Frank Gore comes on strong, 49ers beat Seahawks


The offense was offensive for most of Thursday night in San Francisco, but when the 49ers needed to move the ball in the second half, they turned to Frank Gore. And it worked.

Gore showed off his usual mix of speed and power, finishing the game with 16 carries for 131 yards, and the 49ers beat the Seahawks 13-6.

The 49ers needed Gore to turn in a big game because quarterback Alex Smith struggled for the second consecutive week. Although Smith reduced his interceptions from three in last week’s loss to the Giants to one on Thursday night against the Seahawks, that one was a bad one in the end zone, and Smith wasn’t particularly effective doing anything other than dumping short passes off to Gore: When throwing to Gore, Smith completed five of six passes for 51 yards, but when throwing to anyone other than Gore, Smith was just 9-for-17 for 89 yards.

But the 49ers’ offensive effort was enough because the Seahawks couldn’t move the ball, either. Like the 49ers, the Seahawks’ offense was limited mostly to giving the ball to the running back: Marshawn Lynch had 19 carries for 103 yards, but quarterback Russell Wilson completed just nine of 23 passes for 122 yards, with one interception. Wilson will have growing pains as a rookie starter, but the Seahwaks need him to get better if they’re going to be a playoff team.

Questions remain about whether Smith is a quarterback the 49ers can win a Super Bowl with. But there’s no question that the 49ers are in control in the NFC West.

76 responses to “Frank Gore comes on strong, 49ers beat Seahawks

  1. Gore was in beast mode, the line was opening huge holes for him.

    Hard fought, physical game on both sides, although Seattle’s defense looked worn down towards the end.

    Seattle’s got a solid team, 0-3 in the division, but beating up on the rest of the league.

    Niners came out on top this time, but next game will be in Seattle…

  2. Not that it matters bc Seattle didn’t get the 1st down, but how was that a personal foul at the end of the game? Even the the offensive lineman slipped, he managed to block him above the waste…

  3. It figured to be an ugly game but that was a little much. Seemed like Pete put the training wheels back on Wilson, let him sling it! would also help if receivers caught it when he did get it there.

    Are these Thurs games really worth it? Seems like too quick of a turn around and you get two tired teams like tonight.

  4. You say that Wilson needs to get better. Did you not watch Seahawk players drop 5 passes – two of which in the first half appeared to be long gainers, if not touchdowns?

    Don’t dump it all on the QB. He cannot catch it for them, too.

    Also, the passing game design for the second half was not very good, and considering the Seahawks are second to last in the league on 3rd and 10 or more, and they spent almost every 3rd down in that situation (1 for 18 for the season), it obviously is more than just a rookie QB.

  5. rabbi187 says:
    Oct 18, 2012 11:34 PM
    Not that it matters bc Seattle didn’t get the 1st down, but how was that a personal foul at the end of the game? Even the the offensive lineman slipped, he managed to block him above the waste…


    Seahawks fans complaining about bad calls at the end of a nationally televised game… that’s rich!

  6. Good game 49ers. You made plays when needed, we missed ours with all the drops. Gore was a monster in the middle. I’m looking forward to the Dec game and hopefully both of us will be playing for 1st place again.

  7. Pretty much the game I expected, but those 5 or 6 easy drops for the ‘Hawks did ’em in. 0-3 is a big hole to be in, but 3 of Seattle’s final 4 games are at home vs. NFC West opponents. There’s still hope.

  8. rabbi187 says:
    Oct 18, 2012 11:34 PM
    Not that it matters bc Seattle didn’t get the 1st down, but how was that a personal foul at the end of the game? Even the the offensive lineman slipped, he managed to block him above the waste…


    Because rabbi, he was engaged up top and the guy came low and knocked him outta the way. You can’t do that. Giacomini or whatever his name is has cost the Hawks alot of yards and more.

    I hope Sweezey and Moffit get better soon.

  9. The 49ers are leading the NFC West as it stands right now, but I disagree with your stance that there is ‘no question they are in control of the NFC West.”
    The NFC West is competitive and the 49ers still need to play in Seattle, so I wouldn’t give them the ‘no question they are in control’ title yet. Especially since the 49ers didn’t exactly dominate that game, with their stellar defense, against a rookie QB.

  10. I think most gamblers had the Seahawks in this one. If you had 7.5 or 8, how could you take the Niners? Lots of people loved the ending.

  11. Gore’s pretty good.
    I’m sick of the NFL stuffing the niners down everyone’s throat as a great team.
    I’m sorry that it doesn’t fit the generic NFL narrative, but the niners really aren’t that good.
    Sorry Goodell…. I’m not buying Niner jerseys this year…

  12. First off that ending looked very fishy to me.
    Think Harbaugh’s got some orders to not let a late night freak play mess with the spread?

    On another note this was the first time I saw Wilson as QB and was thoroughly unimpressed. He might have done good at home as a rookie but he had better learn how to win on the road. He looked like fresh meat out there.

    San Fran fought hard but at this point I think they’d have a hard time doing this on the road against a more balanced team.
    The jury is still out on Smith.
    I think Seattle is a little overrated. Quick starts don’t always last into the middle of the season as teams start to figure each other out.


  13. NFC West is smash mouth football. SF@SEA will be tougher for sure. SF may have some QB issues. Well they did going into 2012 but it was masked.

    Teams know the template to beat SF. Fortunately most teams simply don’t have the personnel to exploit their shortcomings. SF has 10 weeks to figure it out.

    Good win for the 9ers. No shame for SEA. They played a solid team and played them well. They just came up short.

  14. A great defensive battle and real ground pound game. Now that there is more than a season of tape on what the Niners newest coaching staff are doing, other teams are doing their homework and having a little more success against that beast defense. Niners can make the playoffs, but I don’t think they’ll make 13-3 again.

  15. Nice bounce back win after being crushed last week. Glad Gore was finally given a chance to have a big game. The play-calling is still too gimmicky for my taste especially in red zone situations, but they are again alone in first place so I’ll take the win against a great defense anytime.

  16. Tate dropped an easy pass on third-and-short to force a punt after Seattle moved into 49ers territory on its first drive of the second half. Turbin dropped an easy touchdown pass as well.

    Hawks NEED to stay more focused in the passing game…..killing us!

  17. How much was it Smith and how much the Seahawks defense?

    Last Sunday they made Tom Brady look pretty bad so I’m thinking it’s not all on Smith.

    But don’t let me get in the way of your anti-Smith campaign.

  18. The replacement refs had a pretty horrible game. Bad calls, delays while they sorted out bad calls… Wait, those were the regular zebras?

    Didn’t notice much of a difference.

  19. i couldn’t hear it because i was in a pub, but i thought it was a illegal block in the end zone which resulted in the safety.

  20. As a diehard live and die Hawks fan, this game killed me. Much respect to the niners for a physical, hard fought game. Looking forward to a resurgence in the NFC West and a rivalry between these two teams that lasts for a lot of years.

  21. Good game Seattle. As a Canadian 49ers fan I look forward to seeing you in Seattle in December. You stand a great chance to win. Unfortunately for you it will be to little, to late. The division will be decided in Arizona a week from Monday and the Seahawks won’t be there.

  22. It was a penalty because the defender was already engaged. He was being blocked then the second lineman came in at a lower angle you can’t go low on a defender being blocked. Gore cost the 49ers a few weeks ago on the same call but to be fair he went low on the block that game. Anyhow 1-0 in the Divison 5 to go win out and guaranteed playoffs baby.

  23. Great game!! NINERS bounced back and played hard nose football like we should have last week! Great game for our O LINE.. That’s how you play 49er football!!! D played good game.. Now on to next week lets get it!!! GO NINERS

  24. Let’s not play “blame the refs” on a call that literally meant nothing because it was declined.

    Russell Wilson made a lot of good throws that were dropped but that interception killed him, as well as some off line throws at the end (although he was in a rough position).

  25. 49ers need to wake up they really do from bad play calling to a bad throwing QB? Niners need work big time if they want to have a winning season

  26. Smashmouth football at it’s finest. Sometimes the ugliest games can still be so pretty. Hats off to the hawks. They came to play and put up a helluva fight.

  27. rabbi187 says: Oct 18, 2012 11:34 PM

    Not that it matters bc Seattle didn’t get the 1st down, but how was that a personal foul at the end of the game? Even the the offensive lineman slipped, he managed to block him above the waste…

    Agree the call was questionable but in the end like you said it didn’t matter. Evened out IMO though Moss was completely molested and the secondary was grabby all night. Not to mention Smith’s helmet nearly being ripped off by the facemask as he threw that wasn’t called. They definitely got away with some big non flags but such is life in the nfl. Glad none of the calls actually determined the game

  28. Die hard Niner fan since 88..We have a great team but cant compete for a superbowl untill Alex is gone..Wierd we have a winning record but still feel so upset after this win..The 49ers have a great team and a bad quarterback.

  29. Gore was the whole offense, running and catching. I like harbaugh second half adjustment…even though dink and dunks and check downs is Alex Smith forte, it got the niners the win. Both team defense was great but the niners prove they have the number one defense overall…but the bears can change that.

  30. hawksfanallday says: Oct 18, 2012 11:31 PM

    Good game. We may be 0-3 in the division but none of our division oppenents have yet to come to Seattle yet.


    I image the rematches are going to be intense games.

  31. That’s how you play 49ERS football!! Great game! Big game comin up let’s ride again! Bullseye is on our backs. That’s why we have so many haters that just run there mouths!! We had a off week last week, Solid game this week! Big game next week lets ride NINERS!!!

  32. 9’s schemed perfectly against the hawks.. check downs, traps, counters.. no big plays. WR’s and TE’s taken out of the game. (except 1 play).. Good gameplan to limit turnovers. Much respect to the Niners. Not surprised ot was a low scoring affair.

    Did like seeing my hawks smack the 9’ers in the mouth to like a 4 to 1 ratio with big hits on defense and offense. Just because the niners have done most of the smacking lately. Good way to earn their respect. Too many costly drops tonight killed drives and took potential points off the board for the hawks. The niners are the real deal though! They dont have a dynamic offense. But run tough and play D! Thats a good recipe to be a champ.

    *****Anyone saying Kap should be the starter is foolish, hes young, unproven and that exactly what they dont need right now!!! Hes their QB of the future. But Alex is 5-2… Besides Kap makes inexperienced mistakes. He almost lost his head on that redzone play.!!!!! Cant run the wildcat if your going to take hits like that. He’s not built like Tebow…

  33. Was it Russell Wilson’s fault that 4 skill position players combined for 5 drops, one of which would have been a touchdown? Its not all on Russell. The Hawks D played well for a group that was on the field a ton. Gore was the difference maker, however, and he made our Hawks D look mediocre at best.

    Need a major upgrade at WR next year to be successful. Hawks will still win minimum 10 games this year

  34. Not Wilson’s fault his receivers dropped easy catches for big gains and first downs. Once he stops forcing 30-40 yard pass plays and is willing to check down or looks for the intermediate routes, this O will be formidable.

  35. Congrats to the Niners , hard fought game between 2 solid teams . Next time is at our house . This division has the 4 best defenses in football , period . Good luck scoring on these teams . Some might think it boring , but I loves me some defense . This Division is the battle royal .

    Go Hawks !!

  36. Rough game. That Russell kid is smart. He made good reads and kept the D honest. A few times his receivers let him down and I believe he’ll be a force in Seattle for many years. You could see it in his eyes even before the draft. As long as he remains focused this kid will keep improving.

    The irritating part about the 9ers offense is they continue to “get cute” in critical situations. Just throw it or just run it, but these double fake hand-off QB keepers are killing me. When you face good defenses that just DOES NOT work.

  37. Two horrible weeks for Alex in a row. He plays well agains nobody’s but when faces with a quality defense he struggles. Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter are the key to a Super Bowl run, not Alex Smith.

  38. rabbi187 says:Oct 18, 2012 11:34 PM

    Not that it matters bc Seattle didn’t get the 1st down, but how was that a personal foul at the end of the game? Even the the offensive lineman slipped, he managed to block him above the waste…

    You cant go at the waist or below when a defensive player is engaged high with an offensive player. It was a good call.

  39. Well-deserved win for the Niners. I thought Seattle outplayed them in the first half, but they killed any chance of taking control with dropped passes. Niners made great second half adjustments, going to the short passing game to the backs to get the offense moving, and their defense stepped it up.

  40. Not Wilson’s fault that his receivers can’t catch every pass that he chucks up into double coverage. Wait, yes it is. Throwing the ball away needs to be learned there. Also, why was Gore suckin wind on the sideline like he had 40 carries last night? Two carries in a row and the guy needs oxygen? Must be those “walk through” practices in the NFL instead of real practices.

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