collective sigh in SD…

    Right Johnston; it’s not like this has happened the past few years huh???

    Please fix this before the Chargers are as silly as the minor league football raiders…

  3. Maybe the team, that’s so rabbit-earred sensative to criticism, should take a chill pill. Or better yet, fire AJ “Lord of No Rings” Smith, Norv Turner and clean house.

  4. kevinmanosur says: Oct 18, 2012 8:01 PM

    ha chargers need to take a reality pill, us chargers fans have been dealing with this mediocre team for the past 6 years. its TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!


    Try being a Browns fan 🙂 Yep…I am one..LOL

  5. The Chargers blew the last two games and fans are upset because we know the value of every single win. Sorry for not accepting mediocrity.

  6. What alternate world do these people live in? These fans are PAYING CUSTOMERS. The only people that pay to attend games are the fans. Everyone else is getting paid. If fans are unhappy with the performance of the team and the organization, they have every right in the world to tear them a new one.

    When the organization starts paying the fans, then they can demand all the support they want. Until then, fans don’t pay their hard earned money to be cheerleaders.

  7. Hate to say this but the Chargers deserve better. I bet the fans in Cleveland would love to have a team this talented. Maybe L.A. will appreciate them more.

  8. Chill pill, whatever. They can get Rx’s for any kind of pill from their longstanding team doc who specializes in malpractice.

  9. Your fans are FULLY aware of what’s going on and once the ownership decides to install a competent GM and HC then the fans will come back.

    If the ownership is going to do half measures like hiring a HC based on his ability to get along with our previous GM’s assistant (who is now our current GM) then the fans will be taking half measures in supporting the team … like only watching games on TV, or not at all.

    WAKE UP DEAN !!!!

  10. I’m a diehard Charger fan and supporter considering I shell out my money to see at least 4 home games a year..The thing that cracks me up is this was an 8-8 team to begin with so I don’t know why everyone is so surprised with the inevitable mid season slide? This team has holes and isn’t built to contend especially in the lame duck season of Norv’s career here in SD..

  11. Chargers = Dallas Cowboys west! They never should have fired Marty..If they would have ran the ball more 2nd half and play for field position they would have won. But Norv got pass happy as always their defense got tired and Made Manning & Decker look like Marino & Clayton.

  12. Turner and AJ’s contracts expire next year. When they’re gone we Charger fans will have hope that the next coach and GM will do better. AJ threw Turner under the bus today by saying he can’t get the players to play as a team. He’s been trying to do that his whole career. You knew that when you hired him.

  13. Marty won how many playoff games in San Diego? The OLINE is terrible and WR are worst. Norv isn’t the guy who drafted poorly since getting Rivers. No OLINE players drafted in the top 3rds since drafting Rivers. Easy to blame Norv but he has the highest win % of any Charger head coach. Only way i fire Norv id if Reid is fired other than that no better candidates at moment.

  14. The Chargers themselves need to take a chill pill.
    That was a horrible performance, and the fans pay a lot of money for their seats. Just a bunch of overpaid “big heads” with a Coach that has been in the “hot seat” more than once.
    Philip Rivers is just like Jay Cutler, a pre- madonna with an attitude.

  15. Here’s the chill pill the Dolts can choke on:
    Norvturd’s coaching ability after inheriting 14-2 team:
    2007 playoffs: 2-1
    2008 playoffs: 1-1
    2009 playoffs: 0-1
    2010 season: Does not qualify.
    2011 season: Does not qualify.
    2012 season: FIRED!

  16. From a Broncos fan; Be very careful when wishing for a new coach. We ended up with Josh McDaniels and the entire franchise almost imploded. Sometimes you have to go through the hard times in order to get the needed change.
    The AFC west is still a horse race that probably won’t be decided until week 15 or 16 with both teams still in it to the end. And remember, neither one of are the Chiefs, or worse yet the Raiders.

  17. Philip Rivers has to hope Norv Turner and AJ Smith never get fired. As long as they’re there to take the blame, he always gets a pass.

  18. The Chargers are right, their fans should just chill. Everything’s fine, don’t change a thing.

    Signed, Raiders fan.

  19. r8rh8r says: Oct 18, 2012 8:01 PM

    Please fix this before the Chargers are as silly as the minor league football raiders…
    Too late. At least fans are passionate about the Raiders. Those that don’t love them hate them. Nobody cares about the Chargers, and even Charger fans like you can’t function without talking about the Raiders. It’s even in your handle. The Raiders are in your feeble little head every day, Charger fan.

  20. I love how rivers totally melts down & Norv. turner gets the Blame! He is the best if not one if the best offensive minds in the game! Fire him, and the Chargers will fall apart, with Rivers @ the Helm

  21. Rivers is straight garbage homie. He always get a pass and always whining. 20 plus turnovers last will be the same thing this year he will never be a Super Bowl QB. It’s time for voles

  22. Whenever I feel bad about the Raiders I quickly cheer up and get a chuckle by reading about the Chargers.

    Yeah, the Raiders have been bad for quite a while but the Chargers have been supposedly ‘good’ but played mostly mediocre/dogcrap football ever since A.J. Smith got a quality HC fired and installed his personal brown-noser as HC. The comedy is the self-inflicted nature of the Chargers’ problems.

    The Raiders could quite possibly head upwards in future years given time with McKenzie but the Bolts are a on treadmill to nowhere with the current hierarchy.

  23. When a player has a pompous attitude like Rivers, he usually gets what he deserves! Peyton directed the Bronco Symphony Orchestra in the best win ever on Monday Night Football. Enough said. Bye bye Norv.

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