Pete Carroll on loss to 49ers: “We’re a lot better than that”


After the Seahawks’ 13-6 loss to the 49ers on Thursday night, Seattle coach Pete Carroll said he believes he has a better team than they showed in San Francisco.

“We need to do better,” Carroll said after the game. “That’s unfortunate. That’s not how we play. . . . That’s really unfortunate, because I think we’re a lot better than that.”

Unsurprisingly, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was a lot happier with his team. Harbaugh has always emphasized physical play, and he said that in the second half, when the 49ers outscored the Seahawks 10-0, he saw his players play the most physical football he’s ever been around.

“I’m really, really pleased,” Harbaugh said. “The way we covered kicks all night, the way we played defense, the way we played offense, the way we moved people up front. It was a physical first half, too, but that second half was the most physical I’ve seen our football team play.”

The win puts the 49ers a game ahead of the Seahawks in the tight NFC West, and if Seattle is going to catch San Francisco in the division, the Seahawks will need to show that Carroll is right, and that they are a lot better than that.

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  1. 49ers are built tough. If they can get consistent they will be a tough team in the playoffs.

    Seattle has been more consistent, but still have some work to do on offense. To be expected with a rookie QB and the WRs they have.

    I can see both making the playoffs, probably Sea as a wild card.

  2. You are what we thought you were, Pete.

    Tell us again how great Russell Wilson is, I need a good laugh.

  3. It’s a shame both teams can’t lose but I have to say that Jim Harbaugh is the most obnoxious, loudmouth HC there has ever been. And uglier than Bill Cower. Having said that I guess I have to say that Carroll has to have the dumbest look on his face than any other HC in history.

  4. Well Pete Carroll is right, all those drops (7?) were inexcusable. Also Golden Tate not blocking that guy on that bubble screen? It’s like he didn’t even know what play was being called. Also Aldon Smith should be arrested for assaualt for what he did to that Seattle right tackle, he owned him all game.

  5. Such a shame Pete Carroll is wasting a great defense with a rookie QB. Flynn is the better QB right now, but Pete wanted to prove how smart he was by showing how he could win with a rookie.

  6. Alot better? That’s a stretch, try a gift game and a few plays here and there and they are 1-4. I wouldn’t say they are a lot better than how they played last night. I would say they went up against a similarly built team and came up short.

  7. I actually think BOTH teams are better than what they showed last night, but when you’re playing on three days rest, that’s what you’re going to get. Two of the better run defenses in the game both gave up hundred yard rushers – you kind of wonder if that happens if the game is on Sunday instead of Thursday Night.

    Receivers hang on to some balls earlier in the game, maybe Seattle gets some momentum and estbalishes some offensive continuity. Instead, they kill three drives with drops, the Niners piece together a long TD drive in the third quarter, and the game flips.

  8. Hawks would be rated as high as the Texans if Flynn was starting. At the end of the day, you need a passer QB in this league. Last team to win it all with no QB was the Bucs and Ravens 10 some years ago.

  9. Well seeing as Seattle won the Superbowl last week you’d think they would be a better team then what showed this week.

  10. Ummmmm no you’re not Pete… 2 of your windswept were garbage… That debacle against green bay with the blatant cheating by Tate and that win over the patriots was a fluke with blown coverage and 2 starting safetys out of the play.. You are getting manhandled in your division.. The rams and 49ers dominated you… San Fran should have won by 14 last night if smith didn’t throw that stupid pick. You have a team full of whiners, you, Tate, and Wilson who cry for penalty flags after every play! Btw, your 5’9 QB is not the answer.. Maybe you can go back to USC one day… Oh wait you can’t …….

  11. Seattle owned the 9ers in the first half. I do not know what happened in the 2nd half. Its as if they gave up and let Gore run right up the gut. I kept trying to find the mlb to no avail. I believe Seattle could have won that game if the receivers would have caught the balls thrown to them. Special team missed a field goal. Just saying IMO. 9ers did play tough in the 2nd half. You can’t win a SB playing like that for 2 quarters.

  12. If i didn’t know better this would be a nice way of saying we beat ourselves. Just ignore all the huge non flags they got away with and the fumble at their own 1 suspiciously ruled forward progress and then you can say the drops killed you

  13. Hey dont wanna say i told you so, but i said it the day pete named wilson the starter.. Dont believe the hype and wait till he plays the 49ers D! And look what happens!! Kid makes sanchez look like an all pro.. If flynn was the starter Seahawks would be undefeated..this coming from a nyg fan.

  14. A defensive secondary breakdown by the Patriots is no fluke unfortunately, it’s the current norm.

  15. FRANK GORE is the most hated player in the seahawks lockerroom every year every game he owns their defense … And even after a loss the seachickens say wait till they play in seattle as if frank cant run on turf ha

  16. It will be interesting to see if the ‘hawks CBs are allowed to continue with their “style” of play.
    I seem to remember a certain GM crying bloody murder when his WRs were handled in similar fashion; and the league did crack down. Browner will not survive if the rules are enforced fairly. That’s why he wasn’t drafted and had to play Canadian ball.

  17. By saying “we’re a lot better than that” he was obviously referring to his players because they are. But, unfortunately the coaching is not much better. That’s what we’ve come to expect with Bevell calling the plays. Bradley couldn’t make the adjustments to the dink and dunk and Gore ran free up the middle again just like he does against the Seahawks every year.

    Oh, and to you jokesters saying the Seahawks should be 3-4, 1-6, whatever, they could just as easily be 7-0. Their 3 losses were by 4, 6, and 7 points. That’s a big play or 2 in each of those games away from being wins. And quit whining because Sherman and Browner own your receivers. They don’t use their hands any more than any other corner in the league. Did you watch the game last night? Moss pushing off (no news there) Crabtree using his hands more than db’s. Just accept that they’re very good players who play defense the way it should be played.

    Congrats to S.F. and their half time adjustments. They out-caoched the Seahawks on both sides of the ball.

  18. It is a shame they are not playing Flynn. With Lynch that team should have an awesome play-action passing game, and Wilson just isn’t getting it done. I’d love to see what that offense looks like giving Flynn a real shot one week..

  19. Wilson is another opportunist like Cam Newton. Newton got out of Florida before the hammer came down on him. Played in the bushes for two years and pops up ready to lead – of course a top rated team, he ain’t going just anywhere its all about him. This is Wilson all over the place going to a strong team Wisconsin in need of one thing a QB.

    I mean both these so called great guys went to teams with O line, great backs, receivers, good defense and were wondering why they are successful. Both would have struggled greatly with teams in rebuilding modes.

    When you have everything in place as a coach, you have the time to taylor a plan to fit your QB. Most teams don’t have this luxory.

  20. Seattle is a terrible team on the road and especially on a short week. If this game was in Seattle hawks win. And hawks will win when the niners come to town

  21. Don’t it feel great? Don’t it feel great to watch Pete Carroll continue to struggle to be a competent NFL coach?

  22. Dan Orlovsky
    Rex Grossman
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Joe Flacco
    Mark Sanchez
    Vince Young
    Kevin Kolb

    A list of QB’s that have recently had their way with the NE secondary.

    Hawks fans need to realize, beating up on the NE secondary does not a real QB make.
    Simmer down now, simmer down.

  23. Not outside of Seattle you aren’t.

    The way you play when you don’t have the 12th man plus3 decibels of noise pumped into the stadium is FAR different than when you are on the road.

  24. Its hard to win when you can’t throw game winning interceptions all the time, Seattle should be at least 3-4 if not worse there over rated

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