Seahawks have problems with WRs, guy getting it to them

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The Seahawks are going to go far on their run game and defense.

But to say they have some problems with their passing game understates the case badly.

Sidney Rice was frustrated to the point of throwing his mouthpiece after being ignored while quarterback Russell Wilson threw to a triple-covered Braylon Edwards, a play that resulted in an interception.

Rice only caught two passes, and didn’t talk to reporters after the game. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll suggested that Rice was reacting to the lack of a pass interference flag, and quarterback Russell Wilson likewise insisted there wasn’t a problem.

Sidney and I are close,” Wilson said, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “He’s a guy who loves to compete at the highest level, and obviously I want to get the ball to Sidney as much as I can. . . .

“Sidney and I just want to win, and that’s our goal, no matter what it takes.”

What would help is catching the things that come to them.

Wideout Golden Tate dropped a pair of passes at key junctures, something he didn’t do at all last year. They subbed Edwards in for him at one point, but Tate was back on the field by the end of the game.

“We’ve got to figure out a way — as a receiving group — to go up and get balls to help us,” Tate said. “It starts with myself. Before the half, I’ve got to come down with one of those. A huge first down. I have to catch that. The team relies on me to catch that, and do what I do best — gain some yards.

“Honestly, I take it personally, this loss. I feel like I could have done something to put us in a better position to win this game at the end or get a lead.”

Running back Robert Turbin also dropped a potential touchdown, one of several miscues in the passing game.

But the other element that’s not being talked about enough is the guy throwing the passes. While he was playing against an excellent defense, quarterback Russell Wilson looked very much like a rookie last night. His 9-of-23 for 122 yards line was ugly, no other way to put it.

It doesn’t seem likely they want to replace him with Matt Flynn now, but Wilson’s struggles throwing the football have been evident, and he won’t always be able to depend on his defense and replacement refs bailing him out.

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  1. Such a shame Pete Carroll is wasting a great defense with a rookie QB. Flynn is the better QB right now, but Pete wanted to prove how smart he was by showing how he could win with a rookie.

  2. Wilson is pulling a Tebow this year. Playing like crap for 3 quarters, but somehow turning things around in the 4th quarter. It makes for an ugly game to watch.

    It’s a shame because that defense is great & Lynch looks like a machine blasting through defenders.

  3. as a 49ers fan, there’s nothing wrong with Russell. Yeah, he didn’t see a wide open Rice, but his receivers couldn’t catch tonight. If they had, they would have probably won the game.

  4. Seahawks had 5+ dropped passes last night. Wilson may not have been perfect but he darn sure could have used some help from his receivers.

    And a lot of those dropped passes hit receivers IN THE HANDS – can’t blame the rookie for that.

  5. I only watched the first quarter and a half, but in that time Wilson threw a number of perfect touch passes, while his receivers just flat out dropped several of them. Maybe Wilson fell apart later, but from what I saw he looked outstanding. It’s not his fault his garbage receivers can’t catch.

  6. When you are subbing in Braylon “Stone Hands” Edwards for one of your WR, you know your team has a problem…

  7. If Turbin and Edwards catch those 2 passes that hit them in the hands then you’d be raving about the QBs performance…..just stop it. Can he improve? Yeah…he is a rookie. That failure to win had little to do with him.

  8. Talk about bipolar media coverage. Last week the guy’s the toast of the league, today he needs to lose his job.

  9. Really reminds me of Denver and Tebow last year. If the Hawks had a good passer starting, this team would be hands down one of the best teams.

  10. Seahawk receivers dropped several catchable balls that would’ve made Wilson’s stats look great. Yeah he didn’t have his best night against the #1 D but to talk about replacing him with Flynn is just silly.

  11. If the Hawks catch the ball, the entire flow of the game changes. The drops killed any chance of them winning or dictating flow to remain competitive.

  12. Darin, he has made some bad throws, and missed some guys, sure. I also watched Peyton manning throw three first half picks a couple weeks back. As a hawks fan, and film nerd, I have watched a LOT of tape on him, and 4 of his 7 INT’s are from tipped balls, or a TE (mckoy) falling down, or his stats, and the teams record would be at least 5-2, probably 6-1 (Edwards dropped game winning TD vs Arizona). They had, as you touched on, SEVEN drops last night. I watched the game again and if all. 7 are caught and the guys tackled where they caught it (of course wouldn’t happen) he would have been 17-23, for 257 yards against the niners D at their house. Wilson is better than Flynn. Why? I assume Pete Carroll and John Schneider now who is better, they are obviously great judges of talent based on how quick they have turned a crap team into one I guarantee NO other team would want to play come playoff time. This team is at worst 10-6, most likely 11-5.

  13. I have to disagree with your analysis of Wilson. Imagine how much better his stat line would look if his receivers could actually catch the ball. Seahawks most likely win that game if not for the dropped passes. Yes, he missed a wide open Rice when he threw the pick, but that happens in every game at one point or another. He was also under pressure on virtually every throw.
    Disclaimer: not a fan of either team.

  14. He’s a rookie. Quit criticizing him so much after a bad game. The WRs are who to blame. His total yardage would have been well over 250 yards if Tate, Turbin, and Moore caught the passes that were thrown right at them.

    It was a hard fought game, but the 49ers were the better team on the field. That being said, the Hawks are still playoff contenders. With the WRs we had on the field yesterday though, we wouldn’t get past the wild card game. Something needs to change.

  15. I love this rookie QB, he will get better as the game goes along. It does not help if his receivers does not separate from the corners. The receivers have to do their job as well.
    I do not agree with throwing into double coverage either. SF is not going to win a SB against an elite team that is jelling on both sides of the ball. Alex Smith did not do anything special than the rookie Wilson.
    So why would Matt Flynn come into discussion. One pick for each QB.

  16. Russell Wilson was exposed for what he is last night, not a good QB.

    Sure, he can look good against bad defenses, the kid has a good arm, but a good arm only takes you so far.

  17. I’m impressed with the way Wilson has handled himself but I really didn’t understand the big rush to name him the opening day starter this year. Still, once that decision is made you have to be prepared for the ups and downs. That’s just the way it is with young QBs.

  18. I’m on the Flynn brigade. You have top 5 scoring defense, pretty effective special teams and a top 5 RB. That combination seems to suggest a quality QB can produce more than an average 16 points a game. I just don’t see how his productivity could be much worse and it would be nice to see what you have with him. Saying all of this recognizing way too many WR drops last night, but over the season, their drop stats aren’t bad. I believe they were leading the league in fewest drops before falling off the rails last night in that category.

  19. My God did you only look at the box score and decide to write this?

    If the Seahawks could have caught the ball last night they would have won by 10 easily.

  20. Really? I counted at least 6-7 drops add those to the total his completion percentage is over 60% and those drops would have more than likely got him over 200 yards and that 1 touchdown. Respectable numbers if you ask me. I’m gonna say its the catchers on this one.

  21. Is this the team after luckily beating the Patriots last week acted as though they had just won the SB and denounced the Pats as a SB caliber team? Did you honestly believe you were that good? Irrespective, you guys played last week the worst secondary in the country (Even a QB and receivers from the lingerie national league would put up 24 pts on this secondary), offensively the only player that played well for the Pats was Wes.

  22. I give the 49ers D props because they played a great game. Wilson’s receivers were not catching perfectly thrown balls. Turbin, Evans and especially Tate on that slant but 2 more drops besides that. People don’t know why Rice was pissed? It was the DB’s with his back to the ball and physically stopping the route by bumping the WR. Bevelle play calling is very predictable, I haven’t liked it for two seasons.

  23. Dropped passes are part of the game … you have to work through them.
    How many of Rogers passes does Finley drop? Rogers still completes more than 50% sss stop making excuses!
    Face it with a good defense and good running the Seahawks are wasting what could be a good season with a rookie QB … what even happened to the rookie QB holding a clipboard for a season or two.

  24. joetoronto says:
    Oct 19, 2012 9:03 AM
    Russell Wilson was exposed for what he is last night, not a good QB.

    Sure, he can look good against bad defenses, the kid has a good arm, but a good arm only takes you so far.


    Hey look its clueless Joe.
    you didnt watch the game, did you,,,

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