Tebow obtains trademark for “Tebowing”


Tim Tebow has finally gotten a trademark on Tebowing.

But the Jets backup quarterback said he was more concerned about making sure the word was used the right way than making a buck off it.

Tebowing, his kneeling in prayer that became a celebration last year when he was with the Broncos, quickly became a pop-culture phenomenon.

According to Jane McManus of ESPNNewYork.com, Tebow finally won out over two fans who applied to own the term.

“I know it was something that was cool for me in the past, but it’s not something I do as ‘Tebowing,’ ” Tebow said. “It’s something I do that’s prayer for me and then it got hyped up as Tebowing. So I think [it’s] just to control how it’s used as well. Make sure it’s used in the right way.”

Paperwork was filed in April, and the trademark was awarded earlier this month.

He said if he ever used the term for commerical gain, he’d donate the proceeds to his foundation.

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  1. Tim will donate all proceeds to his foundation. Which is dedicated to obtaining a sprawling mansion complete with it’s own runway to accomodate the private jets he plans to own.

  2. I dont think he set out to create “Tebowing” guys. The media is the one who made that up out of a time of prayer that Tebow has been doing since he played in middle school. Not sure why people love to hate this guy so much. Probably because he doesnt kick the crap out of women, get drug suspensions, womanize, and live an immoral life like many in his position would and do

  3. He hasn’t Tebowed once this year, and now he gets it trademarked? And it’s done by many people, except we say they are praying.

    Sounds kind of arrogant, even for a guy like Tebow.

  4. What’s wrong with him trying to make some money/ stop people from doing it as a joke? Like all these other dumbasses who do all the trending poses like Griffining. They should have to pay anyone who sees them just for being retards.

  5. What is there to hate? The guy wants to make sure it’s called, praying. He wants to make sure God is glorified and credited for his Success. To call it Tebowing would be disrespectful, props to him for doing the right thing.

  6. “Not sure why people love to hate this guy so much. Probably because he doesnt kick the crap out of women, get drug suspensions, womanize, and live an immoral life like many in his position would and do”


    Yup, that’s exactly why I love to hate him, but now that you’ve shown me the error of my ways I’ll have to learn to love to hate him for his lack of talent, and his overhype.

  7. Other NFL players that have stupid but real trademarks. I am always perplexed by the amount of hate for Tebow. Do these people donate their procedes to charity?

    Bart Scott trademark “Can’t Wait”
    Michael Strahan trademark “Stomp You Out”
    Darrelle Revis trademark “Revis Island”
    Terrell Owens trademark “I Love Me Some Me”

  8. Anyone can kneel and pray. He is just protecting the use of his name and how it is associated with any commercial project. He has that right. I’ve heard him speak and can vouch that he is not after the sprawling mansion with it’s own runway to accommodate the private jets he plans to own. If anyone plans to make money off of that term, it may as well be his foundation.

  9. Some of you guys that hate Tebow, Rex, The Jets,……but wouldn’t miss a chance to take the time to write about it at every chance.

    Who loses?

  10. thegreatgabbert says:Oct 19, 2012 4:57 PM

    Tim will donate all proceeds to his foundation. Which is dedicated to obtaining a sprawling mansion complete with it’s own runway to accomodate the private jets he plans to own.

    You really feel bad about yourself, don’t you?

  11. I always thought it was interesting that people called it “Tebowing,” when it was pretty obvious that Tebow was praying. I found it more interesting that Tebow actually had to explain this.

    Most interesting to me, though, is that in the United States of America, you can use the government to prevent people from saying something you don’t want them to say.

  12. This guy’s arrogance is off the charts. How do you trademark something that’s been done countless times by other people long before Timmy Boy was even born?!?

  13. A lot of ignorant people on here, he does not have a patent for praying in that position, he has a patent for the term “Tebowing!” Only the term,that’s it!

    I seldom post on here, but you jealous, ignorant people are just pathetic how you rip on people you’re envious of! Grow up!

  14. Seriously, so he lacks skills as a quarterback – the fact that some other knuckleheads were trying to trademark “tebowing” is more than enough justification for him to want to have some control over it. I don’t see anything malicious or greedy in this.

  15. he should trademark ‘PPP’ because that’s all he’s gonna be in the NFL is a personal punt protector.

  16. Guys, he trademarked the phrase “Tebowing”. He didnt trademark praying. He is entitled to do so when his name and likeness are being used. He is a deeply religious person, and wants to keep the “Tebowing” title from being used in a negative light. There have been spoofs videos involving porn, drugs, violence, etc etc. That is why this was done. Not because Tebow is a narcissist who thinks he invented praying LOL. Get off the guy’s nuts already!

  17. It must feel good to hate. We have drunks playing in the NFL who have killed people driving drunk or high, a man involved in a double murder who ditched evidence implicating him and then dimed in his guys, a man who rapes college coeds in saloon bathrooms and Tebow generates so much vitriol?

  18. A little bit of news for some people who can’t seem to grasp the idea: You can’t trademark a move. You trademark a logo, name, or (in this case) term.

    He’s not stopping anyone from doing the move. He’s stopping people from profiting off of his name.

    Also, if you read correctly,
    “According to Jane McManus of ESPNNewYork.com, Tebow finally won out over two fans who applied to own the term.”

    Two other people were trying to obtain the rights to the term. Which is fascinating that a man has to fight over the rights to his own name.

  19. Anyone else think Madden could use this? Pick Tebow, put in the first real Madden code.. And all of sudden Tebow is like Mario grabbing a star with star power… The Music would change, and Tebow would all of sudden have the ability to run through would be tacklers blinking like a strobe light.. “Tebowing” would be tacklers out of the way.

  20. The ignorance of many of the commentors on this article is startling.

    The guy got the TRADEMARK for the PHRASE “Tebowing.” He didn’t patent the actual stance. “Tebowing” is a term used by fans and the media to mock his religious views. Countless athletes go to a knee and pray, but the media and fans had to label it for Tebow because of his public image as a steadfast Christian. It’s not a compliment to make a gimmick out of a man’s faith.

    Tebow got the trademark so that he can put the “Tebowing” phrase to good use like donations to his charitable foundation, or to control its use so the media will stop mocking his faith every 5 seconds by calling it “Tebowing.”

    I applaud him for taking the reins on this and getting it somewhat controlled.

  21. I, too, see this as an arrogant move. The trademark will likely help him in stopping or at least intimidating those who satirize him.

    His “good guy” routine is wearing thin. From his lie about the Jaguars not wanting him to this manipulative ploy, he’s a good deal more entitled than his public image suggests.

  22. Like Tebow, Love Jesus. Despise this.

    I can’t wait until Charles Stanley “tebows” this Sunday, like he has for 50 years, and watch Tebow cite copyright infringement.

    Who convinced you this was a good idea, Timmy?

    In 1 Corinthians 6:1-8, Paul reprimands church members who have filed lawsuits against each other. Their pettiness, suggests the apostle, lacks eternal foresight and discredits the testimony of the church. In Matthew 18:15-20, Jesus offers principles for how two believers are to resolve a conflict. And earlier on, Jesus advised his followers about how to carry themselves if they are the object of a suit: “If someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well” (Matt. 5:40, NIV).

    Maybe Jax would have been a better spot than the Big Apple for you.

  23. Did any of the haters bother to read TFA? The only reason he did it was because two people were attempting to trademark tebowing for themselves. I came into the story ready to mock but once I read the article I was okay with what Tebow did.

  24. Jesus plays a white strat with a pearl white pickguard through a little peavey bandit. He’s not much for pedals, but he digs the mutron. His bass player has a steinberger and his drummer plays a set of yamaha electrics, Jesus picked him up in a tejano band out of Fort Worth.

  25. justintuckrule says: Oct 19, 2012 7:54 PM

    If he can trademark praying, I’m going to the patent office to trademark taking a leak.


    Too late.

    That’s already known as Moises Alou-ing.

  26. How is it that Tebow doesn’t know that the patent request went through? I am starting to wonder how “intelligent” this guy is, or if he just has too many greedy handlers.

  27. I am pretty sure that being famous for having little talent and not really doing much has already been trademarked by the Kardashinas.

    Kind of ironic since Tim Tebow just may be the only NFL player that has not nailed Kim yet.

  28. @ mattamp

    All those other guys generate a heck of a lot of vitriol for their respective reasons that you listed. As does Michael Vick. Tebow gets his fair share for being a pretty sanctimonious phony.

  29. good for him. its the media and fans the came up with the whole stupid term and blew it up, not tebow. if anyone should own it it’s him. and he says he’ll donate any proceeds from it to charity, nothing wrong with that.

  30. Lol, the commenters making a big deal about this obviously havent liked tebow from the start and are jumping at the opportunity to call him out on something. Go get a life, what he has done here is actually brilliant.

    dabears2485 explains it best

  31. Tebow is a year too late. He’s last year news when he was a flash in the pan and was supported by very vocal religious fanatics and Gator fans. Now he’s just a punt protector where he really belongs and has been exposed as a terrible NFL QB.

  32. I would suggest Rodan sue Tebow…but if there’s one thing the latter is not…a thinker.

    (Art history joke.)

  33. Tebow is making tons of money because of all the media hype day in and day out for doiong nothing on the field and the fans that hold him high in the air. What has happened to this game???

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