League says parameters haven’t been set for appeal hearing


Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma contends that the NFL won’t be producing former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and former Saints assistant Mike Cerullo to testify at Tuesday’s appeal hearing regarding Vilma’s re-issued bounty suspension.

The NFL contends that no final decision has been made in that regard.  Thus, there’s still a chance Williams and Cerullo will be reeled in to testify by the league.

Given that the league and Vilma haven’t agreed on much if anything lately, it’s not a surprise that they disagree on this fairly basic point.  Regardless, a decision needs to be made soon, given that the hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

4 responses to “League says parameters haven’t been set for appeal hearing

  1. It’s time for the nfl to put up or shut up. I’ve said since the beginning that the evidence was weak or they’d produce more.

  2. Yes best to have an NFL lawyer acting as judge. He won’t make any mistakes that can be taken to court. He will make things more appeal proof. Of course no conflict of interest here.

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