Vick, Mornhinweg keeping jobs, for now


Eagles coach Andy Reid’s first move aimed at improving his team involved firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.  Reid apparently plans no similarly drastic moves on offense.


According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Reuben Frank of (i.e., the Eagles are getting the word out to the local media), Vick will remain the starting quarterback and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will continue to call the plays when the Eagles emerge from their bye week with a showdown against the undefeated Falcons.  It makes plenty of sense to give Vick a chance to face his former team, in the hopes that the extra kick in the butt will help Vick rediscover the magic of 2010 that he gradually has lost in the last two seasons.

But unless Vick parties like it’s 2010, Reid at some point will go with Foles.  That’s not a report; it’s a fact.

The “team sources” who leaked to McLane and Frank that Vick will be the starter didn’t say that Vick will be the starter for the rest of the year or provide any similar sign of support for a guy has gotten none from the Eagles this year.  Reid, in our (or at least my) estimation, thinks that if the team shows enough hope and potential with rookie Nick Foles, owner Jeffrey Lurie may get nervous that:  (1) he won’t find someone who can do as well as Reid; and (2) Reid will be gobbled up by a team like the Chargers and then finish what he started with another team.

So, yes, Vick will continue to be the guy whom Reid will try to ride to the postseason.  But if/when Reid senses it all falling apart, Foles will be the guy Reid uses to save his job.

And barring a Super Bowl appearance under Vick, Foles undoubtedly will be the starter next year, if Reid returns.

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  1. Frank and McLane are two of the biggest a$$-kissers to the Eagles front office. Especially McLane. So it’s no surprise these two get the stories first.

  2. Mornhinweg has to go!!!! WTH does this guy have to do to get fired!!! Don’t you think there is a reason he hasn’t been asked to be a head coach??? He sucked as the lions head coach and he’s just as bad of a coordinator!! Mini Andy has no clue what to do with Vick I’m sorry. How could you possibly convince Vick that he is a pocket passer? Let the guy do what he does best! Vick can’t do the 3 step drop, he can’t read a defense, he can’t see a blitz. So let him in the shotgun and improvise!!! It’s like trying to tame a wild animal In the wild not gonna happen.

  3. not a eagles fan but since you have been trying to get reid fired for the last 2 years I hope he keeps his job.

  4. Vick has been guilty of entirely too many turnovers, but he gave his team the lead in the 4th quarter of the last two games.

    I’m not really sure that Foles could succeed with an O-line that is allowing Vick to take constant abuse.

  5. If i was in reid’s shoes I would let vick start the next two games (Atlanta & @New Orleans) and if he plays poorly and loses both games then throw in Foles. Because the only way I can see Reid keep his job is either Vick playing better after the bye week and making a deep playoff run or starting Foles and making the playoffs.

    I like Andy a lot but if doesnt turn things around quickly, his days in Philly are done.

  6. I don’t think so,Vick has shown what he can do if he gets time. I mean the guy lost his starting pro bowl tackle and he lost his center, Danny Watkins is a bust and the list goes on,this line is complete garbage.Anybody that watches the eagles play and knows football can see this.Grant the turnovers o hurt.

  7. Unless Foles adds about 80 pounds and learns to pass protect, I don’t see him being all that impactful for this Eagles offense. Their offensive line play has been about as bad as I’ve ever seen.

  8. Wait, we’re talking about the same Andy “Been in Philadelphia for 14 years and only made one super bowl appearance but damn, I got five NFC championship games under my belt so that should be worth something, right”” Reid?

    Nah, he’s won’t to do jack in San Diego either. Let him walk.

  9. McLane is definitely the Eagles “boy”. That’s not just conjecture either. There was a Daily News Live show before the season where McLane was on with the Daily News beat guys and the Daily News guys flat out came out and said on air that everyone understood that when the Eagles wanted to get something out to the public that McLane was their go-to guy and that McLane always gets the “insider” one on one interviews with Eagles brass that nobody else gets.

  10. Vick is not the problem, the guy lost his pro bowl left tackle and he lost his starting center, Danny Watkins is a bust and the list goes on,anyone that knows football can see that Vick has shown what he can do if given time.

  11. Unless the eagles Defense can keep Atlanta under 21 points (the eagles are averaging 17.2 pts/game), it’s going to be ugly. I really don’t see much chance that Vick will have a career game. I think there’s a better chance that the Eagles defense will kick it up a notch with better playcalling/scheming and save Vick’s bacon.

  12. Foles, Marino, Montana, Fouts, Steve Young you name them, they would fail behind this offensive line and the funny thing is the depth behind them is so bad you have to ride it out with them because the backups are worse. SMDH

  13. “Reid, in our (or at least my) estimation, thinks that if the team shows enough hope and potential with rookie Nick Foles, owner Jeffrey Lurie may get nervous that: (1) he won’t find someone who can do as well as Reid; and (2) Reid will be gobbled up by a team like the Chargers and then finish what he started with another team.”

    Lurie will have bigger problems with the fanbase if he keeps Reid. It’s basically over with him here in Philly. He, Vick and Roseman need to get the hell out of town, fast.

  14. If Foles starts he’s going to get killed. Nobody has an offensive line as bad as the Eagles do, his confidence will be shot.

    Vick is a problem for the Eagles but he’s far from the only (or biggest in my opinion) bad playcalling from Minionwheg and a sieve of an offensive line are two equally large problems.

    If Brent Celek holds on to one of the two perfectly placed would be touchdown passes Vick’s job is safe and the Eagles are 4-2. It’s only October now is not the time to panic, and while I don’t believe the Eagles have it in them to turn it around I doubted them in 2008 as well and that season worked itself out. But Jim Johnson (RIP) isn’t walking through the Novacare complex to save the day.

  15. Eagles have had offensive line issues for the past few seasons. When does our offensive minded and also former offensive lineman, head coach decide to fix it? I like you Andy but this is all your fault man. Sorry. :-/

  16. Andy goes to San Diego, Norve Turner goes home to his beach house and Retires.Los Angeles has to settle for a Canadian team.Chargers go to the Super Bowl while Vick is a backup for a rookie! Makes sense to me!!!

  17. If Lurie is afraid that he can’t get anyone better than Reid, then he is a nothing himself. I am a lifelong Eagles fan and have seen every game without fail since 1979. What I cannot stand about Reid is that he is making the same mistakes he did in 1999. Coaching matters, just go ask any Saints fan or U of Arkansas fan. In 5 NFC Championships, Reid was badly outcoached in 4 of them. In the last one, versus Arizona, it was sick how badly they were outcoached by a guy who was in his first title game. The Eagles didn’t even have a competent two-point conversion play ready to go when they needed it. The national media loves Reid, and many fans outside Philly rip us for complaining about Reid. Maybe you can live with years of mediocrity and years of seeing the same mistakes over and over again, but we can’t. It is time for Reid to go unless they make the Super Bowl, nothing less. Since that isn’t happening, he has to go.

  18. I wonder what the guys at this site are going to do when EVERYONE realizes Foles sucks.

    Yep, lets bench the former 1st overall pick for a 3rd round QB out of Arizona with suspect accuracy that moves like a statue.


  19. The “magic” of 2010, you say? The “magic” of a 10-6 season and losing in the first round of the playoffs (the wild card game)?

    Have we already forgotten that Vick’s predecessor made it to five conference championship games and one Super Bowl? And that said predecessor has the fourth-best interception percentage of all time?

    Best I can tell, Eagles are 18-13 with Vick (.581), with one division title and no wins in the playoffs. (McNabb won two playoff games the season before Vick arrived.) By every standard, the Eagles have been worse since Vick took over.

    Ain’t no magic there.

  20. eagles will never win a super bowl lmao its funny that they are the only team in the east that doesn’t even have one lmao they are truly the jokes of the nfl considering the jets have at least won one!! THE EAGLES THE LIONS AND THE BROWNS ARE ARE THE SAME QUALITY OF FRANCHISE WILL NEVER WIN THE BIG GAME

  21. What about Brady, P Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, Tony Romo, Drew Brees, etc?

    They all have equal or lesser records as Vick.

    Or is it just black qbs that should lose their jobs?

  22. Carter and Richards won a Stanley Cup after escaping Philly, why not Reid and Castillo with a Super Bowl? Think of all the negative energy Reid will no longer have to deal with.

  23. For starters how about getting some O-linemen who can actually BLOCK , every snap Vick was on his TAIL.
    You watch the pats with Tom Brady and he can drop back and pull up a lawn chair with a TV.. and still no one can get close to him ; i have yet to see Vick have that luxury.If a O-line is not doing its job then its impossible to expect a QB or running back to do theirs.

  24. Couple problems with your theories:

    Leaving Vick as the starter isn’t exactly a “kick in the butt. In fact it’s the opposite. It’s a pat on the back.

    Secondly, Foles isn’t good enough to do any better.

  25. It is extremely rare that a team can be successful when it is facing the end of a successful run. The transition is very uncomfortable and fans will have to see players and coaches being successful or flaming out elsewhere. The Eagles kept the window open for a long time, but it is clear that there is need of a change; the coach is no longer untouchable or unquestioned, the team has not exhibited its trademark toughness that we all have grown to recognize with the Eagles and we have seen the team, so desperate to catch lightning in a bottle, overpay for players that do not fit. Out of respect for Reid, the goodwill he has built up and the fact that it would be crap PR to fire him after his son OD’d at training camp no less, he should stay on for the season. I hope Mike gets is act together.

  26. Heres what confuses me on the situation. When Mike Vick took over the NFL with Atlanta, he was a human highlight reel. People didnt know what to do with him. Jim Johnsons (RIP) defense was 1 of the 1st to create a blueprint on how to stop the guy. Andy Reid was the coach at the time. Then Andy Reid wants to sign him when its clear his ‘best’ years are already behind him??? Not only that but, $100mil contract? That doesnt make good football sense to me, but what do I know

  27. marty play calling and vick make that line look bad. they call way to many seven step drops and dont run the ball. vick cant read a defense and holds the ball to looking for the big play.

  28. The Walrus is overrated. He beat up on the NFC East when they sucked. He faced Spurrier, C.Gailey, Fassel, N.Turner, and a few so pathetic I can’t remember. Also the NFC as a whole stunk. Think about it the Rams, Bucs, and Panthers made it to the SB when the Eagles were good. Them teams have always sucked. My point is he had his run when the NFC sucked. He should have 2 SB wins but couldn’t think on his feet or adjust so all he has is 1 NFC championship despite making it there 5 times.

    Marty should be running a late night Taco Bell.

    Vick sucks. It isn’t his line or the play calling. He has always stunk and always will. He doesn’t have it between the ears. In 2010 he had some weapons and caught the league by surprise. Once the league dropped the safties back and took the long ball away he showed his true colors.

    Lurie needs to clean house starting with the Walrus, his entire staff, and M.Vick. Get some new blood in there.

  29. Watching Andy Reid’s Eagles is like watching a remake of the same bad movie. The cast may change, but the ending is always the same.

  30. Reid goes to the Chargers and returns them to their glory hole years, when they scored a lot of points, but never won a damn thing.

    Chargers fans, both of them, will be happy with their all flash but no substance football team, even after they move to L.A.

  31. How in the hell is Vick getting all the blame with that garbage o line. Put Brady or Peyton behind that line they season would be over already. Fix the line and run the ball more and everything would be fine.

  32. The Eagles will not win the Super Bowl again this year…that is sooo Sweet !
    To all of those LOUD mouth Eagle fans……” Cry Eagles cry,,,,on the road to misery……

  33. Vick has too much pressure … The Eagles have one of the BEST RB in the league , take advantage of that damn it , bootleg , play action , screen pass is it that hard ?

  34. @briang123 careful what you wish for. I’ve been a dolphins fan since I was 11 and back when I started watching we had this guy named Don Shula coaching who kept getting us into the playoffs and to all these AFC championship games but couldn’t get us to the super bowl. His offensive was great but no running game our defense everyone kept saying, it’s all his fault we can’t go further. Let’s get rid of this dude who’s over the hill and out of touch with his players. So of course they do and I’m now 31 years old and have seen one playoff victory since then. So I warn you and all Philly fans, just be careful what you wish for.

  35. When Vick does what he does best he is unstoppable..Take it from us Giants fans, the man shreds us. Let Mike be Mike and you will be fine…Andy is a very good coach. Who is going to replace him?

  36. Not for nothing but I am pretty sure that Andy Reid does the play calling himself. If anything Morninweg just helps execute ( the word execute can be defined a couple different ways here ) Andy’s game plan. I think we all know the Eagles need to establish the run before they start trying to open up the passing game and not vice versa. The more Vick handles the ball, the more likely something bad will happen……. Vick is still a tremendous athlete and can still make plays but not when the opposing D is keying on him because they know the Eagles don’t run the ball enough.

  37. I love how Redskin fans are now popping up all of a sudden. Yea you won a couple Super Bowls back in the day but don’t talk about other teams being a joke after the the circus act that has been going on in D.C. the past 10-15 years.

  38. How is there no talk of firing Bobby April? I get it doesn’t have the cache of offense or defense but special teams are horrible! They lose the field position battle from the opening kick off. They cannot stop a return or get one in their favor at all. All this blame the defense, that’s still a top-10 ranked one, is a bit ridiculous. Sure they have given up leads late which is inexcusable but the offense and special teams have hung them out to dry all season.

  39. Briang,

    You can complain about Reid’s coaching decision if you want but to describe his tenure which has brought Philly countless division titles, at least 4 or 5 trips to the conference title game, and 1 super bowl appearance as “years of mediocrity” shows how out of touch with reality Philly fans are. Look at the Cowboys, Redskins, Dolphins, until the past two seasons the 49ers for example of years of mediocrity.

    Reid is the most successful coach you guys have ever had. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up.

  40. This is why I love Philly fans. For years they advocated to toss out the most successful QB this franchise has ever had now they want to do the same to the most successful coach they’ve had. I hope the city gets everything they deserve and more. Sign a Redskins fan.

  41. I think its funny how this and that and the next Offensive Coordinator think that they can some how make Micheal Vick into a great Quarterback that is a pocket passer to boot.

    Attention Offensive Coordinators throughout the league: Michael Vick can not and will not ever become a great pocket passer, so please, don’t waste your time and most of all his on trying to make it happen. After this failed Vick project in Philly falls flat, I think Its time for Vick to hang up his cleats and look into another profession, because this one is not going anywhere.

  42. The inexplicable but persistent excuses for Michael Vick continue. When things started to crumble in Atlanta and with ESPN leading the charge, it was the Falcon’s receivers who were blamed for Vick’s mediocrity. Now, as he flounders for a second NFL franchise, it’s the Eagle’s offensive line that is the reason behind Mr. Vick’s inability to rise beyond the limits of his ineptitude. I have a few theories about why this guy continues to benefit from more leniency and patience than any player in the history of the NFL, but ten year’s worth of stats don’t lie…Michael Vick needs to end his reign as the league’s most overrated player on the bench!

  43. With lots of wasted picks and a locker room permeated by me driven stat players, you get what you have gotten over the years–organizational mediocrity.

    Panic has now set in from top to bottom and this could unravel very fast. Figure pointing and taking sides has never worked in professional sports and it won’t work here.

    The organization is at a crossroads like I have never seen before.

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