Bills, Redskins fined 20K each for injury report violations

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The NFL has decided on fines for a pair of teams they believe violating the league’s procedures for reporting injury information.

Buffalo and Washington have each been fined $20,000 for their violations. The Bills were fined for not listing defensive end Mario Williams on the injury report after he commented publicly about the left wrist injury that he said had been bothering him on the field. Even though Williams practiced fully and played in games, the league says the Bills should have put him on the injury report. Williams has appeared on the injury report the last two weeks.

The Redskins are being fined for not properly updating the television network and news media about the condition of quarterback Robert Griffin III during the Week Five game against the Falcons. Griffin suffered a concussion on a hit by Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, but the team announced that he was “shaken up” and that his return was questionable without updating it when they confirmed he had a concussion. The NFL’s release makes clear that there was not a question about the way Griffin was treated, but their procedures require “accurate and timely information” from the teams.

The NFL’s decision to levy these fines could set the stage for the Ravens to be hit with some next week for not listing safety Ed Reed on the injury report with the shoulder injury he said he’s suffering from this week. Reed also said that there are plenty of players dealing with injuries that aren’t on the injury report, but, as Williams’ case makes clear, it’s the ones that get disclosed anyway that come back to bite teams.

25 responses to “Bills, Redskins fined 20K each for injury report violations

  1. Damn this league likes to take money from the Redskins; no matter how frivolous!

    You can take money, but you can’t take heart or results SO PISS OFF NFL and MARA….Hail to the Redskins.

  2. Belichick will solve this problem by listing every bruise, scratch, and stubbed toe. 53 players on the injury report every week.

  3. And, now, teams will list just about their entire rosters on the injury reports with all manner of minor bumbs, bruises, and ailments … rendering the injury report even more useless than it has been. Just discontinue injury reports.

  4. Is Little Danny Snyder capable of operating a business – any business – that does not run afoul of the law, incur fines, and otherwise behaves as a responsible corporate citizen?

    Probably not, considering his personal history.

  5. realnflmaster says:
    Oct 19, 2012 5:35 PM
    20k is nothing to Washington. But buffaLOL. 20k could buy you a mansion in that forsaken land.

    A mansion? What do you live in, a box? Do you guys have $20k houses in New Jersey, because I don’t recall anything below $150k in Orchard Park. Your a weird dude.

  6. what the Redskins and Cowboys did didn’t violate any rules what so ever?? hmmmm seems like the giants are the ones trying to gain a competitive advantage in that division!!!! Mara is a cheater!!! THE REDSKINS AND COWBOYS DIDN’T CHEAT OR BREAK ANY RULES THEY DESERVE THE CAP ROOM BACK AND THE JUDGE WILL GIVE IT TO THEM PLUS MAYBE SOME HIGH DRAFT PICKS AND EXTRA CAP ROOM FOR DAMAGES!!! THAT WOULD BE THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE SURE A GRIMEY SCUMBAG CHEATER LIKE MARA NEVER TRIES SOME BS LIKE THAT AGAIN!!! pft needs to put pressure in the press to show and prove that the Redskins and cowboys did Not cheat and did nothing wrong!! this is clear defermation of two important businesses!!! Mara and the giants Are the clear cheaters in this trying to gain advantage over these two clubs!! karma will make them pay and the media should also this is an outrage!!! HTTR and godbless both the cowboys and the redskins for being classy

  7. realnflmaster says:Oct 19, 2012 5:35 PM

    20k is nothing to Washington. But buffaLOL. 20k could buy you a mansion in that forsaken land.

    So what you are saying is that you are happy the average home/condo value is roughly $500,000 in one of the most violent cities in the nation?

    Hey, if you’re into shelling out a half a million dollars to live in a 2 bedroom townhouse in an over crowded area, more power to ya. I could find you a gorgeous lake front home for that price. City data says the average price for a MOBILE HOME in D.C is $206 grand.

    You’re telling me I should want to be surrounded by tons of people, have little to no yard, pay rediculous prices for everything, constantly worry about crime, sit in traffic daily and pay 200 grand to live in a trailer???? No thanks, Ill keep my current property.

  8. Injury reports are pointless, since there is so much room for ambiguity. Unless the player is ruled ‘out,’ then teams should just assume the player will be on the field. Questionable, Probable…. c’mon. NFL should stop forcing coaches to go through the exercise.

  9. Me thinks that someone upstairs is disappointed with his Fantasy Team results. Then again, owning an NFL team is everyone’s Fantasy.

    20K? What a joke!

  10. You know what’s funny? The Skins get fined because Shanahan referred to RGIII’s concussion as RGIII being “shaken up”.

    It just happens that “concussion” is rooted in Latin for “shaken violently”.

  11. Mario William and the Bills shouldn’t be fined here you see. What Williams was talking about was an excuse, not an injury. You see it’s like this. How come your making 10 million a year and you have 1 sack?…….oh well “it’s my wrist, Yea my wrist, it is hurt” That’s why. Swish! I am sure going into work the next day the meeting went. “why did you tell them you were hurt”? Now we go to put a cast on it which will really slow you down now.

  12. Everyone has been giddy and could care a less. When goodell was only fining the steelers players last few glad these fines are affecting every team can feel what weve been dealing with and saying for years. Goodell is ruining the game we all love!!!

  13. LOL…those of you who think the league profits from the fines are too funny. All fine money collected goes to a charitable organization for retired NFL players.

    “Fine money from on-field and some off-field player fines is donated through NFL Charities to programs for retired players via the NFL Player Care Foundation and the NFLPA’s Players Assistance Trust. This fine money has netted an average of approximately $4 million per year over the last four years for distribution to those charitable organizations. “

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