Gore’s rib injury is “minor”

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With more than 58 percent of the team’s offense on Thursday night coming from running back Frank Gore, the 49ers need him badly when they return to action on Monday, October 29, for another NFC West kerfuffle against the Cardinals.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the rib injury that caused Gore to miss the last eight minutes of the 13-6 win is “minor,” and he should be able to play.

Gore has 711 yards from scrimmage through seven games, and he’s averaged 5.8 yards per rushing attempt.  Against the Seahawks, Gore led the team in both rushing yards (131) and receiving yards (51).

6 responses to “Gore’s rib injury is “minor”

  1. As a Niner fan I’ve always stuck by Alex Smith, but this is getting old. He is starting to look like the old Alex. You have Davis who is a top 5 tight end and he doesn’t even get one catch. Moss is wide open in the end zone and you throw the one of the worst picks I’ve ever seen. You have playmakers, stop being scared and throw the ball. I’m glad we are on top of a tough division, but we won’t be for long if Gore is 60% of our offense every game.

  2. Gore is a great running back for sure, but the real strength of the Niner running game is great blocking and play design. Between Kendall Hunter (also running well), Brandon Jacobs, and 2nd rnd pick LaMichael James, they will keep rolling just fine even if Gore needs a rest.

  3. Problem with wanting Alex to throw the ball more is the odds of bad things happening go up as they do with any qb. Why does Davis need a catch? I agree he’s great but if the defense is playing him tight and allowing the rbs or walker to roam underneath free then what’s the problem? They found a way to get other guys involved and came out with the win. Would I love to see them open up the passing game more? Sure that would be nice. But there is nothing wrong with actually getting the ball to your running back even if other teams seem to have forgotten they even have one. Some of you need to realize this isn’t fantasy football the scoreboard doesn’t add points if a guy gets 10 yards receiving or running. The receivers are doing there jobs specifically moss and taking defenders with them and opening up running lanes.

    I know the last 2 weeks haven’t been good as a whole offensively. Especially after seeing what they did the 2 weeks before that but there still 5-2. So take a damn breath.

  4. mnomalley says: Oct 20, 2012 4:46 PM
    why are the vikings tagged in this?

    Because Minneapolis is the San Francisco of the Midwest?

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