Dean Pees tells Ravens’ defense it’s time to “cut the crap”


Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees is not happy with the way his players have performed this season, and he says things have to change. Now.

“It makes me sick, is the best way I can put it,” Pees said of the way the Ravens’ defense has played through six weeks. “I mean, it really does. And it’s up to me, and it’s up to our staff, to get this thing corrected. I mean, I’m as happy as I can be to be 5-1. But I also feel fortunate to be 5-1, the way we’re playing on defense. Let’s be honest: We’re not playing well enough. To say it any other way would sound like a political debate. There’s an answer or there’s no answer. We’ve got to have an answer. We’ve got to do it. Cut the crap and let’s get this thing done.”

Some fans may still think of the Ravens as a defensive team, but the reality is that the Ravens’ defense has been mediocre this season, while their offense and special teams have been playing well to get the team to 5-1. Pees says that if the Ravens want to beat the Texans on Sunday and leave Houston with the best record in the AFC, it’s on the defense to make changes.

“We’ve got to move forward. This is more about us than it is about Houston or anybody after Houston,” Pees said. “I don’t mean to be on a rant here, but I am a little bit.”

Maybe it’s a rant his players need to hear.

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  1. As a ravens fan I concur. We are lucky to be five and one but fortunately the Steelers or two in three and the Bengals are three and three. We may win the division by default. But if our defense doesn’t pick it up we are in a lot of trouble

  2. Most of the nation will get this game but (OH,IL,TN, NY, san fran, TB, st. louis) awesome 1 pm game ill be watching

  3. In defense of the … Uh … Uhm … Defense, Pees gave this exact same speech during training camp, except they heard “play like crap”.

  4. If the ravens truly wanted to “cut the crap” there wouldn’t even be a team or fanbase left!

  5. I think you Ravens fans are spoiled. I promise you even at the level you play defense now you’re good enough to get to New Orleans. And, I’m a saints fan saying that

  6. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that now that Ray is down Pees feels free to actually call his guys out, and it’s not blasphemous

  7. The Ravens aren’t still a defensive team?

    Where was the offense in the Eagles game? Or the Brown game?

    Remember the season opener? the game was 17-13 until Ed Reed comes up with the game-changing interception.

    This team is still carried by the defense. Perhaps they have a bad game every now and then. Perhaps they come up against a very strong offense(the rules have clearly made it much more advantageous for a good offense even if they are playing against a good defense).

    But make no mistake about it, this team is still carried by the defense.

    Flacco certainly has the PERFECT opportunity to step up this season now that some very important pieces on that defense are injured. But hey, he’s had 4 years, and I’m still not convinced. We’ll see!

  8. Pees is really fighting for his own reputation and coaching future here.

    He was let go by the Patriots, and though I think most Patriots fans would agree he didn’t exactly have the best personnel, it seems like Belichick felt he wasn’t getting the most out of his players.

    Now the same thing is happening on the Ravens – a team that generally IS thought to have talented defensive players

    That doesn’t mean that the players’ failure to execute is Pees fault now either – but I think Pees knows that perception can quickly become reality and he won’t be around long if he can’t light a fire under his guys.

  9. Texans will run for over 250 yards, Flacco wil crack under pressure next few weeks and whe down by 10-14 early on Ray Rice a roni will nto be heard from! 8 wins at best!

  10. 8 wins at best!
    I will definitely be calling you out on this when we pass eight wins stairwayto7…believe that !!

  11. I hear you stairway!!!!!! Dallas just had a practice day runnin the ball on yall dirty bird fans!!!! No ray ray…no suggs….ngata is iffy..
    What yall think ed reed gone stop foster??? Easy win 4tha bullheadz…rushing stats should be outstanding..

  12. Have you ever seen a mediocre, injury riddled Pittsburgh fan base talk so much? It’s amazing, really, in all honesty, are you sane? Pittsburgh Oline is atrocious, Ike Taylor and the secondary is a liability, 4th quarter letdowns are at an all time high, defense is older than dirt, they’re below .500 and their road record is abysmal. Oh yea, they were swept last year courtesy of Flacco outplaying Ben and Tebowd by the NYJ backup QB for a one and done playoff showing, just pathetic. Please do come back and talk again at .500. At least it’ll be a few weeks as the Bengals will take care of business on SNF.

  13. @steelersownyou
    First, your name is a joke, the only thing they own is a losing record. Second, why are you even talking? They haven’t done anything yet for you to even talk about this year. As far as the fan base goes….. Don’t even get started, I’m sure fans of 31 other teams will say you have some of the worst fans, yourself included.

  14. Amen. 5-1 after giving up over 200 yards on the ground two weeks in a row? What kind of pathetic defense gives up 200 yards on the ground in a single SEASON, much less in back-to-back games?!?!? I hope they enjoyed the refs handing the last two wins to the Ratbirds on a silver platter, because the good times are about to hit the skids.

  15. Nofoolnodrool says:
    Oct 18, 2012 6:42 PM
    Even the coach thinks your lucky to be 5-1. When will the trolls get it.(ravenator and Rflag)
    I think they do get it but it doesn’t change the fact the Ravens ARE 5-1. What is your point?

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