Suh says his sister’s “Freedom” tweet had nothing to do with him


For all the attention Ndamukong Suh has earned for himself, he’s now being forced to explain for his sister.

Last Saturday, the day after Suh and his sister were sued and two days after he was involved in a fourth traffic accident in under three years as a Lion, Suh’s sister Ngum tweeted: “Thank u Jesus! Only 2.5 more years! #Freedom”.

Perhaps coincidentally, Suh has two and a half years left on his rookie contract, thanks to a voidable final year.

That led the Lions defensive tackle to go on the offensive with his love for Detroit.

What my sister tweets is what she tweets,” he said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “It has nothing to do with me. That’s her personal account. That’s why her name’s on it. I have my personal account that says verified, it says my name on it.”

So when asked about his future with the Lions, he said: “I would love to be here. This city is great to me, it continues to be great to me. The people are great people and I love playing here, that’s why I wear the jersey.”

For all his talent on the field, his traffic problems have drawn as much notice since his rookie season, something he said he’s used to.

“There’s been a microscope on me since what was it, I graduated high school in ‘05, so being an Army All-American in high school, being an All-American in college, being a first-[round], second overall pick in the NFL, there’s always going to be a microscope on you,” Suh said. “That comes with the territory.”

Asked how he keeps the off-field issues from being a distraction, he replied: “Next question. It’s as simple as that. Next question.”

All this story really needs now, is for Wes Welker to swing by and tell everyone Ngum was just joking, and it’ll be tied up in a neat little bow.

19 responses to “Suh says his sister’s “Freedom” tweet had nothing to do with him

  1. This story is slightly better than what can be found on TMZ. We’ll know if Ngum was telling the truth when Suh is traded to the Cowboys for 3 1st round draft picks in 1.5 years. It’s like Martin Mayhew has a mind control device that only works on Jerry Jones #RoyWilliams

  2. Sound like Suh and his sister BOTH have a huge since of entitlement and attitudes as a result of where he was drafted.

    If Suh gets a big follow-on contract/extention he will be DONE! Tommie Harris version 2.0… without the injuries to blame.

  3. Great, a Lions related article. Meaning nothing but trash talk from Bears and Vikings fans. You guys are pathetic.

    Whats funny might i add, is all you punks from other teams want to talk so much crap about Suh, but if someone asked you if you would want Suh on YOUR team, you would say yes so fast you’d hit the ceiling. And DONT deny that.

  4. NFL Network has him on film talking about patterning his brand after Lebron James and playing 5 years (then catching himself and saying 10).

    Those 2 (he and his sister) have been planning their 2nd contract since before his pick was announced. No problem with that, all NFL players play for the 2nd contract. Their problem is they’re looking past the 1st one. They’ve stayed detached from the city and fanbase since day one. Don’t know if it’s a comment on Detroit as much as it is their own narcissism. They can do no wrong. All of their woes are the Detroit fan’s fault. I believe they expected the on-campus jock worship that he experienced in Nebraska to continue. Their star shewn bright enough there that the rest of us should consider ourselves lucky to have them part of the NFL.

    Good luck with the 2nd contract. Maybe Omaha will get a pro team in the next 2.5 years and they can go back to being royalty. Maybe the drivers in Nebraska will all pull off the highway and let the Suh’s pass, or maybe they’ll clear the streets of parked cars so he can drive poorly without worry of denting one of his cars.

  5. Hah! Sub-par play. Are you kidding. he is the reason Cliff Avril had a career year last year. Just cause he didnt put up the gaudy flashy numbers doesn’t mean his play was sub-par. Learn football before you speak.

  6. No. You play there because they paid you a boatload of cash and you’re under contract lol. Loving the city and jersey has nothing to do with it.

    But we’ll see when you leave Detroit in a few years.

  7. A five-year, $68 million contract – with $40 million guaranteed – and what do the Lions get? Four traffic accidents, three libelous accusations, two (single-game) suspensions, a partridge in a pear tree, and a half-assed apology. I’m not sure who’s displayed worse judgment: the ignoramus himself, or GM Martin Mayhew for drafting the degenerate DT. And now sis is dissing the very franchise responsible for her private gravy train.

    Beautiful woman. Too bad she’s just as primitive and unenlightened as her younger brother.

  8. @ lionsdraftguy:

    I’m with you regarding whether this needed to even be posted…Non-football story inviting yet more trash-talking…Happens to my team, too.

    As for whether I’d want Suh on the Bears, that’s actually a tough call…Talent-wise, in a heartbeat. I’d be concerned about the off-field and character issues, and what everyone now refers to as the stomp…BUT…As a Bears fan who welcomed the Brandon Marshall trade, I have seen that perception is not always the reality…I’d like to think Suh would prove his doubters wrong.

    Is it Monday night yet?

  9. To all those who love to post snide remarks about Suh, we shall see how your teams relish his availability when his contract expires. I expect that most will be drooling with anticipation.

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