Jimmy Kennedy’s statement regarding bounty case

[Editor’s note:  The NFLPA has issued a statement on behalf of defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy.  The full text appears below.]

The Commissioner of the NFL recently distributed a memo to all 32 NFL teams regarding the alleged Saints bounty program that contained blatant lies about me, thereby adding me to the list of men whose reputations and character have been irreparably damaged by the shoddy, careless, shameful so-called investigation behind this sham proceeding.  Roger Goodell identifies me as the “whistleblower” who approached former Viking coach Brad Childress about an alleged bounty on Brett Favre in the NFC Championship game.

That is a lie. I had no knowledge about any alleged bounty to reveal to anyone, and I never informed anyone that I did. Contrary to the false information disseminated by the NFL, Coach Childress approached me and asked me if I knew anything about such an allegation, and I told him the truth:  I did not.  I had no knowledge of any such alleged bounty.

Roger Goodell also states that I was interviewed by the NFL about the alleged bounty.  That is another lie; I was never interviewed by the NFL, unless the NFL considers two 30-second conversations when I told NFL Security that I had no knowledge of any such allegations “interviews.”  I certainly do not.

After the second phone call that I received from NFL, in which I once again told the person that I had absolutely no knowledge of any alleged bounty, I called my agent, who then retained  an attorney for me.  We informed the NFL Security person that further contact with me should occur through my attorney, and interestingly, we never heard from the NFL again.

The third lie that Roger Goodell told about me is perhaps the most upsetting because it involves a man for whom I have great respect and affection, Anthony Hargrove.  The NFL states that Anthony Hargrove told me about the alleged bounty on Brett Favre.  That is an utter lie; it simply never happened.  I never discussed an alleged bounty with Anthony Hargrove before, during or after the NFC Championship game.  The only discussion I have had with Anthony about the alleged bounty occurred when we recently spoke about the NFL’s egregiously flawed and unjust investigation and proceeding.

I am not one of the players who has been officially disciplined by the NFL as part of this sham, but I now know that I too have been damaged by the NFL’’s complete disregard for truth and integrity.

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  1. Jimmy, that statement your lawyer wrote for you has just landed you on Roger Goodell’s version of a “show cause” list. Your football playing abilities aside, God help any team that would dare to sign you.

    Even though you’re probably right.

  2. I don’t think the public for the most part takes the commissioner seriously.

    They just don’t care. It’s not their team that’s being hurt. It’s not their favorite players. They just don’t care. In fact, if it’s not their team, then it’s an opponent. If it’s an opponent, than it’s an enemy of their team… so by default, they want that team to be worse off.

    While they may not support the commissioner, their inaction, by default, is a support of the commissioner.

    The same goes for the media. I believe the media in general is afraid to seriously question this scandal because they’re afraid they will lose their NFL credentials.

    And that’s the problem. People are allowing this injustice to happen by their inaction. Florio has been one of the few, and probably the only non-former player, speaking out against the NFL’s actions and severely questioning just what in the world is Roger Goodell doing.

  3. Remember kids it was the Steelers team, to a man, that were the only team to reject the current CBA that still gave Goodell his power.

  4. I stopped reading after this contradiction:

    That is another lie; I was never interviewed by the NFL, unless the NFL considers two 30-second conversations when I told NFL Security that I had no knowledge of any such allegations “interviews.”

  5. marvsleezy says:
    Oct 19, 2012 12:20 PM
    I stopped reading after this contradiction:


    I stopped reading after that. ^^

  6. i would love to hear his own words enough of these statements issued on behalf of garbage. Funny how it has to prepared for him so he doesnt slip up. If theres nothing to hide you dont have to have a prepared statements let alone 1 that was obviously not prepared by him. Will be waiting to see the defamation lawsuit

  7. So the NFL trumped up the whole bounty scandal just to make a high profile posture of concerned about player safety so to improve their popular perception in the pending class action lawsuit on concussions?

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