Heckert politicks for his job

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Privately, Browns G.M. Tom Heckert reportedly thinks he’ll be leaving Cleveland.  Publicly, he’s making a pitch to stay.

We all want to be here to see this thing through,” Heckert told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “It’s untapped just how good this team can be, and we’re on our way.  [CEO] Joe [Banner] is super-smart and I think he’ll see that.”

Seemingly, Heckert has an inside track with Banner, given that they spent nine years together in Philly.  And Heckert is more than willing to tap into that relationship.

“I was with Joe for all five NFC Championship Games [with the Eagles],” Heckert said.  “If we didn’t win the Super Bowl, we were upset.  We think this can work.  Now whether it happens, it remains to be seen.”

But here’s the thing.  Banner doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who will welcome or appreciate an on-the-record effort by a guy to keep his job.  Instead, the points that Heckert made should be made to Banner directly, at the appropriate time.

Also, it was an open secret in league circles that Banner’s Eagles were trying to nudge Heckert, who rose to the position of G.M. in Philly, out of the nest.  After trying to get him hired by the Falcons, the Eagles eventually placed him with the Browns, in a lateral move.

Still, Heckert is doing what he can to make the case to stay.  “I want to be here and I want to finish this thing,” said Heckert, who disputed the report that he has been calling around for other job opportunities since August.  “I love our team. [Coach] Pat [Shurmur] will say the same thing.  This may or may not be the most talented team around, but it’s probably the best team I’ve been around.  We have a nice mixture of veterans and young guys.  We have solid character guys that are also talented.”

For now, it remains unknown what Banner and the Browns and new owner Jimmy Haslam (pictured with Heckert) will do.  Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer joined PFT Live on Wednesday to discuss the possibilities and to address other issues relating to the Browns.

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23 responses to “Heckert politicks for his job

  1. The coaches you assembled are bad. You have no receivers, linebackers or secondary. You spent a first rounder on a 29 year old rookie quarterback……

    All you’ve done is drafted a very good back and some nice defensive linemen. Enjoy the unemployment line.

  2. realnflmaster says: Oct 18, 2012 10:39 AM

    The coaches you assembled are bad. You have no receivers, linebackers or secondary. You spent a first rounder on a 29 year old rookie quarterback……

    All you’ve done is drafted a very good back and some nice defensive linemen. Enjoy the unemployment line.
    Really? He has turned over the oldest, slowest roster in the league and made it the youngest while adding speed. Gordon shows promise. Weeden shows promise. The O-line is young and actually pretty good. The d-line, as you say, actually is in pretty good shape. Still big gaps elsewhere. Agree completely on the coaching staff, but it’s rumored the coaching staff was more Holmgren than Heckert, but who knows there? Not bad for what he inherited. It would be seriously foolish to let him go. Gut the coaching staff, but not Heckert.

  3. Tom Heckert should 1000% stay as GM in Cleveland.

    First–Holmgren hired Shurmur. Cleveland is quick to dislike Shurmur because he isnt a warm and fuzzy guy. But he has put together a very strong staff with lots of coaching experience including three former Head Coaches (Jauron, Chlidress and Ray Rhodes). Not many rookie coaches would feel secure enough to hire guys like that. He has the team moving in the right direction.

    The easy thing for Shurmur and Heckert to have done this year–would have been to go out and get some veterans so they could win now. Instead, they had a plan and stuck to it, have the second youngest team in the NFL. The result some growing pains, lack of depth, but with the exception of the Giants game, they were in the game to the end. Eric Mangini was hailed as a winner for keeping the game close.

    Heckert has a plan. Building from the draft. Signing free agents to fill the gaps.

    He is working from the lines out. Sure there is a lack of depth, thats what happens when you build through the draft and keep young players. How long did it take the Texans to build the team they have? The Steelers?

    Heckert deserves at least two more years–lets see his plan completed. Too often in Cleveland, we have switched gears mid-way into the rebuilding. That pushes the team further back. For once we need to finish what we started.

  4. realnflfan–add to what you pointed out that he has the worst fullback in the league and two of the worst guards.

  5. Weeden has done a decent job with the receivers on hand. Richardson is a tough kid but injury prone. Hardesty might be able to step up after the next injury. And, Josh Gordon has performed nicely the last couple of weeks.

    Despite their record, the Browns have been in most of their games.

    With a new owner, everyone is playing for their job. Should be an interesting second half of the season.

  6. In today’s NFL you only get like two years to prove you are doing things right. All this time he has been in charge of GM duties and he publicly admits they are not that talented.
    Need he say more? He’s done.
    It’s all academic anyway. The new owner clearly wants his own guys in there, which is his right and that’s what will surely happen by the end of the season.

  7. @realnflfan and ytownie:

    Ever seen a franchise soar or sink on a fullback and two guards? Please! This is just typical Browns bashing. Tom Heckert has improved this roster 200% from the days of Crennel and Mangini. They’re playing young right now, but have the talent level to become a very, very good team. If they sign a top flight #1 WR in free agency and draft a stud CB to pair up with Joe Haden, you’ll be very surprised at the results next year. As to the quality of the coaching in Cleveland, y’all clearly don’t have a clue. The addition of Brad Childress, Dick Jauron, and Ray Rhodes has made this one of the better coaching staffs in the league. If Shurmur can’t get it done, Jon Gruden will. So, give it a break, dudes. You’re clearly “yesterday” guys, whereas Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner are “tomorrow” guys.

  8. Only in the NFL can you get fired or “moved on” this much and still land a job. Someone will hire him.

  9. I cant stop singing “reunited and it feels so good” that will be the fight song for next year brownies when Andy Reid gets the coaching gig .

  10. How many times can you start over as an organization.. The team has built a good base of talent, the move for a 29y.o. with a 1st rd pick is questionable, but the talent is there. The execution seems to be the problem and that falls on the coaches. Haslam should take a few whiskey enemas this season and see how things go for the team with a new coach in place that isn’t named Andy.

  11. fire shurmur and the other coaches but keep jauron he’s always been a decently good defensive coordinator
    just please try and hire gruden from MNF he can coach up and fix weeden and that offensive USE OUR DRAFT PICS ON WRs AND DEFENSE and put cribbs back on special teams only cause dat what made him a star

  12. Real Smart Cleveland… Oust the guy who got there when things were awful and looked even worse for the future, but now the future looks brighter.

    Coming from an Eagles fan, Heckertt wasn’t all that bad, and he had to deal with Andy Reid on every decision he made.

    One more WR and a TE and this team will be competing for the AFC North in 2 years. Weeden is progressing every single game, and Gordon does look like he was worth the Supplemental pick.

    But yeah… go ahead and get rid of Heckertt.

  13. @markcycy

    I’m pretty sure Andy will be coaching in San Diego next year… He lives there and they have a QB (although he is playing terrible right now).

  14. Why do I have this sneaking feeling that somehow next year, the San Diego Chargers are going to look like Philly West… Andy Reid HC, Tom Heckert GM, and Juan Castillo O-Line Coach?

  15. Cleveland fans are “quick to dislike Shurmur” because he’s a lousy play caller and is 1/9 in the division. Get it? Got it? Good.

  16. Andy Reid will NOT be coaching the Browns next year. Joe Banner won’t hire him, not after what happened in the offseason.

  17. So that all the people who are selling for Gruden understand, his career coaching record is .500. Get past him and your daydreaming. I’m a lifelong Browns fan, and a .500 coach is not the answer. Same as a first time coach isn’t the answer.

  18. Wait…Heckert may have taken a latteral move, but didn’t Banner take one as well?

    It seems to me that anyone will take a lateral move these days just to get out of Philly. So why is that? Is it Reid? Is if the owner? Or are all these guys riding the coat-tails of success (and if so who is the one that should get the credit)?

    It certainly seems like the only guy that will be left in Philly after this season will be the owner…and I don’t think he can take credit for all that winning over the last decade.

  19. @ lajmahal

    Being an eagle season ticket holder for the past 20 yrs i just want some other fan base to experience the train wreck that is banner/reid lolo

    I also thought Reid would go to San Diego but I am getting the feeling that he will resign as coach and take a year off.

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