High schooler one-ups NFL field goal record


There’s a new Legatron in town.

At a time when many assume it’s a matter of time before Rams rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein shatters the NFL record for longest field goal in league history, a high-school kid in Spokane has beaten him to it.

Mrs. PFT has informed PFT that Friday’s Today on NBC included video of Austin Rehkow banging one from 67 yards out.

So we went to YouTube and found the footage and there it is.  The ball slips over the front of the crossbar on an attempt launched from the far 43 yard line.

Earlier this year, 49ers kicker David Akers bounced in a 63-yard kick, matching the NFL record shared by Tom Dempsey, Jason Elam, and Sebastian Janikowski.  On Sunday against the Dolphins, Zuerlein was wide left on a 66-yard kick that had enough oomph to hit the net.

If Zuerlein doesn’t break the NFL record at some point in the next four years, maybe Austin Rehkow will.

23 responses to “High schooler one-ups NFL field goal record

  1. Seeing the kid standing there at his own 40 yd line is insane…He’s got a future ahead of him for sure.

  2. In highschool they can choose to kick off of a block. Which he does and that adds distance. If you watch you can see the holder put the block down. We had a kid at my high school who could kick 60 yarders with no block, but he wasn’t consistent enough. He didn’t even go to a big school.

  3. It’s Not even a high school record. Alan Saunders (2008): 70 yards. Still, very impressive. Congrats to Mr. Rehkow.

  4. i’m pretty sure high school kickers get to kick off a tee which may add some yardage to the kick, but still impressive none the less

  5. The longest FG ever made on any level of football, without the use of a kicking tee, was 68 yards by Fabrizio Scaccia of the Treasure Coast Bobcats of the Florida Football Alliance (FFA) on March 29, 2009.

    Not sure how semipro FFA compares to high school football, but I suppose a kick is a kick.

    He was once on the 49ers practice squad for awhile, and has bounced around in the arena league and UFL, so all-in-all I guess you’d have to say he’s had his chances and while he has a strong leg he apparently lacks other attributes, like consistency.

  6. Get back to us when NFL Kickers can use kicking blocks. 67 yards is great but the block makes it a whole lot easier.

  7. Very very impressive, but unlike NFL kickers – kickers at the high school level can use a tee, which makes an enormous difference on striking ability and distance.

    Generally speaking, high school kickers can also drive it with a lower trajectory given the physical and tactical differences between the opponents’ kick blocking propensities.

    But still — it was an awesome feat. Excuse the pun.

  8. Wow its amazing the negativity in here and the passive aggressive comments. He kicks off a tee, doesnt have to kick over big linemen, etc. but good for him. One point you are missing its a great story and not to mention the kid is like 17 and will only get stronger.

  9. HS Record: Alan Saunders 70-yard field goal at Oregon-Clay High School

    College Record: Ove Johannson 69-yard field goal at Abilene Christian

    The Saunders kid kicked his in 2009 and later tore his achilles. He can’t kick anymore. I’ve never heard of Ove before today. Just shows you need more than distance to make it big.

  10. The kicking tee does make a difference. The college records haven’t been touched since the tee was eliminated. Tony Franklin once made a 76 yarder in practice for Texas A&M. It was vs a rush and off a tee. His coach said he’d let Franklin try up to a 75 ydr in a game but his longest successful was mid 60s.

  11. Yeah, high school football is JUST like the NFL.

    It’s like saying a kid in high school basketball that scores 100 points will do the same in the NBA.

    Stupid article.

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