Schottenheimer sues UFL founder for $2.3 million


If the UFL isn’t already dead, it soon will be.

Former Virginia Destroyers coach Marty Schottenheimer has sued the league for $2.3 million in unpaid compensation, according to

The sued, filed in San Francisco, seeks payment from UFL founder Bill Hambrecht for “coaching and managing.”

Schottenheimer says Hambrecht personally guaranteed the amounts promised to the long-time coach as an inducement to join the struggling league.  “After a period of negotiation, Schottenheimer expressed a willingness to serve as the head coach and general manager of the team,” the complaint states. “However, because the financial stability and long-term survival of the UFL were unclear, Schottenheimer wanted assurances that the payments owed to him by Team Virginia under his employment contract would be personally guaranteed by Hambrecht.  Hambrecht agreed to personally guarantee Team Virginia’s payments to Schottenheimer during the first year of his employment.”

Previously, former Sacramento Mountain Lions coach Dennis Green sued the league for unpaid wages.  Last month, the Destroyers named Kurt Schottenheimer the new head coach, without explanation regarding his brother Marty’s departure.

Schottenheimer also alleges that, in August 2012, “the UFL informed Schottenheimer that it was unclear whether the UFL would continue to exist as an operating football league, due [to] its distressed financial situation.”

It’s now clear.  The UFL is dead.  We’re calling it.  Bye-bye.

14 responses to “Schottenheimer sues UFL founder for $2.3 million

  1. Can that league even afford to keep it’s other coaches, let only the players in the league? These guys just seem above this. The NFL should adopt a legit minor league; every other major sport has one.

    I’ve never seen a UFL game and I’m sure I don’t want to.

  2. I know that one and done in 06 to the Pats was embarrassing.. But I don’t see how Shottenheimer could have done a worse job than Norv has the past 5 years. The Chargers are one of the most underachieving teams in any sport over the past 5-6 years. I don’t think it’s crazy to say they have won or at least made an appearance in the Super Bowl if Shotty wasn’t fired.

  3. I’ve seen a couple of UFL games and thought they were actually kind of fun. Disappointed if it folds since it at least gave players a chance to play.

  4. What is this UFL you are speaking of? Unemployed Footballers League?

    Big surprise that a league tries to challenge the NFL, gets no coverage because it is trying to garner TV endorsements from the same pie as the NFL, and is failing. What were they thinking? Try a spring league, or a summer league. Or try working WITH the NFL to be a type of NFL minor league system.

  5. I never could stand Schottenheimer due to his Raider-hatred but I have no problem acknowledging that he was an excellent HC.

    I do have to thank A.J. Smith for his ego. If he wasn’t so insecure and could function with a qualified HC than he wouldn’t feel the need to be working with an incompetent ingratiator….and the Chargers would’ve been much better then they have been over the last 5+ years.

    Again, thanks to the Bolts for the self-destructive acts of their GM.

  6. It’s absurd the NFL doesn’t have a minor league. Please don’t say the NCAA is a minor league because it has a time limit. By the time the kids “graduate” they’re in their prime athletically but may not have the right opportunity. The UFL could have been it if the billionaire owners had helped fund the league for the good of the sport.

  7. Marty should come back to the NFL ALL he ever did is win. an that superbowl is still waiting for him. Marty the fans want you to come back

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