Saints get Jimmy Graham back at practice

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The signals about Saints tight end Jimmy Graham’s status for Sunday have been mixed.

We reported on Tuesday that Graham was expected to be in the New Orleans lineup despite an ankle injury, but Wednesday’s practice came and went without Graham getting on the field. That obviously nudged the needle toward the negative on Graham’s chances of playing against the Buccaneers.

The needle moved in the other direction on Thursday. Graham was on the practice field in a limited fashion, raising hope that the Saints will have him available as they try to keep climbing out of the 0-4 hole they dug for themselves. Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that interim coach Aaron Kromer said Graham does not need to practice fully in order to play in this week’s game, which should mean we go down to the last minute when it comes to Graham’s status.

Kromer also said that the decision about whether linebacker Jonathan Vilma will go down to the wire. That particular wire is a bit earlier in Vilma’s case as the Saints would need to put him on the active roster on Saturday afternoon in order for him to play on Sunday.

11 responses to “Saints get Jimmy Graham back at practice

  1. If he is the least bit sore, please just leave him out and let him heal right. Last thing we need is Jimmy out all season.

    Besides, not trying to see him get hurt by ‘The Red Baron.”

  2. I’d maybe sit him for a while. I don’ think we’re going to do much this year anyway. Maybe we should let him rest and when SP comes back next year we can make a run at it them. That’s assuming that RG doesn’t make SP give a public confession or something before he lets him come back

  3. That’s assuming that RG doesn’t make SP give a public confession or something before he lets him come back
    knowing RG its already waiting for him to sign and initial

  4. I don’t know why my post got so many thumbs down. I think I may need to explain what I meant. The Saints started 0 and 4 and Their going to have to be at lest 10 and 6 to make the playoffs. They’ve already blown thie margin for error. Now, I would be excited to see us run of 7 or 8 wins in a row but I don’t see how that’s going to happen. So, why not let everyone get healthy and When SP gets back next year we can make another run at a Superbowl. Now, the statement about SP being held hostage by RG makes sense. especially sense JV is taking him to court. What better way to end this by getting SP to confess to the Bounty program even if it nothing more the a lie.

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