Jabar Gaffney on the verge of making an impact for Dolphins


Coming off a career-best season, and joining a team with a dire need at his position, Jabar Gaffney thought he’d have a bigger role than this.

I’m not used to not playing, so I’m ready to play,” Gaffney said before taking off the the Dolphins bye week, via Harvey Fialkov of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I need to get out there.”

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said the third receiver role is still available, but offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said his lack of action to this point has more to do with his late arrival and needing to make sure rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill is comfortable. With so many late checks and audibles, Tannehill needs to know absolutely where people are going to be, and Gaffney needed time to reach that point.

“I was a little nervous because putting a receiver out there that hadn’t been out there with the quarterback, and everybody is coming at Ryan in all different shapes and forms, and I didn’t want someone that he wasn’t 100 percent sure of what he was going to do all the time,” Sherman said. “It’s not Gaffney’s fault because he just got here.

“I was a little reluctant on Gaffney. We’re going to work with him this week and hopefully get him ready to go [for the Jets on Oct. 28].”

In terms of talent and production, Gaffney’s clearly one of the Dolphins best options, and getting him on the field could allow Tannehill to improve on an already good start.

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  1. Tannehill is a smart QB. He reads the defensive setup, makes checks at the line, adjusts protection and decides where to go very quickly. If the receiver is not on the same page you get a pretty easy pick and likely pick-6. (Romo/Dez recently had a mixup like that and so did Peyton and his receiver) It is smart of Sherman and Philbin to make sure Gaffney is in sync with Tannehill. The bye week will help tremendously. That is a big reason why Chad Johnson would have been cut even without his domestic incident.

    I like what this coaching staff is doing. The Dolphins are playing better as a team each week. It’s still early for Tannehill and this new coaching staff but they are already way ahead of where the Dolphins were last year…even without Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis.

  2. I love love LOVE Jabs. I was so mad when the Pats let him go this time (and last time too). He’s a smart player and a great route runner and he’s the PERFECT complementary receiver. A QB can depend on him to be exactly where he needs to be, and he can go all game with no catches but make the one the team needs him to make. Tannehill will love him.

  3. Nobody in the Miami media bragged on Naanee, tard.

    I like this decision on Gaffney. I envision RT1 and Gaf working on an individual basis as i type this. Good things to come Dolfans!

  4. jcd213:

    I’m sorry, I should have specified that my post wasn’t meant for part-time, uninformed football-watchers such as your tard self. Perhaps they can start a comment forum for those 8-and-under so your comments will be more in line with what the other children post. Do your research if you want to argue with grown-ups.

  5. Last year when the Redskins were in dire need of receivers, Gaffney filled a solid role for us. He made a lot of catches, and is a great guy and a team player, so I hope things work out for him.

    That said, If you’re a Dolphins fan, his biggest problem is YAC… or lack thereof. He’ll catch balls for you, but he’s not going to do anything special with it afterwards. And in a league where 1 or 2 big plays can win you a football game, he’s not going to bring that element for you.

  6. @brunson, the key to your comment is “he’ll catch alls”. That right there makes this offense better considering how many dropped balls in the first couple of games. It’s lesser now that Legedu is gone. I think Jabs would be an excellent addition to the team and I really do like that the coaching staff wanting to take the time to insert him correctly. I don’t think the coaching staff is getting enough credit for getting this team prepared each week to play well.

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