Kindle can be claimed until Monday at 4:00 p.m. ET


The activation of linebacker Terrell Suggs brought to an inevitable conclusion in Baltimore the tenure of linebacker Sergio Kindle.

A 2010 second-round pick who was regarded as having first-round talent, Kindle’s career was derailed in a fall at a friend’s house that resulted in a skull fracture.  He finally played in 2011, appearing in two games and generating no statistics.

This year, it was one game and one tackle for Kindle, who’ll now be exposed to waivers.  He can be claimed through 4:00 p.m. ET on Monday.

He could be an intriguing option, either for a 3-4 team at linebacker or a 4-3 defense at end.  But someone will have to be willing to dump someone from the roster in order to clear a spot for Kindle.

That the Ravens were willing to drop Kindle to create a roster spot for Suggs, who still might not play on Sunday on Houston, says that the Ravens finally have concluded that they squandered the forty-third overall pick in the draft.  Moving forward, the question is whether Kindle’s second act will be more like Vernon Gholston’s or Aaron Maybin’s.

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  1. No doubt somebody NEEDS to take a shot on this guy. I read some quotes of his that show he has a timid personality, but that’s ok, you don’t have to fit a specific profile to be great in this league, and I don’t buy that he is not a good player just because Baltimore says so.

    The right coach that can embrace him and give him a REAL shot to PLAY BALL, can win him over in his mind and give him the direction and focus he needs to be able to have a legitimate shot to find out if he’s any good.

    I’d love to get my hands on a high profile player with a chip on his shoulder, at any position. He has heart deep down inside, that I’m absolutely sure of, but it’s going to take a shrewd and proactive coach that wants it bad, and then they might be able to get credit for finding a hidden treasure.

  2. I feel bad for this guy. He had great potential and then a horrible fall ruins his promising future. I sure hope he can rebound and become a starter on a different team.

  3. Explain to me how Vernon Gholston and Aaron Maybin’s careers aren’t almost exactly alike. Pretty sure Maybin has one single tackle on the year.

  4. Not fair to compare him to Gholston or Maybin, what’s their excuse. This guy could be mentally handicapped or dead. It’s awesome to see him get back and still try to have a football career. Wish him the best, wherever that it’s.

  5. macadamia2010 says:Oct 20, 2012 9:53 PM

    The Ravens’ draft went into the toilet that year the second Dallas picked their pockets for Dez Bryant.


    Actually Dallas got that pick from Philadelphia via Denver and New England, but Dez sucks so it’s pointless to argue. Baltimore got that pick (among others) from Denver so they could draft Tebow.

    But yeah, that draft went into the toilet because Terrance Cody, Ed Dickson, Dennis Pitta, Art Jones and Ramon Harewood were all terrible picks…

    Dickson and Pitta are one heck of a TE combo, Jones and Cody see a lot of action as a part of the DL rotation and Harewood was a 7th round pick who is the starting left guard and doing a pretty solid job at it.

  6. I would lump Maybin and Gholton in the same boat — expensive rookies who cost their teams a premium pick and each went bust.

  7. jasonpaar says: Oct 20, 2012 9:45 PM
    Explain to me how Vernon Gholston and Aaron Maybin’s careers aren’t almost exactly alike. Pretty sure Maybin has one single tackle on the year.

    Easy, 2011 NFL stats, Maybin started ZERO games yet recorded SIX sacks and FOUR forced-fumbles.

    Newsflash, sacks and turnovers are great!

  8. He must still have practice-squad eligibility. I think the Patriots should take a flyer…

  9. One the one hand, how can teams not take a flyer on that kind of upside?


    If you can’t find a spot on that injury-ravaged team…that’s NOT a good sign. And it’s not like they don’t have good defensive coaches.

    Worth a look to a bunch of teams, but I wouldn’t be holding a parade to welcome him to town just yet.

  10. “The Ravens’ draft went into the toilet that year the second Dallas picked their pockets for Dez Bryant.”

    Not really. Terrence Cody is a pretty good run stuffer, Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta are both starters with Pitta really outshining his 4th round pedigree, Art Jones has had quite a presence as a 3-4 end and 6th round pick Ramon Harewood was a starter at guard until recently. Not a bad haul.

    Besides, if they had been able to take Dez they may not have taken Torrey Smith and would be dealing with the same drama the Cowboys have had to. No thanks.

  11. COMPLETELY overlooked here is the fact that Kindle has absolutely NO hearing in one ear. He has issues with the play book after all this time and he plays scared. I hope and pray some foolish team takes a shot on Kindle. Not even practice squad worthy.

    Not sure why so many people think he still has the potential to be some probowl caliber player after his numerous short comings in Baltimore.

  12. The Packers have not filled the spot left by D.J. Smith after they put him on I.R. so they have a free roster spot and just lost another L.B. Seems like something TT would do if it is minimum contract..

  13. Wonder if the Bears would take a look. Urlacher is getting old, and already passed on taking a chance on Vontaze Burfict. Someone tell Lovie he can play safety if needed.

  14. Jason Parr doesn’t follow the NFL.

    The difference between Vernon Gholston and Aaron Maybin is the following:

    1. You and I both have the same amount of career sacks as Vernon Gholston… zero.

    2. Aaron Maybin has six. They all came last season which was his first season with the New York Jets.

    Have a nice day.

  15. With bishop and smith out for the year, and nick perry out awhile, i think the pack should take a peek at him.

  16. thestrategyexpert says: Oct 20, 2012 10:25 PM

    “Easy, 2011 NFL stats, Maybin started ZERO games yet recorded SIX sacks and FOUR forced-fumbles.

    Newsflash, sacks and turnovers are great!”

    If Maybin is “great,” why does he get very little playing time this year, and why does he have ZERO sacks and ZERO forced-fumbles this year?

  17. Mr. Wright 212 says:Oct 20, 2012 10:49 PM

    Reese could snatch him up and have Fewell use him in sub packages or to spell Boley and Rivers/Kiwi. No cost, just like it was to get Rivers.


    Keith Rivers is a joke of an NFL player. Please stop acting like the giants scored a home run on that “trade”.

  18. The Steelers should pick him. They need lots of help at OLB. Woodley and Harrison are battling too many injuries. With the coaching of LB coach Keith Butler and Dick Lebeau, something could be made of this kid.

  19. Not a fan of the Ravens or Kindle (watched him before the draft and thought he got stood up at the line in both the run and the rush). For the people that think picking him up would be a good idea consider this…Ozzie Newsome is a pretty smart guy – he’s not going to dump a player (at a huge position of need) unless the guy is a total waste of time. Think about it for a second…the guy was a second round pick – GM’s don’t dump guys like that unless they are total busts..Kindle is.

    Another thing, how many defensive players can’t become motivated or less timid playing with Ed Reed and Ray Lewis? This is not Gholston playing on the Jets or Maybin playing on the happless bill’s defense here.

  20. Skins could try him out with Orakpo’s history of pectoral muscle tears for depth… They might trust enough in who they already have though. Also, 2010 would be before the rookie salary wage scale (started in 2011), so it’d be better to pass on him on waivers and write up a new contract for interested teams I would think…

    Either way, good luck to him wherever he ends up…

  21. Hey, the Ravens cut James Harrison years ago and the Steelers picked him up. Now they can turn Kindle into another … oh wait. The Steelers just lost their “doctor”, right.

  22. Heck, we’re bringing in CBs off the couch. If this guy could ball for the Ravens, he should lead the Jags in tackles. But Gene won’t take a chance like this. He’d rather troll Div II for a long shot or search for the world’s best punter.

  23. You guys keep harshing on this guys draft position as if it was obviously a bad pick. We’ll never know if his skull injury, which may have also been a brain injury, affected his ability to play as he did before the fall. It isn’t a black & white case of a bad pick, like Gholston, for example.

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