Lions down to three healthy corners against Bears


The Lions will again be short in the secondary Monday against the Bears, with cornerback Jacob Lacey out and Bill Bentley doubtful on the injury report released Saturday.

Lacey suffered a concussion and needs more time, and Bentley’s still dealing with a shoulder injury.

That means they’ll start Alphonso Smith or Jonte Green opposite Chris Houston. Smith was re-signed this week, so they could have three healthy corners for the game.

At least safety Louis Delmas (knee) is probable after missing some practice time this week, giving them another difference-maker back there.

22 responses to “Lions down to three healthy corners against Bears

  1. mikealstott says: Oct 20, 2012 3:28 PM

    Hey bring back that gang banger dude who likes to point guns at kids….

    Wish we could. But he signed elsewhere. Our D-line is gonna make a mess of da bears offense all by themselves, no real secondary needed!

  2. Aaron Berry is his name!

    And he has signed a 2 year deal with the Jets. He could have been a star on Monday night to help us win, but now he is absolutely worthless to our team. We made that choice, not Aaron Berry.

  3. Including Drayton Florence (IR, designated to return), that makes three of the Lions top four CBs down to injury right now. Let’s hope the Lions front-seven can do work Monday.

  4. Cursed? This team isn’t built with black magic, it’s built by a human making all of the choices. We get what we purposely chose to have. There is no voodoo only bad decisions from the top down in terms of player personnel and coaching methods to get the most out of them. That’s it. We get to control that and our own destiny.

  5. Lacey and Bentley being out may be a blessing in disguise. Lacey couldn’t cover my dead grandma, and Bentley is a penalty machine.

  6. funny wait till the bears lose monday. nothign worse than a crybaby bear. well cutler will have company

  7. thekiy says:
    Oct 20, 2012 4:50 PM
    Never before has a position group been as cursed as the Lions secondary in the last ten years.

    Really? Try the Rams offensive line since ’04.

    They had the most mixes of different starting offensive lineman from like ’06-’09.

    Hell in ’07, their back up’s back up’s were going on IR or getting injury settlements. Essentially 4th-5th stringers were starting.Orlando Pace’s last season with us as well as Tori Holt’s

  8. Should we set the over/under on Marshall’s catches at 10 now? This should be a monster game for him.

  9. cfos00 says:
    Oct 20, 2012 9:47 PM
    Should we set the over/under on Marshall’s catches at 10 now? This should be a monster game for him.

    Houston has shut down far better receivers than Marshall!

  10. “You realize it was Romo’s turnovers that won the Bears the game right? Definitely NOT Jay Quitler.”

    You can call Cutler a lot of things but he is NOT a Quilter. His mother is a quilter. Jay never took a liking to her quilts.

    I think this is hilarious and I honestly don’t even care if you, yes, you, do not.

  11. Oh I love these cute little Lions fans that think their team is as good as the smoke and mirrors that was last season.

  12. ee00ee says:
    Oct 20, 2012 10:18 PM

    Houston has shut down far better receivers than Marshall!


    The words “shut down” and a Detroit CB don’t go hand in hand.

  13. Cutler didn’t rip apart the Lions defense when the Bears played the Lions last year on Monday night. Cutler got beaten to a pulp. The fact that he finished the game showed he’s a tough guy.

    Also – are Bears fans really going to compare the Cowboy’s defensive line to the Lions? Really? I know liquor stores in Illinois sell Everclear, but you really shouldn’t be drinking that stuff.

    But I do love how the Bears fans talk all kinds of smack before games, and then hide after games.

    Go Lions!

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