Garςon misses practice again with foot injury


Redskins receiver Pierre Garςon, a big-money free-agent acquisition who made a big splash in the first quarter of the first game of the season before hurting his foot, hasn’t done much since then.

After missing two games he returned for games against the Buccaneers and Falcons, catching a total of four passes for 44 yards.  But he was a scratch in Week Six against the Vikings, and coach Mike Shanahan said Garςon has an inflamed capsule under his toe.

With a showdown against the Super Bowl champions whom the Redskins swept last year looming, Garςon was again shut down for practice on Wednesday.

Also out was cornerback David Jones, who has an Achilles injury.

Limited in practice were cornerback Cedric Griffin (hamstring), cornerback DeAngelo Hall (knee), safety Jordan Pugh (head), defensive end Doug Worthington (calf), and defensive tackle Barry Cofield (shoulder).

Of course, the best news for the Redskins is the absence of quarterback Robert Griffin III from the injury report.  If, after all, the ‘Skins were able to take two games from the Giants with Rex Grossman (i.e., RG3-and-out) under center, they could have an even better chance of winning with Griffin.

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  1. At this point, I’m just hoping he can be 100% after the bye-week. He’s shown he can play, he just needs to get on the field.

    Also, I’m setting the over/under on peytonsneck comments for this story at 2.5.

  2. Garcon has a pretty clean injury history, so it’s not like he’s normally injury prone.

    This is just bad luck, so when he finally heals up, there’s no reason to believe this will be a recurring pattern. Redskins just have to find a way to win without him until he’s healthy.

  3. Hey it’s week 7 every team is banged up.I’m sure the Redskins are still going to give us their best shot!!!No let downs!Go Blue!!!

  4. This should be a good game. Being a skins fan its so awesome to have a game coming up that actually has some meaning

  5. “Usi is going to regret those Bob Griffin comments… watch out for my boy!!!”

    Your “boy”? Unless he’s your biological son, you may want to choose a different phrase.

  6. Skins have been successful with out him so far, when he does finally return it will only add that deep threat which will make are offense virtually unstoppable..lets make it 3 in a row over those bums from NY.. GO SKINS!

  7. Garcon is an under-rated player who is just having a rough year with the injury bug this year. The Redskins would be well-served to never bring him back until he’s 100% – save him for the final month where possible. He instantly can do damage to opposing defenses and opens things up for other receivers (except Hankerson who could be alone on a field with a quarterback and still not catch anything and score).

    The defense beat the Giants last year, not the offense. And there is the rub – can the Redskin defense contain Eli Mae Manning by pressuring him like last year?

    Griffin is lucky – it doesn’t take competence to beat the Giants – he just has to not make errors. Hopefully he’ll not try to showboat with a big head after his run from last game. We do need him to pull his head out of his arse and to start hitting passes longer than 20 yards – nothing improves a running game than a 50 yard pass in the air that is completed a couple of times. So far no one fears his arm and that needs to be corrected.

  8. The Redskins were foolish to start Garcon when he was already limping around. No sh*t – you’re going to have a “setback.” What’d you expect?

    My Steelers do this all the time. They start players (1) who are hurt; (2) whose play will be compromised anyway; (3) you run the obvious risk of aggravating said injury(ies); and (4) you hurt your team and the player if you look at the whole season, and even beyond that.

  9. Looks like that sweep last year that meant NOTHING to us is really coming back to haunt the Skins. If you just let us sweep you like we’ve done for about a million years in row, you likely would have been able to draft RGIII without giving up your next 10 drafts. Moreover, you also gave something for the master motivator to hang his hat on for getting the Giants up for this game. Finally, losing to you slugs actually propelled us to run the table, so thanks! How does that last years’ sweep look now, huh?

  10. @justintuckrule

    You think the fact that the Skins swept the Giants last year “is really coming back to haunt the Skins”? What kind of comment is that? Do you realize that most Skins fans were rooting for the Giants for the rest of the regular season after the Skins’ beatdown? A Giants division championship meant that the Cowboys were going to miss the playoffs.

    Yes, your team won the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion. All that did is allow Skins fans to say that they swept the Super Bowl winners. If your team had a 5-11 season, you’d be happy about that little nugget too.

    But one thing’s for sure – there’s no “haunting” because of last year’s sweep.

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