Frank Gore has bruised ribs


49ers running back Frank Gore, the San Fran battering ram who singlehandedly wore down the Seattle defense in Thursday’s 13-6 win, emerged from the black-and-blue brouhaha with bruised ribs.

Per Matt Maiocco of, Gore headed to the X-ray room after the game.  Gore later said he’s fine.

Though it seemed that Gore was hurting late in the game, missing the final eight minutes of action, Gore said the injury actually happened in the second quarter, when he was hit in the back after catching a pass.

With 131 yards rushing and 51 yards receiving, Gore accounted for more than 58 percent of the team’s total offense of 313 yards.  Which is a good news/bad news thing that can become very bad news is Gore can’t play at some point.

I’ll be all right,” Gore said.  “Coach just wanted to be smart.  We’ve got a long season and a tough road down the stretch.  We’ve got another division game.  We wanted to be smart.  We have other great backs, Kendall Hunter, Brandon Jacobs, Anthony Dixon who does positive things to help our team.  He just wanted to be smart and I just listened to him.”

Gore now has 11 days to recover, since the 49ers don’t play again until October 29, when they head to Arizona for a Monday nighter against the Cardinals.  Whose record could be eye-clap-dentical to San Fran’s if the Cards win at Minnesota on Sunday.  (Yeah, I stole that from Kuselias last night on Pro Football Talk.)