Report: Jets nearly fired Schottenheimer during 2011 season

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In a development that makes the Jets’ post-2011 support of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer seem even more curious (at best), Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that coach Rex Ryan nearly fired Schottenheimer after a 34-17 loss in Week Four to Ryan’s former team, the Ravens.

Instead, Ryan insisted on a shift back to a run-first philosophy, de-emphasizing the role of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

A year later, the team continues to focus on running the ball, a strategy that worked in Week Five against the Colts.  In Week Six, it could be the best way to keep the Patriots’ no-huddle offense from running up and down the field.

Most importantly, Mehta’s report reconfirms that things are rarely what they seem when it comes to NFL franchises, and that most teams will say something that is the complete opposite of the truth for strategic reasons that they believe to be legitimate.

In many cases, they are.

9 responses to “Report: Jets nearly fired Schottenheimer during 2011 season

  1. Schotty sucked and rarely called plays for the QB to throw it down the field. This QB has unraveled this year, but he was still playing decent last year. In any event, it’s no one person to blame. They are a team, and as a team, they all should take the blame.

    And, yes, things are not what they seem. And that goes for the owner, too, Woody Johnson. Woody Johnson says that Tim Tebow will stay for the remainder of his contract and he believes in Sanchez. Yea, he believes in Mark Sanchez, until he doesn’t.

  2. I wonder if it ever occured to anyone that Schotty runs an offense that is condusive to the talent level of the team. He started this season with the Rams by doing a heave dose of running and short slants much like he did with the Jets. Once he figured out he had a home run speedy threat in Chris Givens he started calling more deep passes. The result is Givens has 3 consecutive weeks of a catch of 50 yards or longer

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