Suggs non-committal on Sunday

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There are conflicting accounts and reports and theories regarding the ability of Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs to play on Sunday against the Texans, only four days after emerging from the non-football injury list with a partially torn Achilles tendon he suffered in the offseason.

And Suggs himself did nothing to clear up the confusion on Thursday.  “Come Sunday I may or may not be out there,” Suggs said, via the team’s official Twitter feed.

Working against Suggs is the fact that he looks a little, um, large, which would put extra stress on his healing tendon.  Suggs apparently realizes that, and he’s a little sensitive about it.

“My weight is good, but I’m not in a beauty contest,” Suggs said.

We’ve got no reason to doubt Schefter’s report, even though others have recklessly been pitching pebbles from porcelain porches without being fair regarding what Schefter has, and hasn’t, reported.  Schefter hasn’t said Suggs will play; Schefter has said that Suggs wants to play and that there’s a chance he will.

Would it be wise for Suggs to play?  Probably not.  Would it be smarter to wait until he has had more of a chance to get in shape?  Probably.  But there’s a chance he’ll play on Sunday.

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22 responses to “Suggs non-committal on Sunday

  1. Suggs should wait through the bye at least, but he’s a fierce competitor so I can see why with Ray and Ladarius going down he’s eager to get out there.

    But noncommittal is still good for the Ravens, pull a Belichick with their injury report and list him doubtful and then start him.

  2. @jeff, it’s a little bit hard to stay in good physical condition when you can’t put any weight on one leg for 6 months. How’s he supposed to shed weight without any kind of cardio activity open to him?

  3. good point, although im pretty sure a good start isnt to switch your diet over to Big Macs. Im talking about avoiding being obese, not being in football shape.

  4. He should be noncommital, he just practiced with the team on Wednesday for the FIRST TIME SINCE JANUARY. I love the guy and want to see him back sooner rather than later, but he doesn’t need to go back out there Sunday and either a) look like he’s got 5 inches of rust caked on him or b) reinjure it after a quarter because he isn’t back in his groove yet. Please wait til after the bye Sizzle at least. As tempting as it is to try and get all hands on deck for the showdown Sunday, the Ravens are gonna need him more for their other 4 divisional games coming up after the bye.

  5. These guys can’t win. When they get hurt and take themselves out (e.g. Jay Cutler), everyone tells them to suck it up. When they get hurt and want to come back as soon as possible, people call them “stupid.”

  6. I don’t know where or when trolls like Schefter and Mortensen come with this stuff. Of COURSE he wants to play. That doesn’t mean that reason has deserted the coaching staff and they will let him.

    Read the Baltimore Sun. He’s overweight and not game-fit. The only thing he’s tackled in the past 6 months is the pillows on his bed.

    He’s not playing, period.

    ESPN will bite at anything for a by-line.

  7. Why tip your hand? I wouldn’t be surprised if they rotate him in on obvious passing plays.

    … and if they did, don’t you think it would IMMEDIATELY get the attention of Matt Shaub and their offensive line? So you know that is something they are going to be thinking about in practice. Either way, he’s already having an impact on the game whether he’s out there or not. The Texans have to prepare for him either way.

  8. He should call Panthers’ MLB Jon Beason and ask him about trying to rush back from an Achilles injury. Beason had a “minor surgical procedure” (definition of “minor surgical procedure” being someone else’s surgical procedure) prior to the season and ended up fully rupturing his Achilles in the season opener. Achilles injuries aren’t to be rushed. You’re ready when you’re ready. Hopefully Baltimore’s medical staff will be smarter than Carolina’s medical staff in this situation. The Panthers have a great LB corps, but both Beason and Thomas Davis have been done a disservice by that medical staff and the way their rehab was handled.

  9. Don’t know that I would EVER wish for the Texans to have to play against T-Sizzle but… dude does NOT look game ready. 2 days of practice, apparently no practice in off season. DPOY or not, Duane Brown is no joke and if you come it him half speed, he will own you.

    I seriously doubt he’s between the lines on Sunday. He might be more of a liability than a weapon right now.

  10. As a ravens fan I feel he should wait at least through the bye week. I don’t want him on the field is not 100%. Their defense is struggled enough and if he injures himself and can’t come back it’s only going to get worse. We are a lucky five and one team.

  11. so what kind of steroids is he on? why dont they test this goon before they allow him to play. no doubt at all he is on some illegal substance.

  12. This is not a good idea. I can’t believe a team that’s 5-1 would make such a desperate move. Sure the defense has looked like trash the last few weeks, but what good does it do if Suggs re-injures his achilles and has to start over.

    It’s not like Suggs playing at 75-80% will have much effect on the 26th ranked defense.

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