Jets’ Maybin, Coples fined for hits on Andrew Luck

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The Jets put a beating on Colts quarterback Andrew Luck on Sunday. In two cases, they put too much of a beating on him.

Jets defensive end Quinton Coples was fined $10,000 for grabbing and twisting Luck’s facemask, while outside linebacker Aaron Maybin was fined $7,875 for elbowing Luck after Luck had already been knocked to the ground.

Coples cost himself a sack with his penalty: He took Luck down for a loss of 14 yards, but the 15-yard penalty wiped out the play and gave the Colts a net gain of one yard.

Maybin cost teammate Antonio Cromartie a touchdown with his penalty: Maybin’s hit on Luck came as Cromartie was returning an interception for a touchdown, and although Cromartie didn’t lose the pick because the foul came after the interception, the return was nullified.

16 responses to “Jets’ Maybin, Coples fined for hits on Andrew Luck

  1. LMAO realnflmaster “we’ll”?

    “keep the fines coming”

    Listen to this idiot living through others who have no idea he exists.

    “We’ll” just hit you hard and harder

    You mean you will sit in your chair getting fatter and fatter while the jets never win a Superbowl in your life time.

    What a loser

  2. I am totally ok with the fine on Coples… that was a bad face mask. The Maybin hit on Luck was no even worthy of a flag. Luck was heading toward Cromartie to make a play and was blocked. Horrible flag ridiculous fine

  3. The hit on luck was a legal hit, he was moving to make a tackle whih makes hi. Blockable just like anyone else. def getting out of control with the fines

  4. Unless I’m confused about something..than nobody on this forum wrote the nfl rules book. OBVIOUSLY the hit on Luck was NOT legal or it wouldn’t have been flagged and then upheld by the front office and fined. That’s called a crackback block an has been flagged for YEARS and will continued to be flagged. Quit whining about this and that being a “clean” hit after the flag and fine and get behind the rules. They aren’t gonna change anytime soon.

  5. realnflmaster says:
    Oct 19, 2012 5:34 PM
    Lol we’ll just hit you harder and harder. Keep the fines coming. Soft teams.

    1st- Maybin is a true poser.

    2nd- Do you think you’d be saying that if it was your teams QB? Thats right, Jets fans don’t care about Sanchez, i forgot.

  6. There is nothing wrong in hitting a player hard, as long as it is within the ruls of NFL. I want Coples and Maybin to get their hands up to knock down Brady’s passes, if they can’t get to him. Brady may have to jump up and throw the ball. Tebow did that at 4th down and got the first down. The Jets were getting ready to punt.

    The Jets are going to win this game.

  7. “Jets maybin fine coples, but hits on Andrew Luck”

    Head back to the ol’ drawing board there, chief.

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