Ike Taylor unhappy about criticism

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Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor had the rare distinction of being singled out for not playing well enough by each of the last two Steelers coaches in the last week.

On Sunday, Bill Cowher pointed to Taylor’s play as one of the biggest problems for the Steelers defense right now and Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that Taylor “needs to get back to playing good, sound football.” Taylor got attacked early, often and successfully by the Titans in Week Six, something that led to even more criticism of his play in the media. That criticism isn’t sitting well with Taylor.

“I always felt like, you know, if we’re in the same city, regardless what’s going on with the team, why can’t we just be family? Why can’t we just point out the facts? Why does one individual have to be pointed out?” Taylor said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “The stats are the stats. Y’all look at numbers, y’all throw numbers out, the numbers don’t lie. And, if you want to go by numbers, we’re not doing as bad as what they say we’re doing.”

The Steelers have been stingy in terms of yards allowed, but they’ve given up 23 points a game so far this season. That’s tied for 17th in the NFL, which is less complimentary to Taylor’s point even if points allowed aren’t always the sole fault of the defense. Whatever numbers you choose, though, the fact that the Steelers are 2-3 and their defense has given away fourth quarter leads in all three losses. That makes the larger statistical picture less meaningful any way you want to spin it.

Taylor is going to have a big job in his hands this week against Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green and the only final stat that’s going to quiet criticism of the Steelers defense is the final score. If the Steelers fall to 2-4, Taylor might want to invest in some earplugs.

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  1. im not sure if hes lost a step…but hes been using his hands alot on receivers and hes been caught using them late which causes pi’s…maybe his time at cornerback is up and he needs to move to safety or play a charles woodson type role

  2. When a second year wide receiver from Georgia Tech abuses you in the playoffs and makes you look like an old turd trying to cover someone, you aren’t good.

    I heard a Steelers fan on NFL Radio that said that he has seen how bad Ike is for years and it has been overshadowed because the opposite DB was worse than he was. Now that Tebow and Thomas exposed him, and then Thomas exposed him again this year, it’s all over. The fat lady has sung.

  3. I don’t like seeing him bristling to being called out. Not a good sign.

    Ike has had no problems in past interviews with people calling him “elite” when talking about his personal play.

    So why is it okay to accept praise as an individual player but to not take criticism as an individual player, Ike?

  4. I think we got spoiled with the Ike we had last year – I think he played beyond his skill level. This year he’s definitely played significantly below his level.

    My biggest concern is the PI, and specifically how incredulous he seems after each time he’s flagged. Coach Lake needs to get with him and get his fundamentals in order so he finds himself in better positions to make plays.

  5. The obvious benefit of working before thousands of live spectators plus millions of spectators at home, in bars, etc. — is you make big money. Much more than what Joe Lunch Pail makes.

    In addition, you may also have a higher profile that could lead to advertising income, future career opportunities, etc. Some might even argue you can attract women in a way you otherwise might not be able to.

    But one of the downsides is, you will be subject to criticism if your performance is sub-standard (real or perceived). It just comes with the territory — better to just accept it, and certainly, to not throw more gasoline on the fire with this reaction.

    And if any positions are ill-suited to taking professional criticism personally – it’d be CB, QB or PK that would top my list.

  6. I love the stat about how few yds the Steeler D has given up. The only reason the yardage amount is not much higher is the Steeler offense has had big edge in time of possesion most of the games. Bottom line, when the other team needed to score, they did. Losing multiple 4th quarter leads is never acceptable, regaurdless of the stats. And Ike, you’re a BIG part of that.

  7. He does suck. Ike hasnt been horrible his whole career but i do agree with the fact that the 2nd corner has been worse which kinda took some attention away from him. Also ike has had troy sitting behind him for years. Guy needs to be benched cause he clearly is hurting our team more than any single player

  8. i root for him. he is on my favorite team but honestly i don’t understand why the word elite ever entered the discussion about ike taylor. I don’t ever remember thinking that about throughout his career. First of all he has hands of stone. He averages a little over 1 interception per season. I can’t think of specific examples at this moment but i know i have seen him drop easy interceptions many times over the years. He did seem to get into good position to get to those potential picks in the first place but when he had a chance to change the game, he usually dropped it. The PI stuff this year makes me think he has lost a step and all the former elite talk aside, he didn’t have a step to lose. I think he was a little above average at one point but is below average now. Not trying to trash the guy just calling it like i see it. I do feel like cortez allen and keenan lewis both have potential. They both made some good plays in the titans game so maybe there is some hope at corner in the future. I agree with the comment above about taylor starting to bring back memories of chad scott.

  9. But in fact they ARE performing poorly and Ike Taylor IS a serious liability.

    Only thing the steelers own is a losing record and 3rd place in the AFCN. This team is pathetic, losing to the raiders and titans, just awful.

  10. Anyone that EVER refered to Ike Taylor as “elite” is an idiot.

    He’s been toast for the last 3 years minimum.

  11. As a Steelers fan (like many have said) I’ve seen his flaws for years. Always getting beat, never turning around to look at the ball. All over the receiver…hold here, pass int there and he’s still playing 10 yards off the receiver! The thing that bothers me the most is his attitude. To not admit your own faults is to live in denial. Clearly he doesn’t think he needs to adjust his game…unfortunately for him, he’s the only one that thinks that. Perhaps they should bench him like Cowher did at one point in ’06. That sure woke him up.

  12. Big Steelers fan here, but Ike can’t use the stats to his advantage because pass interference yards are not included in the defensive yards per game number. I am tired of the PI calls against him, which I will add, are deserved.

  13. Ike Taylor has been a benefactor of the Steelers pass rush for years – plain & simple. Here’s a guy who’s had 13 INT’s in 10 yrs – do the math. QB’s throw his direction b/c they KNOW the worst that could happen is an incompletion. His nightmares are just starting: he hasn’t contained Kenny Britt (off injury)or DeM.Thomas. Wait til he faces AJ Green (twice), Torrey Smith (twice), Victor Cruz/H.Nicks, and Miles Austin.

  14. Hard for me because I like Ike, and he’s always been tough on himself when he doesn’t play well. Don’t want to pile on. Cowher has a job to do and that will include calling out the Steelers from time to time. But it would be better if Tomlin kept it in the locker room. Either way, though, Ike hasn’t been on his game. Don’t know if he’s slowing down at 32 or what. But he seems to be struggling. He needs to tune out the noise and just work the problem.

  15. Hes not the best cb but he is clutch at points!…. not2 bash on em but hes just havin a bad start like the rest of the new age steel curtain..i think the whole team needs blamed 4real as much as i love my steelers..but ike is slippn up ..i aint gon throw the towel in on em yet tho!

  16. If Ike is a liability then what are the CB’s behind him that aren’t good enough to replace him?

    Ike has never been elite, just solid and an acceptable player for the scheme. Their defense has bigger problms like Polamalu/Harrison’s absence and the new era DL not playing up to the old era standards.

  17. I think he was pretty good previously (although I never saw him as ‘elite’), but getting burned in the playoffs last year has shaken his confidence and now he’s just flat off his game. It’s in his head, and he can’t lose that demon. Probably the end of the road for him unless he does a 180 between now and December.

  18. @rodgers419:
    I am not sure that its that they are not good enough to replace him, i think they are taking their time with allen and lewis because they are young and inexperienced. They both played better than taylor against the titans. That time is coming though i think. They definitely do have other problems on defense. I think in the past the rest of the defense was good enough that taylor didnt have to be elite. i definitely agree with you there. I am not giving up on the season yet but they definitely need a few guys to step up on defense if they are going to compete.

  19. It’s a shame this kind of negative attention is given to the Steelers’ offense, which ranks 17th in scoring.
    The best way to make a team’s average defense irrelevant is for the team’s below-average offense to score some touchdowns.
    The Steelers’ offense averages one more point per game than the NY Jets’ dysfunctional offense.
    I wonder how much longer fans and the media are willing to ignore that “extending plays” means very little without also finishing drives with TDs…

  20. while we’re on this..i’ve never thought he was elite, great, or even above average. i’ll concede that he’s been our best corner, but that’s not been saying much since oh Rod Woodson. he’s been overrated because of that for pretty much his entire career (and each year he seems to read more and more of his own press). it’s been a position of NEED forever now, and we just keep ignoring it like it’s just going to fix itself. he’s being especially exposed now because we cant get consistent pressure on the qb anymore. seems like every blitz we run gets picked up now. just because they let you play on the opposing team’s #1 receiver, doesnt mean you’re elite. it means you’re better than the other options on the team and they’re most willing to take their chances with you on that guy than the rest of the guys on the roster. like eightysixisback said, he’s sometimes in position to make a play, but rarely makes it. when he tries to press, he gets PI, when he plays off, they throw at him over and over…with a high rate of success i might add.

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