Why not: Rex says Tebow could play some RB Sunday

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With a banged-up backfield and a seemingly perpetual need to entertain, Jets coach Rex Ryan said Thursday that Tim Tebow could get some snaps as a running back Sunday against the Patriots.

Joe McKnight has a high ankle sprain, and Bilal Powell has a separated shoulder, and while Ryan didn’t rule either out, neither is expected to play.

That leaves tailbacks Shonn Greene and Jonathan Grimes (recently signed off the Texans practice squad), along with fullback Lex Hilliard in the backfield.

“That’s a possibility,” Ryan said of the option of Tebow carrying the ball, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “The thing about Tim, with him being a football player, . . . By playing quarterback, he knows all the positions. So can you plug him in at running back? Can you plug him in at tight end? I think the answer is yes.

“His skillset would be more based on power,” Ryan added. “He’s not going to be a blazer compared to other running backs, but he’s got power.”

Greene looked for a moment like the back the Jets envisioned last week, with 161 yards and three touchdowns. But he was playing against the Colts, not the Patriots.

And if nothing else, it gives the Patriots one more thing to worry about, the same week Ryan was soft-pedaling his own skills as a coach.

61 responses to “Why not: Rex says Tebow could play some RB Sunday

  1. Here’s the thing. There are RBs who were college all-Americans and Heisman Trophy winners who couldn’t play RB in the NFL. Same with WRs. But genius Sparano puts a backup QB who never played WR in his life at WR, and then wonders why his offense stinks.

    Go ahead. Put Tebow in the I. Hand it to him a couple times. He’s not an NFL running back. Ever wonder what would happen if the best guy on your flag football team played RB in an NFL game? About to find out.

  2. The Jets are amazingly entertaining. I expect that one day instead of running out the tunnel a paisley-painted Volkswagon will rumble to midfield … honk a few times … and the entire team will pile out dressed as clowns.

  3. Yes, line him up back there deep… hand him the rock a couple of times. Then, when the opposing defense least expects it, direct snap to the RB/Tebow and run a run/pass option.

    Rexy would be such a genius!!!!

  4. Rex Ryan went from being one of the best coaches in the league in 2010 to being one of the worst in 2012.

    I think the Jets take too much heat, esp. for being 3-3, but I can’t deny that he brings it upon himself.

    Jets would be better without Rex.. but I hope he stays, I’m a Dolphins fan.

  5. “Can you plug him in at tight end?”

    I’m guessing Belichick thinks so, which explains his mancrush on Tebow.

  6. I don’t understand this at all. If you are going to have Tebow run the ball just have him do it out of the wildcat as the QB so he has an extra blocker.

  7. I think Pats will have to honor the threat of Tim anytime he’s in the game because Bill would have done the same thing with him if he had him.

  8. Sounds like its the Jets who are at a disadvantage in preparation time because of Tebow – Not the competition.

    Just watch for the fake punt and you are good.

  9. So if he gets hurt then there’s no backup QB. That’s Why Not.

    If they have a 3rd string QB that’s active he’s never played a snap in the NFL and gets no practice time.

    More REX coaching.

  10. eaglesfan036 says:
    Oct 18, 2012 12:55 PM
    Just start Tebow already


    Eagles need a QB

  11. Not a fan of the Jets or Ryan, but I have to say this sounds like an entertaining idea. Whether it works as well as say, a tiny ex-QB WR playing DB remains to be seen.

  12. 1972wasalongtimeago says:Oct 18, 2012 12:36 PM

    Here’s the thing. There are RBs who were college all-Americans and Heisman Trophy winners who couldn’t play RB in the NFL. Same with WRs. But genius Sparano puts a backup QB who never played WR in his life at WR, and then wonders why his offense stinks.

    Go ahead. Put Tebow in the I. Hand it to him a couple times. He’s not an NFL running back. Ever wonder what would happen if the best guy on your flag football team played RB in an NFL game? About to find out.

    You must have a pretty good flag football team. Look, in college Tebow rushed for 2,947 yards on 692 carries. Last year in the NFL, he had 660 yards in 122 carries. Some of these were scrambles but most were designed runs from the shotgun. He knows how to find the hole and hit it. Is it so different for him to be handed the ball instead of having it snapped to him?

  13. I am 100% positive that RR and co have some Tebow stuff they’ve saved up just for the Pats. After getting a look at my team’s pass defense, they probably aren’t limiting it to ST and option plays either.

  14. Okay honestly, has Tebow’s pride been the only thing stopping teams from playing him at RB? I’m not a fan of him as a QB, but as a RB he seems to have the build, power, and speed to excel at the position.

  15. tigershark49 says:
    Oct 18, 2012 1:40 PM
    Why not tell they opponent everything you are doing? What a stupid coach!


    I think everyone is taking this article the wrong way or the media is purposely omitting certain portions to make this more news worthy. It doesn’t mention it, but the way Rex answered seems that he was asked that question. He wasn’t the one who brought it up.

    Maybe something like “would you consider putting Tebow at running back since Mcknight and Powell are injured?”

  16. Gotta give him credit for trying but Rex’s attempts at trickery are so transparent.

    Tebow as personal punt protector = Look for us to fake some punts!

    Tebow as RB = Look for a failed Halfback option play!

  17. Rex Ryan is coach that anything to make a win, a coach that use what he got smart man. Some teams has guys to play have them setting on the sideline when other teams can use them. Why have them and don’t play them this is crazy these guys want to play ball not set on the side.

  18. Pretty soon the Headline is going to say Why Not: Tim Tebow is going to be Head Coach, he can’t be any worse than the other guy we had, says Jets Owner, Woody Johnson!

  19. So..they play a CB at WR (Cromartie), a RB at CB (Mcknight), and now a QB at RB (Tebow). Wouldnt it have been easier to play the CB at CB, the RB at RB and the (attempted) QB on the bench?

  20. Yes, anything but QB for Tebow. We don’t want him in the spotlight, now, do we? He put such a dent in the beer sales with all this talk about Jesus all the time.

    Make him an “oddity.” A running back, a fake punt runner, a freak show. Losing too much money with him at QB.

  21. This is a game where you win an any cost and you make moves to put you in that position. It will keep them on their toes.

  22. Some of you are missing the point. It is very difficult (and against the injury report rules) to hide an injury in the NFL, so teams already know the Jets are thin at RB.

    Coaches generally say things to plant seeds in their oppositions mind. Putting Tebow in as punt protector means the opposition may alter its return formation/scheme, which could benefit the Jets punt team whether they fake or punt. It’s no secret Tebow is their Wildcat QB, but this new RB wrinkle may change some defensive schemes (before or during the game), benefiting the Jets offensive directly or causing their opponent to burn timeouts on defense.

  23. I wouldn’t call this “playing a QB at running back”, I would call it “playing a great athlete at a position he might actually be good at”.

    I still think he’s better suited for TE, but even RB will be a better use of his strengths than trying to make him into the QB he will NEVER be.

  24. Whether or not this is a good idea (I don’t think it is, but who knows), I just don’t get why Rex keeps talking.

  25. I’m a Tebow fan, but this is wrong. There’s a HUGE difference between running as a running back and running as a quarterback. What the heck is Ryan doing? Now he’s just plain being idiotic.

  26. Tebow will get snapped in half at RB if they are expecting it…. anybody really think he is gonna hit the hole or turn a corner like an actual RB?

    no way

    prepare for a cart off…..

  27. I swear I’ll never get this “Tebow” thing that has happened over the last 2 years. I mean, I do get it. We are just a dumbed down society looking for any story to entertain us, but what does this guy provide as an athlete? He’s an awful NFL quarterback with no accuracy and a slow delivery. He gives you no more at running back or receiver than any average guy who was cut in the pre-season. What did the Jets really think this guy was going to bring? I loved the pass from Sanchez that bounced off his facemask a couple weeks ago after he ran his 5 yard out pattern like the thick-legged, slow white guy he is. Why is he supposed to make something out of that play that any below average to average running back would? I’m not a fan or hater of any team he has been on or is now. I just have never seen such a crock be put over so many people before and if any NFL expert dares to question his talent it’s like you spoke out against Jesus.

  28. queue up the caliope music as the circus continues. rex makes norv turner look like a genius.great dc, quite possibly the worst hc ever.maybe they can bring in vick after he gets punted from philly. godboy and sociopath vick in the power I behind dirty sanchez under center! now that would sell tickets.

  29. One more thing. Put a mask over his face, take the name off the back of the jersey in any NFL camp and he doesn’t get one sniff at making any NFL roster. Not even close.

  30. Tebow will probably dominate at Running back, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ryan use him more after this week. He is not flashy, nor is he fast, but Tebow has much more power than you would expect from a QB. He also knows how to shake off defenders with ease. Tebow is fun to watch, unless he is on the opposite team. His run against the Jets last year was awesome, especially for the fact that Cromartie wanted nothing to do with going one on one with Tebow, he probably knew he’d get wrecked. I’d love to have Tebow join my team, just not as a Quarterback.

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