Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t like the way he’s started the season

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Despite two humiliating defeats in a row, the Bills are 3-3 and tied for first place in the AFC East.

With every other team in the AFC East also 3-3, the Bills are also tied for last place and that’s where you’d imagine they’d be when listening to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s comments about the state of the passing game. Fitzpatrick says that the passing game hasn’t been as effective as it has needed to be this season and points the finger squarely at himself as the reason why.

“It has just been very inconsistent all year. A lot of that falls on me and my play. I did not and have not started the year the way I wanted to. I think starting out with the three interception game, having another four interception game — there has to be a happy medium there in terms of not going out there and trying to throw touchdowns on every play, but not being too conservative,” Fitzpatrick said, via the team’s website. “I think right now we are still trying to find ourselves in the passing game. A lot of that is me just playing more consistent. That is where we are at right now.”

The Bills have dialed things way back in the last two weeks with Fitzpatrick averaging 4.8 yards per pass attempt in each game after being over 7 yards per attempt in the first four weeks of the season. That would suggest that the offensive balance they’d like doesn’t include a lot of risky plays down the field because they don’t believe their quarterback can make them often enough to justify the risk. With two strong running backs and a long enough history with Fitzpatrick to know what kind of quarterback he is, it’s hard to argue too much with that approach.

That history with Fitzpatrick is significant. While he might feel he’s “just been very inconsistent” this year, Fitzpatrick’s results have actually been right in line with what he’s previously done as a starting quarterback in Buffalo. If the last two games are any judge, the Bills have come to that conclusion and adjusted their offense accordingly.

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  1. at least us season ticket holder and you both agree. however, I don’t think there is any way for us to want you back next year. I’ve defended you tori much to fail like you have. bring on a rookie!

  2. I agree, I was hoping he would show us he could do it this year but he can’t.

    I think the symbol of the entire season was him totally screwing up a 3rd and 8 – 4 yard pass to a completely wide open Jackson last week.

    Maybe he needs to be dialed back to 2 yard passes!

  3. The Bills need to draft a real franchise QB.

    This team is still re-building. Just look at the age of the players especially at LB, CB, and WR and what feels like a new QB being drafted this spring.

    CB Stephon Gilmore played well against Larry Fitzgerald on Sunday and flashes great potential. WR T.J. Graham has high upside as well.

    This offense would flourish a lot more under a consistent, strong-armed QB. The Bills have a very good offensive line and a threatening 1-2 punch with their RBs. But, right now the offense is 1-dimensional along with an inexperienced secondary which together don’t translate well into a playoff push.

  4. I was a Fitz supporter the last couple of years. Its time to move on. When youre being paid as much as he is they shouldnt have to dial back anything.

    They should be able to rely on him to get better or at least not be inconsistent.

    That said: GO BILLS!

  5. I love having Fitz on the team, just not as the starting QB. It’s time the Bills bring in a “real” franchise Quarterback. Stop recycling other teams trash.

  6. He is not a good quarterback at all. He is too weak. He should go back to school, because he defenitely not a quarterback. I am NOT a bills fan at all, so I love to see them get there buts handed to them! They are a bunch of losers each and every year.

  7. It’s odd that the Bills brought in somebody who was considered to be a guru as a QB coach, and Fitzpatrick’s accuracy and mechanics have only gotten *worse* this year. I can’t remember Fitz hitting anybody downfield *in stride* since the overtime pass against the Steelers (which surprised Stevie Johnson so much that he dropped it), and that was about two years ago. TJ Graham’s speed is being wasted because he’d have to be the size of Paul Bunyan for Fitz to actually complete a pass to him downfield.

    Fortunately, a large portion of his oversized contract is *not* guaranteed. They might find a way to reach the playoffs this year, but it will be because of CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson, not Fitzpatrick. They desperately need to draft a QB in round one next year and move on from Fitzpatrick. He would be a quality backup (like Frank Reich), but they owe him way too much to keep him around for that. Tyler Thigpen is useless, and Tarvaris Jackson won’t get enough reps to even learn the playbook unless Fitz or Thigpen get hurt.

  8. Can somebody, media included, please explain to me why this is all Fitzpatricks fault? I’m not backing him, he’s regressed and has played some pretty bad ball lately, but where does everybody get off on balming him for the sole failure of this team? Gailey needs to realize, and so does the rest of the Buffalo Bills fan base, that Fitz is a Gunslinger. You have to give him a chance to really get it going, and that means keeping the offense “on time”. That is my biggest gripe with Gailey, Fitz is not a guy who succeeds on 3rd and long, so why put your offense in that position by calling wildcat plays? Or putting it up on 2nd and 8? Run the ball (preferably with Spiller), go to Chandler and try putting Stevie in the slot. Nobody talks about this, but what is 1 major diffrence between this season and last? DAVID NELSON! Look at the NE game this year, where did Fitz have sucess? Throwing the seams to Chandler, usually where Nelson works. Fitz can throw the deep middle if he has a WR/TE that can make the catches. He’s not a deep outside passer. Now, the deep middle is a trouble spot for any QB, as it requires precise timing, but if you are running the ball effectively, you can get your big bodies matched up on Safteys often and theres a pretty good chance you will hit 2-3 of those throws a game. Hitting those throws open up the intermedait middle, which is where Fitz really excels when there are not really tight windows. If Gailey would stop with the gadget plays, and really stick to a run-first offense, Fitz could get back into that groove. If he completes 50% of his passes, and as long as he doesn’t trun the ball over, those are winnable games, look at THOSE stats. If you look real close, the Bills are 2-1 when Fitz Averages LESS than 6 YPA, and 1-2 when he averages more than 6 YPA. So, sure, look at the stas, but make sure they are properly used when making statements about a player.

  9. I don’t think all the blame should be put into Ryan Fitzpatrick’s lap. Chan Gailey has not figured out how to consistently call plays that work to Fitz’s strengths, instead he calls complex plays that either need too much time to develop or have him throwing passes where he needs to be extremely accurate, which we know he is not. Fitzpatrick has looked very good at times when Gailey is calling the right plays. I put 80% of the blame on Chan Gailey himself.

  10. The Ravens game two years ago was the best game I ever saw Fitz play. It was the best game a Bills QB had since Bledsoe’s first game with the team. After that game, and the Steelers game later, I was a believer.

    I have not seen that Fitz in a while. The line is keeping him upright, the running game is working, his decision making is fine, it just seems that he physically does not have the ability to get the ball to an open reciever downfield anymore. I’m not impressed with our reciever corp., but even when they are open, he just can’t hit them in stride.

    I’d love for the Bills to get Geno and let Fitz play a backup role, I feel fitz would be a great influence on another highly guy like Geno.

    But what will it take to make that happen….

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