More Devin Hester for Bears with Alshon Jeffery out

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Bears wide receiver Devin Hester didn’t practice on Thursday because of a quad injury, although no one with the team seems to think the injury is all that serious.

It’s probably a good thing that Hester got a day of rest to make sure that he’ll be as healthy as possible for Monday anyway. With Alshon Jeffery out with a broken hand, the Bears are planning to expand the package of plays for Hester in order to fill the hole in their lineup.

“We haven’t really used him in some of the areas that we wanted to use him,” offensive coordinator Mike Tice said, via John Mullin of “But again we’re only a couple of games into this thing and we got a long way to go. We’re going to try to continue to grow his package. His package is going grow by the sheer fact that we lost Alshon this week.”

Hester has just seven catches for 114 yards in a limited offensive role this season. Even with more snaps, it’s no sure thing that he’ll wind up significantly improving on those numbers but the Bears aren’t exactly overwhelmed with other options.

Earl Bennett, who hasn’t played in almost a month because of a hand injury, will also be looked to for increased contributions as long as Bennett is on the sideline. Neither receiver gives the offense exactly what Jeffery provides, so Tice will have to adjust things to the personnel available until their regular offense is back in place.

10 responses to “More Devin Hester for Bears with Alshon Jeffery out

  1. “It’s probably a good thing that Hester got a day of rest to make sure that he’ll be as healthy as possible for Sunday anyway.”

    Their game is definitely on Monday Night donk.

  2. Who cares? Bears can win the division and then watch the wild card Packers come into Soldier Field and win the NFC title game again. Can hardly wait.

  3. “We’re going to try to continue to grow his package.”

    They’re throwing their money away. Science has proven that those pumps and pills never work.

    Mike Tice needs to turn on the spam filter for his inbox.

  4. I would like a look at Weems at WR
    in Chicago. at least give him a shot. Run a 4 WR set an put Weems an Hester on the inside an Bennet an Marshall on the outside.

  5. chi01town says:
    Oct 19, 2012 7:48 PM
    Its ok for packers fans to say anything they want to about Cutler an the Bears as long as the packers are winning BUT NOW the Bears are in first place so Im wrong for saying I wanna see Rodgers get put out for the season. Well I said it anyway. I also said the packers will be lucky to be 7/9 this season


    You guys must be so proud of your fellow fan.

  6. @ tokyo:

    Disgusted is more like it…He is the only ‘fellow fan’ on here that I’m sure the rest of us wish would tone it down, or better yet, just shut up altogether…I like his passion for the Bears, but c’mon…Wishing a season-ending injury on an opposing player is NOT what a real fan does.

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