Redskins tight end Fred Davis on Thursday’s PFT on NBC Sports Network


What’s it like catching passes from Robert Griffin III?

We’ll find out one man’s opinion on that matter when Redskins tight end Fred Davis guests on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network on Thursday. Davis has been the team’s leading receiver through the first six weeks of the season, so we imagine it’s working out pretty well for him. Erik Kuselias will also see what Davis is thinking about this weekend’s matchup with the Giants.

Bob Glauber from Newsday will also be on hand to talk about the Jets-Patriots game and, as always, Mike Florio will bring all the news from around the league. Pete Najarian and Shaun King will look ahead to both Thursday night’s game and a few of the other matchups on the book for Week Seven.

It all gets started at 5 p.m. ET.

18 responses to “Redskins tight end Fred Davis on Thursday’s PFT on NBC Sports Network

  1. It’s amazing how much hype you get … passing for less than 200 yds throwing 1 pick and 1 td. Vick had better stats where’s his hype.

  2. dont forget he rushed for over a hundred yards..o and hes a rook..i understand why ur mad raider b mad too if carson was my qb too..poor baby

  3. check your stats. five passing touchdowns. six rushing. two int. don’t know what season you’re watching. but raiders fans have no reason to follow football anyway.

  4. It’s very obvious that raideralex doesn’t pay attention to NFL football, u must just skim thru it… Vick is about to get benched because of his poor stats I mean he has more turnovers than anyone else in the league!!!! And I’m sure Vick didn’t rush for over 130 yards and two TDS either!!!! Eagles aren’t averaging over 30 points a game, oh and rg3 leads the NFL in completion percentage and is 3rd in passer rating and he’s a rookie!!!!!! P.s. ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!!!! tell Vick to take one 76 yards to the house next game and we’ll talk!!!! But it will be a short conversation!!!!

  5. You guys are missing my point.
    All I’m saying … is rookie QBs get too much hype.
    Drop back experinced QBs win SBs … young running QBs get the super FF stats and injuries.
    Every year this happens … a rookie QB who is a sure HOF before he even plays his first playoff game.
    All I’m saying is give it a rest with the hype especially RG3 … seriously everybody has good games … when you do it every week and win the SB then you can hype them up every day. Heck Eli has 2 SB rings and when he throws a pick or loses a game the vultures are out.

  6. I love how extreme the hype of RG3 goes both ways. I’m a die hard skins fan have been for years. I’m very excited for this kid and our team but let’s be real we can’t put him in the HOF yet after 6 games. But he’s playing way better then some ppl give him credit for its pretty ridiculous on both sides some times. Lol

  7. Don’t understand the RG3 haters this kid proves week after week he is the ultimate weapon passing and running!! Like john madden has even said no one has ever played the game with the speed and fearlessness that RG3 does!!! He is like Steve Young and cam newton mixed with Brady and Manning. not saying he a hof player already just the talent wise in the pocket and running the ball!!

  8. It should be noted rg3 has the highest completion percentage in the league after 6 games….he isn’t a one-trick pony. Hopefully they can get by the Giants and build some momentum, but if they lose, it will probably be due to the defense more than poor QB play. Since I love talking about ME, this is where I mention I’ll be at the game, and will report back to you all afterwards

  9. What haters???
    Calling down the hype is not calling the player … Relax Redskin fans.
    Paredskinwarrior … When you compare a player to a HOFer … You are saying he is a HOFer.

  10. comparing skill sets of hof players not accomplishments is what I was getting at. The haters seem to really only be colts fans and fans of nfc east teams but there seems to always be something bad commented about the ultimate Weapon RG3 on every article about the Redskins. I hope he shows up to play and beats the giants and can get this team rolling on a run! RG3 has carried this team on his back! The Redskins could very easily be 6-0 if not for the poor play of the defense. Every game this season the Skins have lead by 10 or more points before the defense gives up scores. Just like I’m sure it was for the Raiders, that very close loss to the Falcons was painful.

  11. Actually I find that the less hype a person gets the more people like them and once that person becomes #1 … if it sports, music, movies or power the more haters they get … that’s sad but that’s just the way humans are.

  12. The things that colts fans have been saying since the draft have shown that they must really be nervous about selecting luck over RG3 or maybe they are just angry about RG3 not willing to workout for indy bc he didn’t want to play in such a small market.

  13. the reason his completion % is so high is half of his attempts are passes behind or at the line of scrimmage. literally. I’m not exaggerating. half of his passes are bubble screens. the only downfield throws he’s asked to make are one-read pop passes to the te which are pop Warner style plays and the occasional 15 yd dig route. it’s a matter of getting more reps against it for defenses. plus, he plays on a gar bade, medocre team so it’s basically all himself. he can’t win like that. they’re only .500 now and will be 3-5 two weeks from now

  14. raideralex99 says:
    Oct 18, 2012 7:38 PM
    Actually I find that the less hype a person gets the more people like them and once that person becomes #1 … if it sports, music, movies or power the more haters they get … that’s sad but that’s just the way humans are.
    Why hate RG3 for what fans say? You’re right…’s sad that humans are stupid. RG3 did nothing to deserve this but play ball as hard as he could. HTTR!

  15. @toonloonboon
    Except not. He’s thrown like 2 screens the past two games. The Redskins basically run a different offensive game plan every game. Mostly it’s PA slant routes and 10 to twelve yard out and in routes. And we also go for the 50+ yard bomb at least once a game. Those have been harder to hit with our number one receiver out. Basically you’ve seen a few highlights and think you know how the Skins play.

  16. No love for Freddy D guys? This was his article. It seems when people who are not fans of the Redskins read these post they have nothing good to say about Robert Griffin III. If you do not like the skins, please STOP reading the articles about the Redskins! HTTR!!

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