Hester probable for Bears

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Bears receiver Devin Hester thinks that one of the team’s wideouts will “blow up” on Monday night.  Hester officially has a good chance to be the one who a eats batch of Wild Turkey Surprise.

Hester, who missed practice Thursday and who was limited on Friday with a quad injury, is listed as probable for the NFC North showdown against the Lions.

Since probable means there’s a virtual certainty Hester will be available for normal duty, it means that Hester will play — barring an aggravation or some other unlikely event.

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  1. Hey Florio,

    “Probable” does not mean a guy is a virtual certainty to play. It means that the guy is “probably” going to play. If it was a “virtual certainty”, the guy would not be on the injured list.

  2. If you don’t report all injuries you get fined (see Mario Williams).

    Hence if a player as a minor tweak he’s going to be listed as probable.

  3. Hester will play – he’s got a lot of heart and the Bears need him. Letting him sit out practices to ensure he’s fresh for the game isn’t a big deal.

    The Lions special teams got ripped several new ones during the bye week, as well as before and after last week’s game. I don’t expect Hester to have a return for a TD, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he has a big play as a WR.

    I like the Lions chances in this game quite a bit.

    If Young, Burleson, and Pettigrew are sharp, it won’t matter that the Bears will double and triple team Calvin all night. We’ve got an explosive offense, and also a running game that will kill you if no one on defense stays home.

    But I do love the City of Chicago – especially B.L.U.E.S. on North Halstead.

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